Fifty minutes later, they arrived at huge restaurant, spiking Sabrina’s curiosity as she stepped out of the car, following behind the driver.

The entered the restaurant and she couldn’t help frowning when she saw their was no body in the restaurant. A restaurant as huge as that with customer?

Then she saw the female works who are possibly the chefs walking here and there with dishes.

“Come on, ma’am.”the driver ushered her into a flowery garden, right inside the same restaurant.

“Since it’s Luciano am meeting here, could it be that he was the one who booked this place?”she thought, also stopping when the driver stopped.

“He’s coming, I’ll leave now.”the driver said, giving her a little bow before leaving.

Checking her phone, she saw it’s 4:27, an indication that school was over. Plus, it was starting to get dark.

A figure appeared from somewhere which she didn’t know because she wasn’t watching. Her face glimmered only to turn into a frown when she saw it’s Seth. Seth stopped before her with a brightened face.

“Hi Sabrina.”he smiled at her and she nodded.

“Hi Seth.”she said back with a smile.

“It’s been a while have been wanting to get this out of my chest but I think now is the time.”he said, a little nervous before deciding to suck it up and go on.

“I don’t know what made me so interested in you from the very start. You just happened to spike my interest so am going to say this…”he started.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”Seth suddenly knelt down on one knee, pulling out a diamond ring from his pocket and stretching it towards her.


“Will you be my girlfriend?”Seth suddenly knelt down on one knee, pulling out a diamond ring from his pocket and stretching it towards her.

Sabrina looked down at Seth and then back at his face, not hesitating to shift backward a little distance away from him.

It was like a nightmare to her; a bad one that even if she had it, she would never wish for that nightmare to come through.

“What’s all this, Seth?”Finally, she was able to get words out of her mouth.

Seth sighed inaudibly, looking up at her with a whole lot of anxiety bugging him.

“I like you, Sabrina. I thought it was so obvious and…”

“Seth, can you get up please?”Sabrina cut into his talk, ushering him up. Though Seth looked reluctant, he stood up on his feet when he saw her giving him a convincing smile.

Seeing as he was now standing right before him, she looked around before looking at Seth’s hand that was still holding the ring, she took it from him with her index finger and smiled at it.

With was a beautifully designed type of ring; it has a diamond round stone enclosed on top of it.

Seth smiled internally, waiting for her next line of action. He knew he was going to be the happiest person on earth if she accepts.

“I like the ring, but nevertheless; I know this isn’t for me. I’m not the right person for you, Seth.

You should keep it for someone who wouldn’t hesitate to take it from you and be yours, not me.”muttering so quietly so only him could hear, she moved closer and put the ring inside his chest pocket, with a lovely smile that immediately has Seth’s heart arching.

“Rina, you don’t like me?”he asked, his eyes staring into hers so deeply as if to see if she feels the same way.

“No, I don’t.”she shook her head negatively and Seth dropped his gaze to the ground immediately, not able to brace himself up to look at her face nor take a glimpse at her.

“Bye, I have to get going.”she said, and patted him on the shoulder before walking out of the garden and out of the restaurant.


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