Nemesis Doesn’t Forget.

I have a former school mate. We met way back in the university. No doubt, she was an intelligent girl then and was always shinning in her department.

One particular issue she had and which I also detested was her fondness for sleeping with married men/people’s husbands. I really didn’t know what she would be looking for since her parents provided most of the things she needed in school.

She wasn’t from a poor home, neither were her parents super rich but they were very comfortable and could give her what she needed. I really didn’t like advising people personally, especially when they are so much engrossed in an activity. You could easily be seen as a killjoy or fun-destroyer. Though, I did couple of times but the attempts were like pouring water in a basket.

Today, she would be in Awka with Engineer Julius, tomorrow, it would be in Asaba with Chief Akpofure. No value for people’s matrimonial territory! No retreat, no surrender.

Well, she got married in 2010 and it was all rosy. Few years into the marriage and it was something else. No day would pass without her posting criptic lines on Facebook about cheating husbands and how ‘God’ would see her through.

I didn’t need a babalawo to tell me what has been going on. Even a dumb primary 3 pupil in a local village school would be able to tell what has been happening. I later confirmed this from another former schoolmate who worked with her in Lagos. Her past has come back to hunt her.

In as much as I sympathize with her, it’s pertinent to note that some activities are enjoyable until things start going south. Nemesis doesn’t forget. You can’t sleep with people’s husbands as a spinster and expect yours not to be sugar daddy to some young girls out there. Wetin dey go around, still dey come around. Wetin happen for fowl house, go still happen for goat house.

If you are a young woman, get focused and leave other women’s husbands alone. There’s a reason why they call it MARRIAGE. It’s a sacred matrimony whether it’s conducted in a church, mosque, shrine, court, private house or even village square. It’s not a visa to success.

Person wey bring wood wey ants full, nor need to complain when lizards start to visit am for house. Many young women will tell you that they are being disturbed by married men. The truth is that such girls are the ones who give married men the cushioned platform to do that. I’m very sure he’s not going to beat you if you don’t give him your contact details.

Finally, as a young man, beware of girls who constantly tell you that they don’t do married men even when such information is not relevant to you. It’s mostly the other way round; a clear conscience fears no accusation.