By, Mide L.

Dahlia got back to her room

“So why did Mrs Duel sent for you?” Elena asked immediately she came in,fear written all over her face


“Nothing serious,she just gave me a two days holiday to visit my parents”She replied

“Oh”Elena heaved a sigh of relief

“Wow you are lucky,I wish I have parents”Roselle muttered sadly

“You don’t have parents?” Dahlia asked

“Never knew my parents,been here since birth”Roselle said and Dahlia’s eyes widened

“Oh my but have you tried finding out?”

“Nope ,I don’t want to,I’m okay without parents”She said

“What about you Mae?”Dahlia asked

“My parents disowned when they discovered I’m not an ordinary child,they threw me out of the house when I was ten.

Mrs Duel found me and brought me here”Mae said

“How could your parents do that,they should have accepted you the way you are”Dahlia said

In all this Elena was silent before she sighed heavily

“What is it Elena?”Roselle asked

“Nothing,just miss my family. They got killed before I came here”She said

“I feel sorry for you”

They all took turns to hug her

“Thanks guys,I will join them soon anyway”Elena said

“What are you talking about?”Dahlia asked

Just then, Elena’s nose started bI.eeding

“I haven’t kill anyone yet aside from Lily. I have decided to just die!”

The girls looked at her sadly before hugging her again with tears in their eyes

“I’m so sorry Elena”Dahlia said breaking the hug

“What are you sorry for? You didn’t cause this”Elena asked

“Mrs Duel asked me to tell her who is behind the killing of Lily.

I didn’t want to tell her but she force the words out of my mouth.

I’m very sorry”Dahlia palmed her face

“I will never be angry at you Dahlia,it’s not your fault.

I deserve to die anyway because I also killed someone,I’m totally ready for whatever is going to happen.

I’m fully ready”More bI.ood rushed out of her nose staining her clothes

“I don’t want to loose you again”Mae sniffs

“You’ve lose me already,just forget I ever existed ”

“No you forever exist ,stop saying that”Roselle cautioned trying not to cry

“Remember you guys will always remain my best friend.

I remember when I met you guys for the first time, you were so nice to me. You made me even forget that I lost my parents.

Dahlia later joined us making us a complete family. I will forever remember you guys.

I agreed I’ve done lot of foolish things in the past and I’ve hurt you guys feelings especially Dahlia.

I confessed Daniel for Mae not knowing I was hurting your feelings and that of Roselle too…”She stopped talking when they hugged her again

“It’s okay,you are making me cry more”Dahlia sobbed

“That was the foolish mistake I did that cost me my powers if not I will still be alive.

I would have survived that day Ivy killed me”She sniffs

“It’s okay Elena,we love you too”Roselle said

“Elena don’t be hard on yourself, you only did it to make yourself happy.

You even helped me to confess Daniel just to make me happy. You confessed Liam just so you could feel love.

Stop blaming yourself”Mae said wiping her tears

“Why Is life so cruel to me?”Elena wailed

A knock was heard on the door and the girls jerked up

“Who’s there?”Dahlia asked

“It’s Liam”

They girls touched her chest in relief

“Come in”

Liam came in and he was alarmed to see Elena’s condition,he rushed to get side

“Is it happening again?”He asked and she nodded

“Let’s give them privacy”Dahlia said and the girls followed her out leaving Liam and Elena

“I’m going to die this time around Liam”

“No stop saying that,I don’t wanna lose you. I actually found someone else…”She cut him short

“I don’t want to kill anyone to live,they are have the right to live”

“What about your own right to live”Liam asked with glassy eyes

“I don’t know Liam and I don’t regret my time with you,it’s worth it. I agreed to come back just for you and to set things right.

I love you Liam”She pulled him in a hug and Liam hugged her tightly

“I love you more and I believe you will survive this phase of your life”He used the tip of his shirt to wipe off the bI.ood coming from her nose


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