AWKWARD NURSE : Season 3 Episode 1 – 10


By Chidinma Jerry M

Season 2 (Episode 21)

Rachel’s pov conts

Five minutes past and no reply the men walked back into the hall.

” so I believe I can continue talking now ?” Tonia asked
” so I have 40 percent of shares and I just need few active shareholders to join their shares with me and move me to the position i should be .the position of CEO of a.g.h.c..
most shareholders started nodding and whispering.
” will the dead rule us? Of course no.
her assistant moved the file and 12 active board members transferred their shares to Tonia smiled.
the voting list was moved and all of them voted Tonia in after few minutes it was done Malcolm stood up clapping.everybody started clapping.

” and today by the power of true blood and active shares Mrs Tonia Alexandra Grande is now the CEO of a.g.h.c. and owing to this it will no longer be a.g.h.c but t.g.h.c. ” the lawyer said. Tonia stood up clapping for herself. Eerybody stood up clapping for Tonia… gosh where is Mr Dervantes?

i rushed to the front and watched Anna’s name being removed and Tonia was hastily replacing her…i wiped my tears what will Anna do?

Didi’s pov

i am the nurse in charge of Mr Grande and I swear there is no improvement. Just now the video of Anna’s replacement previewed and the news of Anna’s sickness came out.

Anna’s dad rose up in shock

” sir
” what’s going on
” sir
” what Is this? Hand me my phone.
he tried moving and froze. He placed his hands on his heart and fell to the ground. his legs seized

” my legs I can’t move them
” sir
“my legs.

my team came in and started treatment after a while a wheel chair was pulled in. It was confirmed that he is still taking the poison and it crippled him. Total stroke he couldn’t even talk but I know i taste all his food. How could he even be taking poison?

Sam’s pov (ours later)

Rachel rushed in panting

” what’s it
“Mr Grande can’t walk again.
Anna pulled herself up
” what
” your dad is crippled. Anna.he can’t even talk or move he has become nothing.

Anna wiped her tears what is going on?
” madam most shareholders still want to give you a chance. There will be another meeting in 7 days madam.
” no she won’t attend it , Anna is going to London.she too can’t move anymore
” what
” she is too weak. She is dying
i looked at Anna and my tears streamed what is going on.

just then Ryan rushed in
” Anna what’s going on
“sir Ryan it is time for your surgery ” a nurse said
” 5mins” Ryan said
he sat facing Anna
” Sam I thought you said it is just stress
“yes it is
” then how did Tonia…
” it’s a test Ryan, I wanted to know what Tonia will do if i fall sick.
“but you are alright Anna
“yes I will attend Monday’s meeting
“yes ….go. you have surgery

Ryan stormed out.

” Anna please travel tomorrow please” Sam said
” i need to meet someone
” who
“the person who will replace me
“but who? You know your shares are not movable so how will you employ someone to take your place the board won’t agree
“that’s not my plan, I will text you my plan if the person agrees
“ok.i heard nurse Del is returning
“yes i called her.

Anna stood up ,Rachel moved the drip and followed her
“Rachel be careful with the drip

they both walked out and her guards surrounded her.. it is already evening. They entered the car outside.

Clara’ pov

omg it is getting late i better lock our gate.i rushed out and just then a car drove in i moved back. A guard opened the door and they helped someone walk out. It was Anna. she was even taking a drip her assistant moved the drip with her. She looks so dead. i bowed in tears why am i tearing up. I feel like I am feeling the pain she is in.(????????? Jesus! This story make me cry)
” Anna,are you ok? What did they do to you again?
she smiled out of tears then she signaled her guards to leave her. She forcefully pulled out the injection and walked to me almost falling …my tears kept streaming.

i ran towards her and she fell to her knees In front of me shedding tears. I fell to my own knees too. Why is my sleeping beauty crying.

” Anna! Are you ok? Tell me ,tell me who hurt you” I shouted.
she signaled her guards to go away only her assistant remained. She moved closer to me and moved my hair into my ear
” I am sorry that the best time I touched you was to slap you Clara , you are really beautiful just like you told me ” she said smiling in tears I started crying heavily.
” Anna are you okay?” i asked her
“no i am dying ” she said and coughed heavily I lifted her face and wiped the blood, I moved my fingers to her hair and gently pulled it
” Anna you have cancer?
she nodded
i hugged her deeply she gently pulled out and took my face into her palm
” if I don’t travel for surgery i will die
” what
” yes I need to travel tomorrow Clara. I have already lost a.g.h.c…i can’t stay here if I stay I will die and if I die I will lose more so I need your help
” tell me ,I will do anything for you, I swear,I wiped my tears.
” actually my life is anybody’s worst nightmare but Clara can you be Anastasia Alexandra Grande for some time?
“will you fight for me ,will you be the helper and sister I never had
” but why me Anna? I’m not classy. I am not as smart as you. I don’t walk or talk like you. Even if I wear your face they will catch me
” no they wouldn’t. No one will, the mask is exact I created it when I loved sneaking out of work and my best friend wore it to pretend as me
“but why me? You could choose anybody else
” because I love you Clara ,because I trust you ,because I know you ,because you are the only one I have…i have no one else so tell me will you help me? Will you fight and die fighting for me.

” yes i will fight for you, Anna. They better watch out. i will solve all the problems of your life Anna , I was created for you. I held her face and looked into her eyes which was bringing out tears
” I will bring Tonia down ,I will restore your father’s health,I will secure the merger , I will find your mum ,I will get a.g.h.c back.,I will take Malcolm to where he should be .I Clara , I will do all that for you. Anna travel. Do your surgery and come back. i promise you that I will solve all the problems you left behind as long as I am alive no one will make you cry not Malcolm, not Tonia,no one. I am your Angel Anna.

She started crying I hugged her tightly again why did she have to suffer like this?



By chidinma jerry M

Season 3 (Episode 1)

After a while she disengaged herself and we walked into the house I carefully told my parents our plan.after a while of fear they all agreed
“Clara you have to be very smart
” ok dad
” my lady we have to go” Rachel said
both I and Anna turned to look at her.
” I meant Anna ” she said
we both smiled
“Clara can you grant me one last wish?
” tell me
” actually I don’t know if I will live or die but i always wanted to live like a normal average girl so will you let me stay In your house tonight till my flight tomorrow?
“miss Clara we need to leave now.” Rachel said
” ok ..Anna bye

i hugged mum,dad, LIa, Diana,Anna.

I hugged Anna
” Clara my nurse is waiting at my suite
” always use your brain … good luck
I nodded….. i can’t believe this. I am going to be rich and secondly I am going to be with Ryan I can’t wait to see him.
i waved at Anna I rushed into the car. All the guards bowed for me. omg can i do this? Soon the driver took off.

Diana’s pov

Everyone looked at Anna like she fell from the sky. Dhe smiled

” hi Diana” she said to me
i looked around and bowed
“You know, I always see you…” Anna said
” you recognize me?
” of course you are always bowing.
i smiled and she stood up and smiled with satisfaction
“can you show me Clara’s room
“of course.
we rushed in with Lia. Anna sat on her bed.
” wow pretty
we both smiled she pointed out the window
” isn’t that the moon
“it is
we all stormed out and sat on the roof top. Anna smiled happily.
” hey moon, I wish to be happy all my life ” Anna said
“I wish to make money” Lia said and Anna touched her hair
“I wish Clara the best ” I said and we all smiled.
just then Anna started singing..i didn’t know she could sing.
” really?
“yes , you didn’t know … wait for it.
we all smiled
just then she coughed again and wiped her tears
” Diana, Lia. if I do not die i will try out life again. i will surely live a fulfilled life… i will place my happiness first ,I will be with someone who loves me, I swear .” she said and we both smiled.

just then Clara’s Dad shouted from the window
” aigooo!!, is someone at the roof top
” no no one” La shouted
” that means I can easily pour my water
” Anna run for your life…” i shouted and we all ran into the house laughing crazily omg this is the first time I saw Anna laugh.
” Clara’s dad is really funny” Anna said
we all laughed
just then she held her heart Clara’s mum came to her
” enough girls , Anna needs to rest now
” yessss Mrs David

she helped Anna into the house and laid her on her bed. I and Lia carefully braided her hair she laughed like a kid. She laughed like it tickled her.

Clara’s pov

I’m still in Anna’s suite. I wore the mask for a while and removed it.i like it. Just then Nurse Del returned
” Clara are you done mastering her voice?
” yes
” what’s your name?
“my name is Anastasia Alexandra Grande the first.
” perfect.
she clapped and I smiled.
” to be Anastasia is to know which cloth to wear. .she opened Anna’s wardrobe and I swallowed forcefully.
” to be Anastasia is to know which shoe to wear
” to be Anastasia is to know how to walk
” to be Anastasia is to never show your teeth
i closed my teeth
” to be Anastasia is to never bow your face
i lifted my face.
” to be Anastasia is to walk with pride and grace
i nodded and took a step
” to be Anastasia is to know which hair to make
i touched my hair
” to be Anastasia is to be the best you can.
” yes
” you have 7 days before the second general board meeting, 7 days to learn all about shares and position, 7 days to master Anastasia’s behaviour, 7 days to show yourself to the world as Anna 7 days to plan and defeat Tonia concentrate on learning , this meeting is the last general board meeting to discuss position if you don’t bring Tonia down there, you will not bring her down again. Just stay here and study once you are done with Tonia, you will return home to Ryan. i don’t know if you are comfortable living with a man but Anna lives in his house so you should too. your main goal is to pull Malcolm down. I will keep training you.
” ok ” , I bowed
” never bow your face
i lifted my face.God help me.

Ryan’s pov

i called Sam on phone

” Sam
” Ryan
” where is Anna?
” actually Anna went on a health vacation for 7 days ,she said she just wanted to be alone
“but she is fine
” yes
” k.she needs that.
I stood up and walked into my room I remember the day Clara told me she wanted to live with me …Clara I tried making that happen but you rejected me .i looked into my colorful pool and imagined her swimming and smiling happily.i looked at the beautiful bed and imagined making love to her just every minute, having her to myself…i looked into the kitchen and imagined her cooking for us… i looked at the field and imagined her jumping and running about I looked into the shower and imagined her bathing beautifully…Clara I see you everywhere…i miss you so much that it is driving me crazy but I won’t look for you anymore. It’s time to care for Anna she can’t fall sick again it’s time to just love Anastasia.
my week is filled with surgery and more surgery. Just now my dad walked in. I turned in shock
” dad
” Evan, how are you?
“I came as soon as I heard ,where is Anna?
” she’s on a health vacation dad,for 7 days
” in this chaos
” she said everything is fine
” what about you ,are you fine
” yes am fine dad,actually i am sorry for what I said …it’s ok.i will hold on to Anna for real now dad.i will do the right thing.
he hugged me tightly
” very good ,very good my son.. Ryan I’m leaving. Your mum said she Is missing you
“ok dad I will visit her soon
” Ok I will be at the hotel
” ok

He walked out and his boys opened the door .my dad is annoying and stubborn I don’t know why I love him so much .i ran into the house and fell on my lonely bed.

7 days later .

Diana’s pov

Omg! A lot of things changed around here and where had Clara been? I am sure she took her time to study well. i really trust Clara. Just then the press stormed into the compound, why? who is coming. I looked out and so did a lot of workers just then Anna’s car pulled over. Her guards opened the door and she walked out. wow Clara is perfect just like Anna.she wore a mask of Anna’s face .. her skin was glittering .her walking steps just like Anna her hair amazing she wore a long gown. Jeez.i can’t believe that this is Clara she walked past me and I bowed she smiled gently. Omg I have missed her. Clara! Fighting! Don’t be scared of those mean faces.she lifted her face up and walked with pride.she had such powerful aura finally someone is going to teach Tonia a lesson.
reporters took pictures while looking into their camera
” reporting life. Anastasia just rose from the dead.

Meanwhile Anna’s guards just opened the door and Clara walked into the general board meeting. God I hope she studied well, Tonia can’t find her out.
Clara! Fighting.

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