??My prince charming ??

? She’s feisty, he’s hot?

?? Written by authoress lois ??

What happens when you don’t believe in love at first sight but end up falling a victim of it?
Tiana Williams a young lively girl from an average family. They aren’t poor nor rich, they can easily fend for themselves. She is known on street for her extremely crazy attitude and stubbornness, but what happens when she meets him and feel attracted to him and failed to show it.

Who is he?
Harry Gold the only son and the heir to the Gold empire. He’s cute hot, name it and rich too. He’s every girls dream guy but what happens when he meets crazy Tiana and feel attracted to her but also failed to show it.

Will they eventually fall in love?
Why they just ignore each other’s feeling and act like nothing happened?
Find out in this new thrilling short r0mance story you don’t wanna miss it.


? My prince charming ?

? She’s feisty, he’s hot ?

?? Written by authoress lois ??

(Meeting him)

? Episode 1 ?

?Tiana ?
“What the h.ell” Kelly yelled as the bowl of water I had earlier set at the kitchen entry poured on her. “TIANA!!!!!!!”
“Yes dear”i answered coyishly
“What was that for”she asked raising her brows perfectly at me.
“That’s for trying to ship me with that buffalo” I replied. “c’mon the guy is cute tee” she wyned “so I should date him cos he’s your bestie”?? not happening.
Sorry I haven’t introduce myself.
My name is Tiana Williams the first daughter of my parents crazy lil young brat and Kelly is my lil sis she’s just two years younger. Am 18 she’s 16 and she is my crazy partner that’s all for now you get to know me more.

“Will you girls quit chattering and prepare for school” my mom yelled.
“Get back here tee” Kelly yelled as I ran past her to the bathroom “not gonna happen” I bathe first today ?? I said sticking out my tongue at her

? Harry ?
Get me my coffee am almost late for school” I yelled at the maid ” I’ll bring it sir” she said and ran out hastily. Hey guys am Harry gold the only son of the richest man here. You could call me arrogantly rude and snubbish but trust me I am hot! Am good looking well built and have got the money girls are at my Beck and call and believe when I say live sucks ?

I slammed the mug on the table as I pick up my car keys and head for school.
“Bye Mom and Dad” I yelled before signing ?they don’t even have my time I checked myself out on my side view mirror before entering my car and zoomed off

………….At school………..
Girl’s drool as I stepped outta my car just a wink some are already fainting g0sh! Girls and their drama I sighed as I walked up to my bestie.

We were transferred to a new school so that’s where I’ll be resuming at this morning oh I mean we totally forgotten about Kelly ?wait where Is she anyways “Kelly!!!” I yelled
“What are girls still doing at home ?” Mom asked ” waiting for Kelly” I replied “you mean the one outside already in the car”she asked with an eye roll? “what the..” o am so going to kill that girl today.
When I got outside I saw her in the car chewing gum I smiled as I thought of what to do to get back at her.
“Hey come check this out seems the plug pulled out” I said and she came down from the car leaving all her things in there.
“Really what happened”she asked.
“You know what open the bonnet and check my I turn on the car”. I said getting into the car she did and I started the car “it worked” I squealed happily ” close the bonnet” I said and she did. I had already locked the door so when she tried to get in I gave her a puppy face and drove off, stopping some metres from her
I popped up from the window. “Run over Kelly” I yelled and she started running and I kept moving the car forward and she continued running panting heavily.
We gonna be late no doubt?

But seriously it was fun watching her run she had that just fked look right now and I couldn’t help but laugh ??
“C’om sis wait up” she yelled from a distance
“Awwn?BBY sis is tired” I asked teasing her.
“Please tee a sorry geez” she yelled frustratedly and I stopped and waited for her.
“You are one h.ell of a crazy sister”she said ? “and I love you too” I replied.
“G0sh you are Soo impossible” she sighed tiredly

…… minutes later ………

We arrived at school trust me we were an hour late. I was still thinking of an excuse to give the principal when a demi God came out.
Oh my go$h!???

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