MY SWEET HEART: Episode 31-The End

?My Sweet Heart?

Written By Rejoice

Episode 31

… Valerie’s POV …
“Wow, girl you really got in the mood like an adultbaby made you…?” Eva smirked.
“Oh stop Eva. I was suprised at myself.” I said.
It was evening and we both had closed for the day.
I was driving her home cos she told me her mom had to use her own car.

“What’s funny Eva?” I asked.
“Wow.. Im amazed. Like im actually thinking how sex with an adultbaby would be like. Like you are going to do it all.” She said.
I chuckled.
“But babe, you mean you’re falling for Joy, a weirdo that you just met a week now?” Eva said, looking at me.
“Im already inlove with him.” I said.
“You don’t mean this Vale, do you?”
“I do Eva. Im not joking here. I love Joy.” I said.
She shook her head, “Fine..

Finally, Iyke is out of your life and someone else is in but this person can’t be Joy. An adultbaby.” Eva said.
“I know but you should understand that Joy can get okay.. Im sure he wasn’t born that way.” I said.
“Even at that Vale Joy is mentally ill and we don’t know if he’s will get better after treatment.” She said.

“I love him and that’s it. I’ll do my best to make sure he get’s mentally fine.” I said.
“Eva, you know your mom –”
“I don’t care.” I snapped.
She shrugged.

“Vale, it’s okay. If you’re happy then im fine with it. We just have to find a remedy for his mental sickness.” She said.
“Yeah.. I talked with Dr. Andrew Morgan today from G.A.H. He’s coming over soon. He explained that he travelled out but will be back before thursday.” I said.

“Well. Why don’t we go for another psychologist. Thursday is way too far.” Eva said.
“Let’s wait for him. Dr. Andrew is a well know psycholgist. By the way, Michael is coming next week tuesday. I talked with him today.” I said.
Eva gasped.
“Oh my God! Are you serious?” She screamed.
“Yeah.. Eva you gotta promise me one thing.” I said.
“What’s that?”
“That you won’t try anything with Michael.” I said.
“Eva, you know I really love your brother.” She said.
“But Emeka loves you more and would do anything for you. Don’t try any shit.” I said.
“I’ve heard you.” She said.
I dropped Eva at her gate as age waved me ‘goodbye’ and went in.
I drove off..
Reaching my gate… I saw a figure standing.
I got to realise it was Iyke when he turned towards.
I hissed and hit the car horn.
He walked over and knocked softly on the car window.
I horned again..Ignoring his knocks.
Joy should just be quick in opening this gate.
I hate to see this asshole.
Soon, the gate opened and I drove in, but Iyke was able to come in as well.

I turned off my car engine and stepped down.
“Valerie..” Iyke called as he rushed towards and knelt in my front.
Joy walked and stood beside me as we watched Iyke.
“Vale, im begging.. you. please just listen to me.” Iyke said.
“Who gave you the permission to step your feet in this house Iyke? now get out of my house!” I said.
He shook his head.
“Vale please listen to me. I really regret all I did to you. Please give me another chance to make up for all the mistake I did..” He begged.
I chuckled, “Well Mr Iyke… It’s too late now cos right now, you are totally and completely outta my heart and life and you know what; A new much better person has my heart now.” I said.

“Who?” He asked.
“You dare not ask me such question!. I really don’t know why you still got the wing to come to me after all you did to me. Now just get lost out of my house!” I barked.

He shook his head, “No. I can’t leave untill you listen to me.” He said.
“Fine I think calling some one would help out.” I said then looked at Joy.
“Joy what do you think?”
Joy nodded.
I got out my pbone and pretended like I dialed a line.
I then placced the phone on my ear.

“Hey Blade.. You dey street now? Okay abeg come fast fast… this guy don’t want to leave my house. I think he’s a rapist. A drunkard. Okay.. two minutes.”
Iyke stood up.
“Vale, you can’t do this to me,” Iyke said and walked away.
Joy followed him and locked the gate when he left.
I rolled my eyes.
When Joy came back and stood in my front; I threw him a playful glare.

“What are you still doing standing?” I asked.
“Uhmm..” He mumbled, looking confused.
I drew close and gently kissed him on the lips.
I drew back with a smile.
He blushed.
“Did you miss me?” I asked.
He nodded.
I kssed him again, then took his hand and we walked in.
We were in the kitchen, preparing dinner.
Fried egg and toasted bread.
As i took the onions to slice… He grabbed it from me.
“Huh!” I said, looking at him.
“Let. Me. slice it.” He said and grabbed the knife.
“No… use the slicer.” I said..
He stared at the slicer for awhile then shook his head and proceeded to slicing the onion with his hand.
“You might hurt yourself with that Joy.” I said, worried.
He shook his head.
I saw tears roll out from his eyes… It was affecting me as well.
I blinked.
“You should have just let the slicer do that.” I said.
He shook his head.
I rolled my eyed
“You are just stubborn.” I said and wiped the tear that just rolled down my eye.
I went for the tomatoes.
He got down with the onion before I was done with cutting the tomatoes..

As I opened the eggs and poured inside a ceramic plate, Joy was gathering the egg shell to dispose.
“Joy.” I called.
“Uh?” He mumbled and faced me, leaving what he was doing.
“Tell me all you did today while I was at work.” I said with a smile.
He smiled, killing me with those dimples of his..
“I. Slepttttttttttt till. I got. Tired.” He said.
“Wow.. tell me more. When you got tired what else did you do?” I asked.
He raised his hand and began counting his fingers.

“I ate, two. I ate, three, I drank water, four. I drank juice, five. I bathe. Six. No… no… I didn’t bathe six. I… I.” He faced down.
“You did what?” I asked.
He looked up and grinned.
“I.. Shaved.” He said, geting me really suprised.
“Okay.. you are lying.” I said.
He nodded.
“I know.”
When he doesn’t even know what that means.
“I’m. Sorry but. I. want. To. Know. Can you. Teach. Me. After. We are. Done. Cooking?” He asked, forming a pleading face.
I chuckled.
Now this is weird.
“I can teach you but you’ll have to do it yourself.” I said.

He smiled happily.
I rolled my eyes.
Now this is more weird.
Just few seconds after meal….
Joy started again.
“Aunty Valerie. Can. We. go now?” He asked.
“Go. and. do what?” He asked.
“Shave.” He said.
I inhaled, “Come on. We just ate and it’s neccesary ro relax for awhile after eating.” I said.
He nodded.
An hour later:
I walked with him to his room…
“Bathroom.” I pointed and he followed me.
“Pull down your trouser.” I said and shut my eyes.
Valerie you are in for this…Just show him the d@mn thing and get out.
My subconsiousness said calmly to me.
I nodded and opened my eyes to see Joy’s trouser down.
I breathed.
I took out the shave blade and inhaled.
“You see this??”
He nodded.
“When hairs grows down here.. and on your armpit.”
I showed him…
And when I finally knew he could do it..
I left him and hurried out
Reaching my bedroom, I leaned on the door and let out the breathe i’ve been holding for long.

So much for housing a weirdo!
I can’t believe I touched that..
Okay, I admit..
I never wanted to! but he’s so dumb to grab a thing!
Yeah.. I’m a doctor and this things shouldn’t move me a bit but I don’t just understand myself.
God! I pressed my palm on my forehead.

I then locked the door, sighed and went over to my closet to grab my pink nightie to go have my shower.
Few minutes after being done… and laying on the bed, going through my whatsapp chats.
A kbock came in.
I went over and opened the door.
He came in with a grin.
“Joy.. What’s it?”I asked.
I gasped as he pulled down his trouser to show me how neat it looks now.
I swallowed.
“Joy pull up your tr0.user.” I said.
He nodded and did and immediately after doing that.
He hugged me..

“Can. I. sleep with. you?” He asked, still hugging me.
I smiled.
“Yeah. You can.” I said.
I pulled away.
But he kssed me immedately I did.
Then hugged me again and lay his head on my shoulder
“I. Love. You. Like. I. love Stella.Or maybe. More..
I. want. To. stay. here. Forever. Please. Aunty Valerie.” He said.
I smiled.
“Apart from Aunty Valerie. What else would you like to call me?” I asked.
He was silent for awhile.
Then he looked at me.
“My Sweet. Heart.” He said with a smile.
My sweetheart?
“Ohh.. why?” I asked.
“Because You are. My. Best Friend.” He said and layed his head on my shoulder and began humming a song.
“Im not just your bestfriend but someone special.” I mumbled.
“Come on. Let’s go sleep.” I said.
He disengaged the hug and we walked to the bed.
He lay down and I did.
I covered ourselves with the duvet.
We faced each other.
He smiled while I stared dreamingly at him till he closed his eyes and fell asleep.
I smiled…
Goodnight my Joy.

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