SINGLE MOM : Episode 41 – 50


{Her ultimate desire}



?Episode 41?

Penny’s POV

It has been three days now since Bryce arrested Sasha.

To be honest, I was low key happy.

This is the first anyone has ever stood up for me.

I’ll be leaving for my apartment today because I think I’m fit enough to do so now.

Chris already started school with Arley and a lot of bodyguards going along with them.

It is crazy how much security he provides for two little children.

But it makes me happy, the fact that he think of protecting Chris like he protects his daughter makes me happy.

Bryce walk inside the room and dropped a plate of sushi before me.

“Wow sushi, thanks.” I mumbled and pulled it to my front.

“Calm down huh, never knew you love sushi.” He said and I laughed.

He sat down beside me while we eat the sushi.

“Sushi is one of my favorite things.” I told him and picked a piece.

This past few days, I tried to stay myself.

I tried to be happy, to not think much about the tragedy that happened to me.

To be happy and have fun with my girls that came around to visit me earlier.

Ana and Maggie visited me yesterday, even though I tried not to think much about what happened I still couldn’t help myself.

No matter what I did to her, going to that extent of sending the ba$tard to defile me is the height.

From our teenage days Sasha and I were branded enemies.

She doesn’t like me,and to be honest I don’t like her either.

It was as simple as that.

“Why does your sister hate you so much?” Bryce asked all of a sudden.

I stopped eating and sigh.

“She hated me from high school, more like we both dislike each other.” I said and test my back against the headboard.

“When we were in third grade she had a boyfriend, after dating each other till our senior year her boyfriend started being extra friendly to me.

He sometime take me to see the movie, shop for me and all that.

Of course I was young and didn’t know what he was insinuating.

Few weeks later he broke up with Sasha.” I said and breathed in.

“I tried staying away from him, but like most popular boy in high school he keep coming.

Then one day, After school I was about to enter my car when the door was closed and my back pressed against the car.

“What…….what are you doing?” I had asked him.

“You gon’ give me a goodbye kss.” He said with a boyish grin.

I huffed and shook my head.

“You’re my sister’s ex boyfriend, I can’t be romantically involved with you. It will be backstabbing.” I replied him.

He brought his mouth closer to mine and just ask wanted to push him away, my eyes came in contact with that of my sister.

She was so angry at me.

I pushed him away and ran after Sasha.

“Sasha, wait it isnot what it seems like. I don’t have anything to do with him.” I had told her.

“Who cares about what you’ve got to say Penelope, do you enjoy stealing my boyfriend? Because from now onwards you won’t have a successful relationship Penny mark my word.”

That was what she said to me.

And true to her words, she has been a spoiler in my relationships.

Not until Alex,he was with me for a long time. I thought that he was the one.

But he left me as well.

And my mother?

She preferred Sasha over me, I didn’t mean for her to love me alone but at least.

She should have loved us equally but no.

She preferred my half sister over me.” I said and chuckled dryly.

“What happened to Sasha’s mother?” Bryce asked.

“She died almost after birthing Sasha and so my dad married my mom.”

“That is a crazy reason to hate someone to the extent of going the extra miles she went.

She is toxic.” Bryce exclaimed and I nodded in agreement.

Sasha is toxic, that I must say.
Sasha first hearing will be tomorrow and to be honest, I wasn’t ready yet.

I was scared.

“Go and take a bath so that we can leave for your apartment.” He said and I nodded.

He left the room why I removed my clothes then walk inside the bathroom.

After taking my bath, I went back inside the room wearing my robe.

I sat down on the chair and picked up my diary and then my pen.

It is childish I know,

But this diary is like a sister to me, it shows me the genuine love my sister never showed.

‘Dear diary, do you see? How good Bryce has been towards me?
He supported me during my hard time and took care of me when i had no one.

He gave me a job, an apartment, a car.

Everything including happiness.

I dont know what to do with him.

What do i do dear diary?’

I dropped my pen and placed the diary on the table before standing up.

I went inside the closet and took one of Bryce’s many big shirts and wore it.

I wore his black calvin klein as well.

I told him not to get me a new wear.

“You done?” Bryce voiced from inside the room.

“Yea, just a minute.” I shouted and fixed the shirt.

I was wearing a milk colored shirt under I was a black calvin Klein boxers.

“Wow! My shirt look extraordinary on you.” He said and I smiled.

Though the shirt was big but it enhance my body in a way I couldn’t imagine.

The shirt makes me bigger.

Like that Kim Kardashian figure.

“Whatever, let’s go.” I went inside the room and grabbed my phone and my diary.

We entered the elevator and it was soon silent.

I felt very nervous being here alone with him.

Two days ago when he took me to visit his doctor i was actually very scared.

I was thinking maybe I have contacted a deadly disease, probably STD it HIV/AIDS or worst still to know if probably am pregn@nt.

But when I got to the hospital, after several tests he told us that I was safe.

I was very happy because even God knows that i won’t live to tell the story if i got pregnant.

Surprisingly his doctor who happened to be his best friend was the same man that visited my office sometime ago.

Mr David.

“A penny for your taught?” Bryce asked.

“I was just thinking about everything that had happened this padt week.” I replied him as he drove inside my driveway.

“Do you want to come inside, I’ll make coffee.” I told him.

“No, maybe later tomorrow. I’ve to go to the office.” He said and I blushed.

I really forgot that he is a business tycoon just because he was spending times with me.

Trying not to come off as clingy , I smiled at him and waved him off.

Instead of leaving like I initially thought, he walk up to me and brought his mouth closer.

I involuntarily closed my eyes and soon his mouth came in contact with my forehead.

“Stay safe.” He whispered before walking away towards his car.

He got in and drove away.

What do i do with you Bryce?

I unlocked my door and walk in.

Damn, this place need alot of cleaning.

“Welcome Miss.” I heard a voice behind me.

“What! You’re here, why?” I asked her.

Chris Nanny.

“I always come to work everyday, Mr King assured me that you’re safe. Im sorry Penny, you went through all those harshness.” She said and started crying.

“It’s okay,I’m good now.”

“I think Mr King like you a lot Penny, you should have heard how scared he was tbat day.

You are Lucky.”

Am I?

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