I woke up with a pair of strong arms around my waist. I tried to move, but I couldn’t. So instead, I turned to face him.

His hair was slightly messy, and the sunlight made his fair skin glow. Last night was one of the best moments I’ve ever had. I moved closer to Ansh and wrapped my hand around him.

He was still asleep and held me tightly. I ran my hand through his silky black hair. “Thank you for what you did last night. It was wonderful and special,” I whispered.

Thoughts of the previous events were in the back of my mind. I wished to relive them over and over again. It was the first time I felt so special, and Ansh made me feel that way.


But then I remembered what Zara said. Was she right? Never mind. I don’t want to ruin my morning by thinking about the complicated relationship we share.

I leaned down a little more, admiring Ansh’s perfect eyelashes, as charming as always. God, I hope our babies have eyelashes like their father…

I smiled and quickly leaned down to give him a small kiss on the lips. But before I could pull back, I went a bit further. “They must really have your dimples, Ahana… They are the best sight to see in the morning,” he smiled and kissed me.

Wow, this morning feels so long. Pushing me back and getting on top of me, he didn’t break the contact for a second. I closed my eyes, and Ansh pulled the blanket to cover us. “Hey, sleepyhead… Wake up. Or else we’ll miss our flight.”

I turned around and saw Ansh lying on the bed opposite me. He was already dressed in a pink shirt and jeans.

“You’re ready?” I said, rubbing my eyes and trying to get up.

“What else can I do when my wife falls asleep while kissing? Seriously, Ahana, I didn’t know that pregnancy can make someone so sleepy,” he said, laughing.

“Ansh! Shut up… Just shush…” I said, playfully htting his arms. But before I could say anything, I felt a sudden urge to throw up. I rushed to the bathroom.

“Ahana… Ahana… Are you okay? What happened?” Ansh came running. I washed my face, and he handed me a fresh towel. I sat on the chair.

“Ahana, look at me. Do you want to see the doctor?” he asked, pulling my cheeks up.

“No… I’m fine, Ansh. It’s been a while since I had this morning sickness. Anyways, I have an appointment once we return.”

He nodded and offered me a glass of water. I knew Ansh was a caring person, but as days went by, I could see something more in him.

“Freshen up, and then we can go for a walk and have breakfast. You’ll feel better,” he said, caressing my hair. I nodded.

“And Ahana…” I heard him call.


“Jaai and Zara are also leaving for Sydney this afternoon. He called me earlier while you were sleeping.”

“Oh! But weren’t they supposed to go in two days?”

“Yeah, but you know your impatient friend. He doesn’t want to waste a single second… Seriously, I can’t believe it. He loves her so much,” he said, chuckling.

“Hmm, he does. But really, I’m happy for them. Hopefully, Uncle forgives him.”

“He has to. Seeing them together, no one would ever want them to be apart.”

“Yeah! Looking at them sometimes gives me hopes that everyone will find their love one day.” I said.

Ansh stood silently. I think I shouldn’t have said that.
“I will be back.” I said going to the bath.

He went back to his laptop. Then I realized that it’s been a long time since I looked what was happening in the company. I rarely attended the meetings now. Before going, I texted Jen to send me the updates.

I trusted Ansh that he was managing it well.


After a good long warm bath when I came out, Ansh was still as I saw him while going. On the bed with his laptop. I don’t think he realized that I was back already. I was in an off-shoulder short dress reaching my knees. And it matched perfectly with Ansh’s shirt.

Ha! What a coincidence!
“Ahana… I know you are back. No need to text Jen. I will update you, and you have to take complete rest. So, no work…” He said finally looking at me.

“Huh!!!” I gasped. This guy is impossible.
“I am starving, and we are already late for breakfast. It’s already 10:30 now.” He said shutting his laptop.
“So, it’s my mistake…” I said making a face.

“No Darling… I forgot to wake you up, and no need for mood swings. I will make it up for you. Anyways, we still have a lot of things to do. Did you forget about the Souvenirs?”
“Yeah! Let’s go quick. I am starving too.”


After we had our breakfast, it felt good. I gulped my pills, and we headed for the local sightseeing. It was fun. There weren’t many huge things to see around in Vaadhoo. But nevertheless, we had fun.

The beaches were awesome, and we had fun strolling with our hands intertwined. Things were indeed changing, a lot.

We bought souvenirs for everybody. There were a variety of things to choose from, and Ansh did a great job helping me out.

We bought the handicrafts with the traditional culture crafted on it. It was a beautiful handwoven, embroidered clothing, like woolens. Apart from this, we bought carved seashells and lacquered vases.

Giving us a remembrance of the wonderful time we had on the beach. Maldives is also known for its spices, and I bought some of the most delicious ones that can flavor our food for Ma.

“All done?” Ansh asked.
“Yep…” I smiled. In the afternoon, we returned to the hotel and packed our stuff. Then, saying our goodbyes to Zara and Jaai, we headed for the airport. We had to go back to Malè. Our chartered plane was waiting for our arrival.

We settled in, and I had a warm cup of tea. It felt soothing. Ansh was beside me, busy reading something on his cell.

“Ansh… What are you reading?”
“Hmm… Mir has sent me a list of tasks that I need to practice before our babies come. He says he is facing a lot of surprises, and he wants me to be prepared.”

As soon as he said this, I burst into laughter. There were tears coming from my eyes. He looked at me in awe.
“C’mon… It wasn’t that funny. I think even you should be prepared. You never know how notorious they are….”

“God!! Ansh…. My tummy is already paining with the laughs. And trust me, you are gonna be a very good father…..”
“Really!! You think so?” He asked with excitement.

“Hmmm… I know so. But tell me when are we gonna tell everyone about the twins. They need to know.”
” Hmm… Yay!! We can tell them soon after we reach Mumbai. A small Icecream Party. What say? ”
” Perfect….. ” I smiled resting my head on his shoulder. It couldn’t have been more than perfect.




It was my best trip ever. It couldn’t have been better. It’s already 2 days since we are back in Mumbai. Ahana and I aren’t able to see each other more because I am busy with work.

I had a lot of meetings to attend regarding the new brand our company was about to buy. Nevertheless, Ahana was still helping me do the presentations.

Tonight we have planned an Icecream Party. I have invited everyone. Jaai and Zara are going to join us through FaceTime. Ahana and I were more close than before now, that’s what I felt and it was wonderful.

I think now it’s time I will have to tell her the truth. It has to be before the babies come. I want to start fresh this time. I don’t know how she feels about me.

But it doesn’t matter now Coz she has the right to know the truth and she will surely know it. She has to know the reasons.

The AGREEMENT. She needs to know it. I plan to tell her soon.

I returned early that night. I went to the room and Ahana was standing in the balcony.
” Hey” I whispered standing close to her.

” Oh! Ansh… You are back already.”
” Hmm… So, What is all this nervousness about?”
” Huh! I am not nervous.” She said averting her glance.
” Really, But your eyes tell me otherwise.” I said holding her hand and turning her towards me.

I could see some faint tears in her eyes. Before I could say anything she grabbed me in a tight hug. I rubbed her back.

” Ahana… It’s alright. It’s a good news, remember? Everyone is going to be happy.” I said.” A-And if Dad asks why did we take such a long time to tell this to everyone, then? And I haven’t hidden anything from Ma but…”

” I know….. But I don’t think they will bombard us with questions. Everything has a reason and you had one. And I am sorry Coz it was because of me.”

She looked at me and nodded. I wiped her tears. I hated to be the reason behind her tears but now I planned to be the only reason behind all her happiness.

” Let’s go now. Everyone must be waiting for us. ”
We went downstairs and had dinner with Dad and Grandad.


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