By Tiana Isaac

Episode 41

One day Sonia bashed into their Mansion and meet Julianna.

“Am here to see Josie,” Sonia demanded pushing Julianna out of her way and walked in.

” Show some respect and who are you? Julianna asked.

” Am Sonia, his girlfriend and the only woman he loved. Am here to see him and give him all the love he need, all the care and r®mance that you couldn’t do as his so called wife. I am the only woman he loves and then you came from nowhere and snatched him from me,” Sonia yelled at her.


” I don’t know Josie that much, I don’t love him, this still feels like a nightmare but you can’t just bash into my home and disrespect me this way. Josie is married now and whatever relationship you have with him is over,” Julianna said sternly while Sonia sI.apped her and they got into a fight that the maid couldn’t even sperate them, it was when Josie came home on time, surprised to see Sonia…

“Just get out of my house,” he sI.apped her as he pulled her away from Julianna.

“You sI.apped me? Sonia asked in anger.

” And i will do that if you ever disrespect me by coming to my house to fight my wife,” he yelled at her.

” Are you now calling her your wife? Sonia asked in anger.

“Just leave,” he ordered.

You’re mine Josie and I will be back at the right time to take back what this bitch stole from me” Sonia stormed out angrily.

” I know we don’t love each other, we hardly talk and I don’t even know you well but you don’t have to disrespect me this way by bringing your whore girlfriends to fight me. Am done with this h’ll called marriage,” Julianna snapped blinking back the tears in her eyes. She turn to leave but Josie quickly pull her back and kssed her.. that was their first kss. After three months of marriage.

“I like you Julianna.. Sonia is now my past. Please don’t leave,” he pleaded.


From there..
Josie and Julianna gave themselves a chance to make it work. Along the way they fell for each other, deeply and Josie forgot about everything and focus more on his family. They consummated their marriage and that was when Julianna took in. She was five month pregnant when Josie travel to San Francisco for a business trip.

There he meet Sonia in the same Hotel he lodged in..

“Fate has its own way to reunite destinies. We are really destined for each other. What are you doing here? Sonia asked.

“For a business trip.. and what brought you here? He asked.

” To start life from somewhere. Anyway I work here,” she smirked then moved closer to him.

” You’ve changed so much Josie. Looking as handsome as ever.. I see Julianna has already captured your heart and here I thought you’ll divorce her soon. I was just too foolish,” she said, raising her hand to touch him but he stopped her.

“I love my wife,” he said.

“And what about me your sweet love? She asked in tears.

“Am sorry Sonia but whatever we shared in the past means nothing. We’re not really meant for each other. Please just let it go and moved on. You deserves better and working here isn’t good for you. I will give you some cash to start up something,” he said and she hugged him in tears.

” Thank you so much Josie,” she smile which turn to a smirk.

“If only that Julianna didn’t come into the picture Josie would have marry me and I will have all the money I need but she took everything from me,” she said to herself.

Sonia kept thinking of a way to se.duce Josie before the end of their business trip, she want to make him hers by all means and the only way to do that is to pin him down with a child- to be pregnant for him.


On a cool evening, Sonia barged into Josie’s room just when he finished taking this bath.

“Josie,” she smile se.ductively and she catwalk to him.

“What are you doing here?

” To give you what your so called wife have never did,” she smiled then removed her nightie and hold the tip of his towel.

I know you miss me Josie and I missed you too,” she slam her lips on his and they get into a fierce kss.

Sonia enjoy his touch, her plan is working out well Including the camera she has put to captured everything they’re doing. She place the camera when she came to drop his meal on the table.


After the business trip…

Josie returned back home to his wife. He was glad seeing her and knowing his unborn baby is doing just fine. Sonia kept calling and calling until it became so obvious that Julianna noticed it. She felt so disappointed to know Josie was still communicating with her but Josie explained everything to her.

“She’s the one forcing herself on me and she keeps calling with a new number, maybe the best thing to do is to change my line,” he said to Julianna.

He felt so guilty about what happened between him and her in Francisco but he warned her to forget about everything because it’s just a one night stand and it’s means nothing to him.

Sonia blackmail Josie with their sx video and threaten to show it to his wife, Julianna. She use that as a medium to collect more money from him just to keep the video safe from everyone.

Josie had to bid to all her sayings because Julianna is pregnant and he don’t want anything that will affect his wife nor the baby.

?What did you need again Sonia. Haven’t you gotten enough money from me? He asked feeling so angry, he regretted why he has to fall for her tricks.

?I don’t only need your money but you Josie. I love you, I need you. Come and meet me in my apartment or else I will sent the video to Julianna and you know what it means, you might end up losing your innocent unborn baby,” she laughed then hanged up the call.

Josie was already frustrated with her blackmail he want to open up to Julianna but he’s scared she might not take it lightly and that would affect their baby.

That evening after work he branch straight to Sonia’s place to end all this once and for all.


Julianna was in the sitting room when her phone beep and a message pop in from an unknown number.
The message reads:

?Come to palami street right now. Your husband is currently there with his mistress,” ?

Julianna was shocked to read that, she trust Josie and try to wave off any negative thought in her mind not until another message pop in. A video was sent to her. She opened it and was shocked to see the sx video of Josie and Sonia.

“This can’t be,” she muttered as she stood up, picked up her car key, rushed out and get into her car then drove off with full speed.

Julianna came out of her car looking around but couldn’t see anyone .

Immediately a car with full speed came, she was quick enough to see the face of the person driving which was Sonia, before she could get out of the way the car hit her in the process.

“Perfect.. now that she’s gone I can have Josie to myself,” Sonia smirked and she quickly zoomed off before anyone would suspect her.


Josie was later called to meet his wife at the hospital. That was when he knew Sonia only played him like a fool and now he has loose his baby and Julianna is fighting for her life.
?Am pregnant Josie.. and am damn serious about it, ” she spoke on the phone.

?After klling my own baby you expect me to accept yours or to believe you” he yelled.

?It wasn’t my fault Julianna lost the pregnancy. And she’s at the hospital fighting for her life which we don’t even know if she will survive or not. I should be your wife Josie because am the right woman for you and am already carrying your child,”

?Abort it because I don’t need you nor the child. If i get to set my eyes on you I will make you feel the pain you made Julianna and i passed through. You’ve sent her the video, I went through her phone and I saw that, how dare you do that after all the money I gave you,”

?I just want you to be mine,”

?Now I know you don’t really love me Sonia, you’re just obsessed and from now I don’t want to see you ever again,” he yelled then block her line. He changed his phone number to make sure she won’t get to communicate with him again.

Julianna felt so angry with Josie after losing their baby because of him. She blamed him for everything and after her treatment at the hospital she later went back home to her parents and quit everything.
The CCTV on palami street has captured Sonia when she h!t Julianna with her car. Josie ask the police to get her arrested but as of then she was nowhere to be found.

When Sonia knew the police was looking for her she went back to her hometown and cope with her pregnancy alone and there she gave birth to Kamil..

Josie promised to be a better husband and a good father that will always protect his home. He kept on pleading with Julianna to come back to him and she did. She forgave him because she loved him so much and now that Sonia seems to be out of the picture they decide to start afresh and moved on. The next year, Julianna took in again and this time she gave birth to Miguel there first son and after five years to Nadine….
That’s their Story


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