THE FALLEN ANGEL: Episode 21-30

The fallen angel

? Episode 21 ?

Jun pyo’s pov ?

“What do you mean by that” I asked shocked

“Its simple,convince your friend to go on a date with me and i will sign the contract” Mr Lim said with a smirk.

What kind of temptation is this??

I really need this contract,losing it will have a terrible effect on my company..

But why does he want to go on a date with pumpkin?? I am sure he is up to something..

Pumpkin has been protecting me all this while,its now my turn to reciprocate…

“What kind of condition is this? Are you blackmailing me or what?” I asked with an arched brow…

“How Can I blackmail you? I am just asking you for a favor” he replied smiling..

“I am sorry but I can’t grant you what you asked for” I said standing up..

“Oh come off it..why are you making this difficult for us” Mr Lim said also standing up..

“But one thing still baffles me,why in the world would you want to go on a date with her? If you like,I can arrange another lady for you” I said,hoping he change his mind..

“You make me laugh,I mean who wouldn’t want to go on a date with someone like your friend? She is beautiful,her curves,those her sxy lips..Aish..they are worth dying for” he said,leaking his lips..

“How dare you look at her with such eyes,do you think she is a sl.ut?” I asked,grabbing his collar..

“Easy bro..why are you getting yourself all worked up? She is not even your girlfriend,is she??” He asked,releasing himself from my grip..

“You know what? I have heard enough of your nonsense..its time for you to use the door” I half yelled..

“I will leave,but in case you change your mind don’t forget to give me a call” he said walking out..

“To h.ell with you,that will never happen” I shouted after him..

???? Pumpkin’s pov ????

I heard jun pyo screaming,I hope there is nothing wrong..

I quickly rushed to him,to my surprise Mr Lim was gone..

“Are you okay” I worriedly asked..

“I am not okay,I am not okay pumpkin! And its all because of you” he yelled pointing at me..

“What have I done wrong” I asked,confused..

“Why do you have to show your face during the meeting?” He asked,running his hand through his hair..

“But you asked me to arrange some snacks for Mr Lim”

“Of course I did,but must you be the one to serve him?”

What’s wrong with serving tea?

“OK,can you calm down and explain to me what actually happened” I said

“Am sorry,I didn’t mean to shout at you..I got carried away by my anger” he said and heaved a sigh..

“It’s okay ,but what conspired between the both of you” I inquired

“That disgusting man had the guts to threaten me.
Can you imagine,he said he won’t sign the contract until you go on a date with him” he explained..

“What!!” I asked shocked

“Yes,and guess what i told him” he said

“What did you say”

“I told him to go to hell with his contract”

“What ! Why did you do that?? We’re talking about a huge and important contract here” I reasoned

“And so? That doesn’t mean i should sell you”

“Who said you’re selling me?? It’s just a date and am ready to go” I said

“I can’t take such forget it,you’re not going” he said with finality in his voice..


“This conversation is over” he said walking out..

Jun pyo is very stubborn..

I know he is worried about me but why can’t he understand that I can take care of myself…

I can’t let him lose such an important contract..

I have to do something..

My eyes fell on his phone,which was lying on his reading table..

I quickly took it and sent Mr Lim a message:

“OK fine! I will send her to you,just text me the address and time”

In no time,he replied the message:

“Tell her to meet me at the *popular harmbouger’s hotel by 6pm”

OK..I will have* to find a way to sneak out of the house..

? Lim’s POV ?

It’s 6:30 pm already,why isn’t she here yet??

Has jun pyo changed his mind??

I was about to call jun pyo when I heard a familiar voice..

“Hi..Mr Lim”

I looked up and behold it was my pretty angel..

She was standing there,smiling at me..

“You’re here,pls have a seat” I beckoned and she sat down..

She is looking cr@zily h0t tonight..

I can’t wait to s.uck those two succulent apples and feel that a$$ of hers..

“You’re looking so beautiful tonight” I said,smiling..

“Thanks,let’s get straight to the point” she rudely replied..

Oh my! She is not only sexy but aggressive too..I am sure she is also aggressive in b.ed..

“Don’t be in a hurry miss..let’s drink first” I said

“I won’t do anything with you until you sign the contract “she hastily replied..

“Anything for you my lady”I replied..

I brought out the contract and signed it..

“Here we go” I said handing over the contract to her..

She collected it and put it in her hand bag..

“OK..I have to go now” she said,standing up..

“Oh come on,you promised to drink with me..just take a drink before going” I said giving her a glass of juice..

She quickly drank the juice..

After a while,she stood up to leave.

“Are you leaving already” I asked

” yes but why am I feeling dizzy” she asked holding her head..

“Because I have drugged you” I replied and let out a loud laugh…

“Scumbag you will pay for this,if anything happens to me jun pyo will surely come back for you” she cursed and fell into unconsciousness..

“Finally! You’re mine baby and no one can save you from me not even your jun pyo” I said caressing her pretty face..

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