By Authoress Succy

Chapter 41

He didn’t want to lose Evelyn. Losing her is like losing his entire life.

It happened once, and he could swear he was not himself for three years, and he is never going to allow her to go. That once almost ruined him.


?”Uncle Haris,” the little one called.

?”My princess,” he replied.

?”I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your spelling bee,” Haris said, and the younger nodded before turning to look at the phone.

?”What is she so focused on?” Haris said, and Evelyn laughed.

?”Wait… Is Mr. Martin with you?” he asked, and Evelyn nodded.

?”Oh my goodness, I like that man so much. Can I look at him?” Evelyn rolled her eyes before showing him Martin, who wouldn’t even look at the phone.

He was really angry.

?”Hello, Martin,” he waved, and that was when Martin looked at the screen.

?”Oh man. He is angry, or should I say jealous,” Haris said, laughing while Martin huffed.

?”Damn man, you are so impossible,” Haris said.

?”Shut your mouth, Haris,” Evelyn said.

?”Hmm, how does it feel to be in a car with a hottie? I’m sure you guys have done something in front of my innocent princess,” he winked at her, and Evelyn nervously gulped.

?”What… that… that…”

?”I knew it,” Haris said, still laughing, and Martin couldn’t help but laugh. It was funny.

?”Forget you,” she pointed her middle finger at him, and he just winked at her.

?”Bestie, I was thinking we could have a sleepover tonight. Let’s have dinner together,” Haris said. Martin really heard that, and his bI.ood was boiling inside.

?”Hmm, okay, the popcorn is on you,” she said, and Haris chuckled before ending the call.

She turned slowly to look at Martin, who wouldn’t even glance at her.

“Martin, are you really serious about us dating?” she asked. Not because she was doubting, but she was surprised to see that he didn’t even say anything.

She could remember a few days ago he would get jealous and snatch the phone.

“I’m not lying when I said I want you to be mine forever,” he replied, slowly turning to look at her. But she quickly looked away due to her red cheeks.

Butterflies were dancing in her stomach. Just hearing his reply, you could tell he was sincere.

“Hmm, I think I will drop Ava off at home,” she said, and the little one frowned, grabbing hold of Martin’s shirt.

“No… I want to stay with Uncle Martin,” she pouted her lips, hugging him tightly, and Martin chuckled before wrapping his hand around her.

“You can’t stay with us. We are going to be busy at work,” he said.

“She is coming with me, not you,” Martin said, patting the little one’s hair, who squealed happily.

“Are you serious?” Evelyn asked, but Martin just ignored her.

(7:00 PM)

It was closing time already, and Evelyn was ready to leave. She walked into Martin’s office only to see Ava lying on his chest, sleeping peacefully. Ava smiled.

Having her here was not stressful, though she wouldn’t stop pressing Martin’s phone. He didn’t even get to use his phone today.

“Come here, Ava,” she stretched forth her hand, trying to take her away from Martin, but the little one wouldn’t allow her.

“No, I want to stay with Martin,” she said, hugging Martin tightly.

He just felt so happy.

“Actually, there will be no need. I am spending a night with you guys as well,” he said, and Evelyn’s eyes widened.

“What are you saying, Martin?”

“I am serious. You guys are having a sleepover tonight, so I want to be there too,” he said seriously.

“Yes, I like that,” Ava said, and Evelyn just sighed while Martin smirked.

Haris sat down on the couch, looking at the movie. He heard the sound of a car horn and smiled, knowing fully well that Martin had dropped her off, but it was more than that.

The door opened, revealing the three of them, especially the younger one who was clinging onto Martin. Haris’s eyes widened when he saw him and he stared at him, confused.

He turned to look at the wall clock, which showed 8:30, and then looked at them.

“Welcome, bestie,” he said, still staring at Martin, who rolled his eyes.

“He is having a sleepover too, all thanks to Ava,” she glared at Martin and walked towards the kitchen.

Martin sat down slowly on the couch while the others moved to the other side.

He was not scared of him, but he knew he was dangerous.

“I know you are here because of me, probably jealous that I am having a sleepover,” Haris said teasingly, and Martin glared at him.

“I think Ava is already sleeping. Let me take her to her room,” he said, trying to carry her, but the younger one burst into tears, making Martin glare angrily at him.

“When did this start? You are just ten years old, not two,” he muttered to himself before sitting back on the couch.


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