MY SWEET HEART: Episode 1-10

??????My Sweet Heart

Written by Rejoice ??

Story setting: Nigeria.?

Story written in: Episodes.?

Main characters in the story:





Prologue of the story:

Valerie is so much inlove with her cheater boyfriend, Iyke and would do anything for him, even when she catches him cheating on her but being so madly inlove with him, she forgives him and love him the more.

This goes on till Valerie saves a wacko guy named Joy, and everything changes.

Note: The story consists of both pidgin and good english.

?My Sweet Heart?

Episode 1

… Valerie’s POV …

“Valerie, where are you rushing to like this?” Eva, my best friend asked as she stared at me hurriedly packing up my bag.

Work was over and I dearly need to see my boyfriend Iyke. I miss him.

“Im going to see Iyke, babe.” I said.

“What!” She shouted.

“Hey! that was loud girl.” I said.

“What in the world would make you wanna go see that cheater again? Valerie what’s wrong with you babe?” Eva yelled, her hands on her hips.

I smiled faintly at her.

“I love him Eva. You don’t just get it.” I said.

She stared astonshingly at me as I took off the stethoscope round my neck, pulled my lab coat and placed them neatly inside my bag.

Actually, Im a medical doctor by profession, and so is Eva.

We work in my father’s hospital.

I adjusted my royal-blue tight gown that stopped just above my knees. Then fixed well my brown wavy curly weavon which curled down my shoulders…

I did all this hurriedly while Eva still fixed amazed or rather angry stare at me.

I ignored her stares and sat down on my swivel chair and after few move on the mouse pad, I turned off the computer and got out my light make-up kit from my other little purse bag to do just a little make up.

Eva being fed up staring at me, shook her head slowly and then walked up to me with her hands still on her h!ps.

She stood, beside me with her butt resting on the table edge.

“Vale, you can’t be serious. This guy isn’t worth your love and care at all. He isn’t even your class! Just imagine, you clothe him, feed him and you give your whole heart and yourself willingly to him But he ends up cheating on you with some brats! and you just keep forgiving him all the time. All the time Valerie.” Eva said, by then, I was done with the light making-up.

I closed up the make-up kit and threw it inside the bag, then looked up at her.

She had concerned expression written all over her pretty face.

Concerned about me!

I smiled sweetly at her but she rolled her eyes.

“I love him Eva and that’s it. No man in this world is perfect babe.” I said.

“Not so. Iyke’s imperfection is way more horrible than that. He’s a total pervert.” She said.

I smiled faintly.

Yeah she’s right but I can’t help it. Im so cr@zily inlove with him.

“So you’re seriously going to this guy’s house after all that sht again?” She asked.

“Yeahh. I have to. I miss him already.” I said and stood up, then took my bag and adjusted my white heels well.

Eva kept staring at me with agape lips.

“Will see you tomorrow okay?” I said as I brushed pass her with a smile and walked out of my office..


Reaching my car, I opened and got in, dropped my car.

And turning the engine on, I saw Eva come out standing at the hallway entrance with her hands in her coat pockets as she watched me leave.

I drove off.

Eva James had been my childhood friend. We met at the first year in secondary school and finding out we were heading same place which is ‘Medical doctor’ we became best friends.

Her family then, were of the middle class but now with the help of my parents, they are now what I can describe as ‘quite wealthy’.

And Iyke?

It was a year and two months ago, He was brought to my father’s hospital as a patient who got into a minor accident.

I treated him and when he got better, he proved himself to be a really funny and sweet person.

He made me laugh so much that day and the next. And I couldn’t help not making him a friend.

We became friends and I fell inlove with him.

Maybe because of his funny talks and the way he seemed so romantic and how handsome he was…

I just fell inlove with everything about him and when I told him about my feelings..

It was inmy car… And he just let out a killer smile and the next thing he did, was giving me a kiss on my forehead and telling me that he had hid same feeling for me for weeks now.

That alone made me fall more for him.

I was happy when he told me he has no girlfriend, so we started dating.

He isn’t rich but I didn’t mind.

Our relationship was great, fun filled, r0mantic and beautiful, until I caught him cheating on me with a girl in his house, or rather, the Apartment I bought for him.

It was five months ago and he begged me so much, blaming it all on the devil.

I couldn’t help not forgiving him and so I did.

But it didn’t end there, I frequently began catching him with different girls each time, cheating on me.

I always get so furious cos I know I give him whatever that he wants.

Our sx life is fulfulling and perfect.

I get so mad that I feel like ending his life,

But when he comes begging with those tears, I can’t help but forgive him.

I really love Iyke.


I pulled to his Apartment and walked over to the porch.

Reaching the door, I found out it’s actually locked.

Iyke isn’t back from work yet?

I sighed as I recalled that I didn’t even call him to let him know I was coming.

But he should be back from work by now.

I sighed with annoyance and turned, my back facing the door now.

I was about dialing his line car when I sighted his drive into the compound and stopped just far away..


Anyway, I smiled and walked towards the car but then I saw a braided hair inside.

A female inside his car.


My heartbeat stopped.

He came down and rushed towards me before I could even get to the car.

“Hey babe, you should have let me know you were coming.” He said, displaying those stupid smiles and dimples of his as he spread his hands for a hug.

I backed away from his reach as I fixed my glare on that braided hair in his car.

“Who’s_” He didn’t let me finish.

“Baby she’s my colleague at work. I forgot some files inside the house and she needs to work on them tonight. So she had to come with me to get it.” He said. I know he was lying.

“Then let her come down to take the files.” I said. I needed to see her dressing code.

He shook his head.

“That isn’t neccessary baby. I’ll just go take the file and drive her down to the road. C’mon baby.” He said as he took my hand.

But I flung it away.

“Go get the file..” I said.

He shrugged… I could sense how nervous he was.

“Fine babe,” He said and walked to the door.

And looked back before going in.

I turned towards his car. I got to the door.

The window glass was all up but I can see the girl quite good now.

She stared at me with frightening eyes while I shot questionable stares at her.

“Get down.” I said and she had to wind down the window glass to hear me.

“Get down!” I repeated and she blinked.

“Who are you to him?” I asked as she opened the door to come down.

She rubbed her palms together, staring at me.

Everything about her was artificial.

Eye balls..

Eye lashes

Eye brows.

Lips colour.

Skin complexion.

“I know you ain’t his colleague at work. So who the hell are you to my boyfriend?” I was yelling now.

“No. Im his colle-”

“Hey babe.” Iyke’s voice cut her short.

I ignored him.

“Go on. Answer me.” I barked at her.

“Babe, I told you she’s a new colleague at work.” Iyke said as he stood beside me and the girl nodded nervously.

“I don’t believe that. ” I said, then looked at his hands, finding no file on them.

“And where’s the work file?” I asked.

He smiled awkwardly.

“Actually, I forgot that I took them to work. My bad! I didn’t search well in my desk lockers.” He said. Oh no, (He lied)

I shot him a glare and then at the girl, before going for my car.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been here. Eva was so right after all!

“Hey baby, Please don’t leave. Im not lying here. She’s-” I shut the door right on his face before he could even finish.

And angrily drove out.. Almost knocking him down but he was quick in running away.


It seem like I turned the aggression on the steering wheel. My heart was burning as I continued hitting my fist angrily on the steering wheel.

“Iyke would never stop cheating on me! Why! Eva was so right!!” I cried aloud as I drove straight to my house.


Actually, I still live in my parents house..

Though Im packing to my own house in few days. My mom hated the idea cos she always want me around but I guess I need to just live on my own, alone with no mom to throw those motherly questions on me each time.

My mom is the only one home now because my dad is currently in Australia for a medical work.

I have a younger brother, Michael, who Im three years older than.

He’s currently in London, studying Law in Oxford university..


I got to the gate and horned.

Sheddy our gate keeper opened in two minutes.

“Welcome Aunty!” Sheddy said aloud with a wide smile.

I shot him angry glare and he understood and corrected himself.

“Welcome Valerie.”

I hate him calling me that… ‘Aunty’ I just find it sour and old fashioned.

I drove into the garage and turned off the car.

Stepping down, I saw our maid, Benita, running towards with her long over-size gown.

I hissed.

I’ll deal with this girl. She won’t listen to me when I tell her to wear something more good and fitting.

She’s been here for just a month after Grace, our formal Maid had to leave cos she luckily met a long time Aunty from her mother’s side who stays in US. And her Aunty took her along.

I miss Grace.

Just like Eva. She was like my best friend too.(For three years and six months which she stayed with us)

She was always telling me to be patient with Iyke.


“Haa small Madam, welcome oh.” That was Benita as she rushed for my handbag but I stopped her as I shot her angry glare.

“Benita, how many times will I warn you not to call me ‘small madam. You don’t listen? And why are you wearing this big-size gown. What about the clothes I bought you few days ago and the ones I’ve been buying. What happened to them?”

She scratched her unplait hair.

“Im sorry small.. Sorry ‘Sister’ I be dey wash bathrooms, so I no wan wear those ones wey look like Christmas clothes so dem no go dirty. I go wear am after I don finish the washing.” She said, grinning.

I stared at her for awhile.

“Hope you went to school?” I asked her.

“Ahh sma- Sister. That school ehn.. Na so so big big pikins dey am. The kind grammer wey dem dey speak sef. They say no vernacular. And dey too dey look for trouble..”

“I hope you didn’t fight with anyone?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No.”

“Better. All you have to do is focus on what your teacher is teaching, write down what so ever is written on the board and read your books. You hear?” I said.

She nodded.

“Sister na my Mama cause am. If say she dey beat me those times wey I dey fear to go school. If say she dey force me make I go, I for know where I dey now but no, Mama go pet pet me. Dey say school no be every person wey go go am.” Benita said as she carried my hand bag and we walked inside.

I smiled.

Actually, according to all my mom said the day she brought in Benita. She said Benita had been in the village since she was born, Her mother died after her birth and the father was nowhere to be seen.

Her grandmother (Her mom’s mother) Was the one who took care of her..

It was hard for the woman to even allow Benita to come to the city with my mom. But after my mom gave her every assurance and promise that Benita would be well taken care of like her own daughter, the woman finally let Benita go.

And for the few weeks Benita had stayed. She has never been maltreated by anyone.

My mom don’t even have that time. She’s always busy at her magnificent boutique everyday and im always at the hospital.

“Sister. I prepare Jollof rice and plantain and fried fish. Make I bring for you.” Benita said as she handed me my bag at the staircase.

“No Benita. Im not hungry. Thank you.” I said and walked upstairs.


After having my shower and pulling into a black leggings and a long ‘Top like gown’ which stopped just a little before my ankle and had long cut from my waist sides down.

I layed down on my large bed and pulled the duvet over my body.

I was about closing my eyes, maybe to just catch some sleep, when I heard Benita’s voice at the door.

“Small madam, uncle dey here. He say make I call you.”

Uncle? who?

My brain did some rethink before I finally understood who she’s actually talking about.



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