ONE LAST TIME Episode 1 – The End

One Last Time

(Episode 8)

Blackmail is one thing you should pray never to be a victim of. When someone has something on you and unfortunately uses that weakness as a means to blackmail you, then get ready to dance to their tone forever. Blackmail has the power to strip a person of their power over themselves and render them as slaves to the blackmailer. However, the best way to beat a blackmailer to their game is to come out clean and tell whomever it may concern the truth with your own mouth, before the blackmailer does.

On seeing those pictures, Stacy was at the verge of losing her sanity. The worst part of it all was that she never had a clue that Randy had naked pictures of her, archived somewhere in his phone. At that moment, Stacy could die of the shock that overshadowed her whole being. No word would be able to express the helplessness of a person that’s being blackmailed.

After reading the message, Stacy immediately knew it was Randy. She quickly dialed the number he used in sending the pictures and Randy picked up. “Wha wah… What is the meaning of this? Randy what’s going on and how did you have my naked pictures?” She enquired stammering, “Come to my house now! You think you can just leave me like that, huh? Who told you I was done with you? Who told you that it was over between us? Get yourself to my house this minute else your naked pictures will grace your boyfriend’s screen. Don’t ask me how I got his number because I knew about the both of you the very day you answered his call in my kitchen. I guess you thought I was a fool, I saved his number because I knew a day like this would come; a day you would dump me for him. No one can have you expect me and this relationship hasn’t ended until I say it is. I give you till 9pm tonight to come over to my house else don’t hold me responsible for anything that happens afterwards. Bye!” Randy said and ended the call.

As the called ended without Stacy saying what she wanted to say, her heart almost left her body. Stacy started shaking and sweating under air condition. One thing was certain if she paid Randy a visit, he would definitely make advances towards her and have his way eventually and that would make her a cheating partner to innocent ‘Noble’. What a situation!

You need to see the shocked state of Stacy that evening. Her mouth and eyes were just wide opened due to shock. There were over a million thoughts on Stacy’s mind on what step or decision she should take at that critical moment. Unfortunately, time wasn’t by her side as she had few hours till the deadline Randy gave to her.

“What should I do Lord, please help me. If I go to Randy’s house and he touches me, I would never forgive myself and that would definitely ruin my beautiful relationship with the man I truly love. What should I do Lord? If Randy send those pictures to Noble, what would he think of me? That only is capable of stripping every value and respect Noble has for me. What do I do please Lord, I’m so confused and scared” Stay said with tears in her eyes.

Just as she was at the verge of losing her mind, her phone rang and it was Noble calling. Stacy immediately toned her voice to sound fine before picking the call. “Hi baby” she greeted, “Hey babe, are you asleep yet?” He asked, “No baby” she replied. “I was about going to bed and decided to hear your voice before that” Noble said and before he knew it, Stacy burst into tears.

For a moment, Noble was dead shocked and confused as he tried to figure out what was going on. “Stacy! Why are you crying?” He shockingly asked but she couldn’t say any word other than “I’m sorry”. The fact that she was apologising for a thing Noble had absolutely no idea about was enough to drive him crazy.

“Baby what’s going on? You are seriously making me scared and confused. Ok just come to my house now since you can’t talk on phone” He said, “It’s late now, I can’t come over” Stacy said sobbing, “that wasn’t a request, come to the house now or do you want me to come pick you up?” He curiously asked and she finally agreed to go over to his house that evening.

Immediately the call ended, Randy’s call came in but she didn’t pick up. She suddenly became scared and started dressing up as fast as she could. Randy called over 5 times before finally sending a text which read; “If I don’t see you here by 9pm, k!ss your fairytale relationship goodbye”.

After reading the message, Stacy’s heart almost fell off her body. She left her phone back in her house and just managed to carry her car keys out. Stacy purposely left her phone at home so Randy wouldn’t start calling her when she’s with Noble.

While on the way, Stacy kept praying to God to touch Noble’s heart and soften it in preparation of the drastic news he was about to receive. Stacy was covered in fear but just had to be hopeful that the worst wouldn’t happen. In no time, she arrived at Noble’s house and there he was; at the balcony waiting for her.

Immediately Stacy got close to Noble, she gave him a hug and started crying all over again. Noble held her tightly and pat her back, even though he was completely confused on what was going on.

They finally entered inside Noble’s huge living room and sat down to talk. The whole atmosphere was tensed due to Stacy’s continuous sobbing. Noble was dying inside thinking of what the problem could be. He moved closer to her and held her sweaty palms; “what’s the matter, you’re killing me silently by not letting me know why you are crying” he sadly said.

Stacy looked into his eyes with her teary eyes and began to speak. “Baby, I’m so sorry for not being the best I can for you. To be honest, I think you deserve someone better because I have a truck load of nasty past which are unfortunately catching up with me now. My ex wants me back by all means and he’s blackmailing me with some naked photos of me that I wasn’t even aware he took while we were still together. I feel so ashamed telling you this because it wasn’t until now that I realised how much our mistakes can hurt the people we care about. Seeing myself in those pictures made me feel so vulnerable and violated. Noble I love you and have never cheated on you, this is just my past life catching up with me. I’m so sorry you have to deal with all this baggage of mine. If you decide to end our relationship after this, I will totally understand” Stacy said with tears falling off her eyes.

When she was done talking, Noble just sat there staring at her without uttering a word. She felt he was already condemning her in his mind so she bent her head in shame and covered her face with her hands.

As Stacy sat there crying, Noble knelt in front of her and removed her hands from her face. “Look at me” he said and she looked up, “If Jesus could die for me even when he didn’t know me, then what is nude photos that I can’t forgive you for when I clearly know it wasn’t your fault that he snapped the photos. Listen! I told you before and I’ll tell you again, you are imperfectly amazing and I love you with all your flaws. Stop blaming yourself too hard just because of some little mistakes you made in the past, life is much more than what we did in the past. If God doesn’t count wrongs, so who am I to do so. I love you Stacy and each time you show how imperfect you are, it just draws me more closer to you” He said.

Noble removed her hands from her face and k!ssed her forehead. Stacy held his head and k!ssed his forehead too. Noble cleaned her eyes with his palm and got up to sit beside her. “What does he wants to do with the nvde photos?” He asked, “He said he would send them to you so as to ruin our relationship” she said.

Noble chuckled and hugged her even tighter. “Should we involved the police, since he took the pictures without your consent” he asked and Stacy nodded ‘Yes’. Noble consoled her as she laid her head on his chest.

Turns out that Randy had been calling Stacy’s phone but she wasn’t picking. He had no idea that she was with Noble. At exactly 9pm, Noble’s phone beeped and he checked to see if it was the nvdes, because they were already expecting it. Lo and behold, it was 3 n@ked pictures of Stacy with the write up; “You better leave her, she belongs to me”.

Noble saw the pictures and jokingly said “So Stacy you are this hot, I can’t wait to marry you and enjoy oh”. Stacy gave a faint smile because she wasn’t just in the mood of laughing.

After receiving the pictures and message, Noble replied saying; “She’s with a real man now so back off!”

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