By Tofunmi Nikky


Roselia made to grab Luciano by the collar once he’s entered and closed the door, but as if having the knowledge of her impressions, he flipped out a penknlfe from his pocket, causing Roselia’s smile to drop off her face as she brought up her two hands above her head and surrendered.

He edged closer to her and she also shifts backward until her back met with the wall.


“Tell me what the h’ll you wanted me here for before I’ll have to use this knife on you.

It’s so little but can do the deeds.”he said, the little edge of his lips curling up into a smirk as brought up the knlfe to her neck, causing her to flinch back in horror, her two hands still above her head.

“What the fk?!”Sabrina gasped aloud as the door went opened, screeching her to a suddenly stop. Ronald also stepped closer and peeked a look inside, his jaw dropping at the not so good sight.

“What’s happening here?”Ronald was the first person to speak, causing Luciano to reluctantly back away from Roselia. And even though she was relieved, she still rolled her eyes at the invited presences.

Luciano ignored Ronald’s question and turned back to face Roselia, his gaze on her not even the least pleasing.

“The fact that I’d receive your text and came here to meet you doesn’t mean you can go about tolling with me.

I’m going to leave now but if I ever happened to sight you anywhere near me or even far away from me regardless of the circumstances, I won’t have a choice than to press charges against you.

“Luciano spoke so coldly that even Roselia felt a little panic resolving her heart. Now, how was she going to convince him to go back to their world with her?

Luciano turned away from her and started walking for the door.

“Let’s get out of here.”Sabrina got a hold of Ronald’s hand and pulled him out of the lounge with her.

Before Luciano finally left, he stopped halfway and got closer to her, before he then pointed a finger at her, his grip on the penknlfe tightening against his palm.

Leaning closer, he whispered to her hearing,”And know this, never in a million years would I go to wherever world you’re planning to take me with you to.

So, I’d be better if you stop wasting your precious time stalking me because when I say something, am never changing my mind.”

Roselia gulped uneasily as he walked back to the door.

He let himself out and gave her a fake smile.

“And, what you did together to Sabrina, I’ll let it slip and wait till you try it with her again.

Then, you’ll get to know how it feels like to be thrown into h’ll.”After giving her the bitter warning, he didn’t bother shutting the door behind him as he left.

“Damn it!!”she stomped to the door and let it close, before she began pounding repeatedly on it so hysterically, her hairs tousling all over her head as she puffed so loud in anger.


“Lucian.”Sabrina held unto Ronald’s hand as she approached Luciano who was just coming out of the lounge.

Luciano looked down at Sabrina’s hand that was joined with Ronald’s as he made a stop before them and they behind his car.

“What are you doing with him? Moreover, I don’t understand the reason why you had to follow me here.”Luciano asked, raising a brow at her while going leaning against his car, now facing them.

“He gave me the ride here.”she replied, and noticing how Luciano glanced down at their hands before looking back up at her, she gave a nervous slight laugh before dropping Ronald’s hand, causing Ronald to scoff inaudibly from beside her.

“And…?”Luciano urged her to continue.

“I had to follow you because you seems so nervous when you left me, and thinking something is definitely wrong, I decided to come after you.”she answered, tucking the little strand of hair at her face behind her ear nervously.

“To…?”he pressed further, and Ronald shook his head, disregarding the urge to grab Sabrina’s hand and drag her away from here.

“To come and save you, of course.”she replied, shrugging. She knew something is up with him as he asked further but knew not to ask about it in Ronald’s presence.

Luciano looked between her and Ronald before sighing and rubbing his forehead, pushing back the anger that had started heightening in him. He looked back up at her.

“I’ll get going. You can take the ride back with him to wherever it is you two are to head.”he spoke feebly tensed at his words to leave Sabrina to him.

But nevertheless, he shrugged off his unwillingness and walked round his car, climbing behind the wheels.


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