? Together forever ?

?? Written by Lois ??

? Episode 41 ?

Genres: Betrayal, Love, hatred tragedy etc..

? Tiana ?

“Arrgh” I squeak feeling pains round my chest region

The pains have happening for a period of time now

And I have ignored it but it seems it’s getting worse

“Are you ready” Harry yelled

“Yeah gimme a sec”

I was picking up my bag stuffing my stethoscope in to it and packing it all up when I suddenly have the urge to puke

I ran hastily to the toilet and let all out

I was cleaning my face up when I felt a presence behind me

Definitely Harry

“What’s wrong with you honey”

“Am fine seems like am coming down with a fever”

“What! Don’t worry we aren’t going to work today” he said

“We?? Why??”

“You are sick I can’t allow you go to work”

“But It is not affecting me in anyway”

“I am not changing my mind”

“C’mon Harry I’ve got torns of work to do”

“Main reason am not letting you go you’d stress yourself out”

“I promise not to work” I pouted

“Your adorable face isn’t gonna work this time” he said pinching my cheeks

“Pretty please” I said battling my lashes like a two year old

“One condition”


“I’d follow you to work and stay with you all day”


I was the one who drove us to the hospital

I felt eyes fell on me as soon as we entered the hallway

Probably because I came with Harry in the same car and he’s holding my hands tightly

Becca was busy glaring at me and smiling sluttily at Harry at intervals

She just disgu$t me

“Harry let go of me I wanna go to my office” I said When I can’t no longer bear the tightness of his hold


“Ya staying in my office today”

“Oh jeez another round” I muttered

“Shut up or amma have to shut you up with a kss right in front of everyone”

“Let’s just go”

? Chloe ?

I kept pacing up and down the office

I wonder why Harry isn’t at work today day

Of all days

That alone make me Flashback to what the man said the other day

???Flashback ????

? Unknown ?

“I want to get rid of Chloe crept into Harry’s life get him to sign this document which states transfer of owanbe of all his inheritance

Before we kill him to” he said

?Chloe ?

“What if I say am not interested”

“And I guess you want them to know you killed Davis”

“Oh my how did you know”

“It doesn’t matter do you agree to the deal or not” he said

It’s not like I Don’t like his plan but I wanted to be the master planner

I don’t need any one involved but now I don’t have a choice

“Fine I agree”

?? Flashback ends ????

I had planned to get the documents close to him today and he is not around

I was able to convince him not to allow me kill Tiana because I had done something bad to her already

??Flashback ??

“How much is the poi$on”




“Hey Chloe how you doing”


“Won’t you gimme a hug”

“Of course come closer”

I hugged her and use the opportunity to deposit the poi$on on her skin

It’s a skin poi$on

?? Flashback ends ???

It’s only a matter of time before the poi$on starts reacting on her body

She’d die slowly and I will still cause her hearbreak

I hired someone to follow her every movement

Any wrong move should be captured

Any closeness to guy should be captured

Because she once told me that Harry said the only thing that could break their relationship is of she cheats on him

So am going to set her up

Harry is a jealous guy so I’d be able to do it effectively

I had marked out plans

I picked up my phone to text her

? Hey angel you know the surprise I promise you let’s meet up at 5star club tomorrow ? night Love you xoxoxo Chloe ? I sent it to her

This is just a tip of the iceberg

? Kelly ?

My body was twitching me where I sat

I don’t feel so good

I feel like something is amiss

Something bad is about to have but the thing is I don’t know the direction

The feeling was a weak one which shows the person concerned his far from me

Adrian was looking at me as if sensing my discomfort

But I tried my best to put on a straight face

Something big is about to happen I can feel it

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