SOLD TO MR RUDE: Episode 1-10


To ?



By: Pinky Preshy Chioma?



I brought out some coins and paid for the ice cream I bought.

I really like ice cream a lot.

? ???

The ice cream man gave me my balance and I turned to cross the road.

A car nearly ran me over cos of the driver’s carelessness.

“Hey man! Are you blind? Can’t you see me?” I yelled at him.

He rolled the car louvers and sighed.

“Sc.umbag! Do you think this is your father’s room! Stinky thing” He said without any atom of remorse.

He’s so terrible ?

I was very furious…

“You are rude and arrogant” I screamed at him as he scoffed.

“Flat bum maggot!” He said with anger.

I quickly threw the ice cream on his face and made faces at him.

His face was already messed up by the ice cream.

I ran off immediately.

That man is so mean.

By the way, My name is Nicky Romero…

Am 21 years old and I work in a coffee shop.

Done with high school but yet to get into college cos my parents couldn’t afford it.

And that meanie back there is so cute but arrogant

Jeez! Dmn him!!

I walked into the house and saw my bags all packed.

My little sister Daniella and my mom was crying bitterly.

I was so confused…

What’s really going on?

I saw my good for nothing father sitting at the other side and drinking himself to stupor as usual.

“What’s going on here Ma?” I asked my mom and sister but they continued crying.

I became more confused.

“Ella what’s happening? Why are my bags packed?” I asked

“Nicky’s father sold you for money” Daniella said as I stared at her in shock.

“What?” My mouth opened wide….






By: Pinky Preshy Chioma?

?Episode 01?

Nicky’s Pov:

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks as I sat on the bed tiredly.

I looked my bags all packed up and ready.

“Am going to miss you Nicky” Daniella wept

I rubbed my eyes and burst into tears again.

My mom was at the other corner crying her eyes out.

“You are so dev!lish dad! How could you do this to me?” I yelled at him.

He was busy with his bottle of whiskey.

What kind of a father is this man?

He’s the worst person I’ve ever seen….

“Shut up Nicky! You should be happy I sold you into wealth… The man is a very rich man” He belched loudly.

As usual he reeked of alcohol.

Duh! He’s such a j.erk…

“I hate you father…” I screamed as I threw the mug I was holding on the ground.

It broke into pieces.

“You know what Lucas? You are nothing but a worthless man, you sold off my daughter because of your stupidity and your selfish interest” My mom said in annoyance

“Oh please Susan! I am not to blame entirely, I just borrowed some money from him, I couldn’t pay him back….” Father staggered

I watched him in so much disgust.

“You are a heartless man! So because you could not pay the loan you used the money for drinking and messing up, you had to pay with my daughter” Mother yelled

“Shut up Susan! She should be happy that I sold her into wealth… Don’t you know that Eric Santiago is a very wealthy and powerful person” Father said drunkenly


Honestly I feel like giving this man a resounding sl@p to reset his stupid brain.

“Mother is there not anything we can do to stop Mr Eric from taking away Nicky?” Daniella cried as she cling to me.

Tears couldn’t let me say a word.

The thought of living with a total stranger as a slave makes me go gaga.

“I wish we could do something about this Daniella, am sorry we can’t! The Santiago’s are a very powerful family so they will definitely track us down especially Eric” Mother cried

“But father why did you even go to borrow money from Mr Eric? And now my sister has to pay” Daniella cried as she buried her face in the pillow.

“Shut your trap silly girl! I needed some snuff and dry gin and your mom refused to give me some money” Father said as I stared at him with so much hatred.

“When long am I staying there?” I said in tears.

“Until the loan is paid” Mother wailed.

Father coughs as thick spit rushed out of his mouth.

He farted loudly and we became more annoyed.

His existence sucks….

The night was just filled with sadness…

Tomorrow morning, I will have to start leaving with the rich guy who bought me.

I laid on my bed….

The pillow was already soaked with tears…

Let me formally introduce myself.

My name is Nicky Romero and I am 21 years old.

Very beautiful and curvy…

Born into a very wretched family with a worthless father.

My sister Daniella is just 14 years old…

My father Mr Lucas Romero, a jobless drunkard….

Who does nothing but laze around and take loans from people.

Ending up putting my poor hardworking mother into debts.

My mother Mrs Susan Romero, a very hardworking petty trader who does everything to make sure there is food in the house.

She’s actually the breadwinner of the family.

Now of all the people in the world for Father to borrow money from, he borrowed money from the most deadly young man.

Eric Santiago, a very wealthy and powerful man from a wealthy family.

From what I heard about him, he is very arrogant and mean.

How am I even going to cope with such a person?

I kept on crying…



I walked out of the house in tears with my luggage.

I watched my dear mother cry her eyes out together with Daniella who could not stop wailing.

My gaze went straight to father who as usual was filling a water can with some whiskey.

Actually Mr Eric sent his driver to pick me up.

“Get in!” The broad chest driver said rudely.

I flinched at his touch alone.

My heart skipped…

This is going to be tough!

I sluggishly entered the car …

“Bye Nicky! Don’t worry I will make sure I work hard so that you will come back to the house” Mother screamed in tears.

“Nicky! Nicky!!” Daniella wailed as we drove off.

I kept staring out of the window.

“What kind of life awaits me in Eric Santiago’s mansion” I thought

Eric’s Pov:

I sat on my giant couch in the sitting room.

My eyes were fixed on the television.

The door threw open, My driver…. actually one of my drivers came in.

“Sir! She’s here!!” He said as I nodded and signalled him to let her in.

She walked in.

I raised my face to see her…


“You again?” We asked each other in unison….

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