? She’s feisty he’s hot ?

?? Written by Lois ??

? Episode 31?

? Tiana ?

?Two years after?

“Tiana c’mon gimme a Break” Harry groans

“Not gonna happen babe”

“You are Soo annoying”

“That’s why you love me”

“Arghhhh” he yelled in fustration

I eventually forgive him but I punished him duely

Never should he not trust me again

? Flashbacks ?

“Promise me you’d always trust me” I said smiling out tears

“I promise”

“That you’d stand by me”

” I will”

?End of Flashbacks ?

Though that little incident was like a joke or something but it really hurt me

Seeing that my boyfriend doesn’t trust me enough

I had to do everything to build trust and promises to guide our relationship

I understand that a lot of people are against our relationship and I am ready to face them and let them know that he’s mine alone

The relationship between Chloe and I has been a really grooving one

We had become the school’s queens
Anybody who tries to prove btchy gets to face crazy Tiana

My mom and dad has financially changed

Their compaines were merged with the gold’s

They have actually turned me to their in law

“As if I wasn’t”

Life has been great

Chloe has proven to be a good friend and I don’t regret having her as one

Though I discovered that Harry doesn’t really like her

But they have this eyeballs in common that makes them look alike

Both they do behave like cat and rats

My best experience in these past two years was my cr@zy adventures with Chloe

I remembered a time Chloe pulled the school’s fire drill causing chaos and students were running round because they thought there was fine just because I said I wanted to minutes privacy

I meant two minutes privacy from her but she include the whole school

What a girl ?

Or the other time we both went to a restaurant and decided not to pay just because the waiter gave me a cold shoulder

We ended getting the hottest chase of our lives

Funny thing was that we didn’t go out with a car all thanks to Harry we’d have slept in the cell overnight

But all those times were great and good memories I never want to forget

It’s a pity it will all be ending soon

We’d be graduating in a few months and I can’t wait

I was on my way to the kitchen to get refreshed after the tiring Flashbacks on good memories I had

When my phone rang ??it was an unknown number

? Munchkin

? Oh mmm gee Kelly

? Hey big sis what’s up

?”The fking sky” I said with an eye roll

? Don’t tell me ya still annoyed

?Of course I am

? I thought I said I was sorry

? You thought

? C’mon sis don’t be mad at little you

?You are nothing like me

?Tsk tsk you wish

? Why are you calling

? Can’t I call you any longer

?Last I checked you didn’t call me for two years staright so what do I owe this call

?Ok fine fine I am coming over for a week

?Wait! What!! Really!!!!!” I squealed excitedly

? Can’t wait

I hung up and started jumping up

No doubt I have missed Kelly my little parnter in crime and my original bestie

I didn’t tell her about Chloe because I knew they will meet cos Chloe is also coming over for a week

This week will a fun filled one and I can’t wait

? Chloe ?

I sat down in my car remenicing how my life had turned out be on the contrary to what I had planned

It’s been two years since I have been working and trying to get Harry’s attention and spoiling their relationship but it’s not working

All I have got was good sx and more money

Some from my numerous sx buddies but mainly from Tiana and Harry

Though I have realized that Harry doesn’t really like me

But gives a fk he’d become mine and I’d rob him of all he has

In a attempt to split them I set Harry up with a girl in an hotel room and send the pictures anonymously to Tiana but she didn’t burge

There was this time I paid a guy to kss Tiana forcefully openly when I knew Harry would walk in

But those things only seemed to strengthen their relationship

I had to pretend to be a good and a crazy friend to Tiana

Though most of the times I enjoyed it
Those moments we’re one of my best memories

Not that i ever a good memory before

I have to plan something big that will split them up for good

I waved my thoughts of as I drove off.
But I stopped dead on my tracks when I saw him

I smiled when head formed a quick plan that I think might just work

No time for goody friend again
Tia I am on the game

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