A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End

|Diary of a pastor’s wife|

This story is written by Vivi Oluoma

Episode 1

‘It can’t be him Lord, it just can’t be. Yes, I am sure this is one of the devices of Satan to lure me into a wrong marriage – I mean, I can’t even feel any connection at the first sight. My instincts are always right. He’s not even my type, his height is not encouraging and his color? – I Dont even know where to categorize it. Ah! Satan is at work again, he wants to confuse me with dreams but it won’t work for him’ Bunmi said snapping her finger in rejection of the dream she just had. She sat up on her bed and reach out for her phone to check the time.
4:15 am! She exclaimed and quickly sprang up. Since her work place was far, she made it a daily routine to always wake up by 4:30 so that she can finish the necessary home chores before leaving for work. She crouched beside her bed to have her quiet time.

The night before that morning, Bunmi had prayed with a face-drenched face and a well tight fist, asking God to reveal to her His will in marriage for her.
‘I’m ready Lord to surrender,’ she had cried. She was already due for marriage.
× × ×
As she sipped her coffee , filling the files that laid carelessly on her desk, she heard a knock on her office door.
Come in, she said obviously less interested in whosoever that was behind the door outside.
Kunle walked in, wearing a deep smile that drew a curve on his face.
What can I do for you?, she asked still focused on what she was doing with her cup of coffee in her left hand.

I was directed to drop this file with you. Walking over to her table, he dropped the letter. ‘No, I already have a lot of work to do’, she said raising her head to see the person that has come to ruin her morning.
Jesus, she shouted knocking the coffee cup over unintentionally.
Oh! I’m sorry, Kunle said reaching out for the files on the table immediately to prevent the spill from destroying the files. She brought out her face towel from her onion pink handbag and dried the spilled coffee forgetting completely that she had a rag in her office that served that purpose.
‘Are you okay ma?’ Kunle asked holding out the files to her. She straightened herself and ran a quick hand through her short dark African hair. She took the files from him.
‘You can leave now, thanks’, she said with a straight face ignoring his question. John left her office.

How can she be fine? This was the same man she had seen in her dream last night. Almost the same scenario – just that in the dream, he had left after giving him the file. He was even putting on the same cloth with the man in her dream.
She sank into her seat confused, ‘this is not happening, this cannot be from God.’ Inasmuch as she said those words, she felt something completely different from what she confessed. God do speak to her through dreams. She knew this quite well and that was why the whole stuff were making her uncomfortable.
She quietly packed the files and headed to the staff carteen. She needed to cool her mind.

Do you think Bunmi was too quick in her decisions about Kunle?

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