I opened my eyes slowly. I felt my head heavy. I remembered that I was with Jaai and we were discussing the stocks.

Then he asked me for a coffee and then everything turned out black. I wasn’t good in the morning too.

It became worse. But How did I land up here? I moved and then I felt someone had held my hand.


I saw Ansh’s sleeping figure with his head on my belly. His hand were wrapped on me. I looked at the clock. Oh! God…


It’s 7:20 in the evening. I think I have been sleeping for hours.

But what was Ansh doing beside me? Did he bring me here? Where was Jaai?

But then I put all those questions aside when I saw Ansh beside me.

So he was there with me all of the time. He didn’t abandon me this time. I moved my hand through his already messy silky hair. Ansh really had long black eyelashes.

He moved a bit.

Hi… Oh!! Ahana….. ” He was awake now. He rubbed his eyes and straightened himself.

” You awake? How are you feeling now? Actually, I didn’t realize when I fell asleep. You need anything? ”
He asked getting up.

” No… Thanks. I am fine. ”

” Okay… I’ll change and then we can have dinner. Dad and grandad haven’t returned yet. They’ll be late. ”

I nodded and he went towards the closet and picked his sweats.

” Ansh…… ”

” Hmmm…. ”

” Did you bring me home?” I asked.

” Yup…… Who else do you think can do that?”

” Where is J? I was with him until I fainted.”

” What the….. Ahana….. Do you think he is free all the time? You still thinking about him when I am here.

I asked him to go home in the office itself. ” Ansh said a bit loudly and casually.

” What?? Are you sure he ain’t downstairs? How can you tell him anything like this? Oh! God… Ansh. You don’t know him. ”

” And why would I like to know him Ahana….”

” Arrrggghhh….. ” Ansh was irritating me now. I picked my phone up and rushed in the balcony.

” Ahana…. What….. ” He shouted coming to me.

” See…. I knew it. ”

I told Ansh pointing towards Jaai and his car. Jaai was standing beside his car with his head rested on his arms which were in turn on the roof of his car. His back was facing us.

” Oh! Man… What is he doing here?” Ansh said in equal awe.

” He didn’t go home. And why didn’t you call him in? ”

” Ahana… I swear I told him to go home. I didn’t know he would be waiting here till now.”

” He has always been like this. When I had a very high fever he didn’t even go to the office.

He lost a 5 million dollar contract. No matter how hard I forced him to go telling him that Ma was with me and he can go but he didn’t go. He ensured that I recovered fully. ”

I called Jaai.
Ansh was just standing beside me.

” Hey! J..
Are you mad… Look back. ”

Hana… You alright. Thank God… I was worried like hell. ”

” I am fine. Never been better. What are you doing there? Come inside. Don’t tell me you are standing there since almost 6 hours.”

” Probably I was. I just wanted to see you safe and healthy. And I wasn’t standing here since 6 hours. I went to bring myself a coffee.”

“Like seriously… You can’t do this.”

“I wish I could. But I was worried.”

“You could have come inside at least.”

Jaai was now looking at me from down. Ansh was still beside me. Hearing everything.

“Your over possessive husband would have kicked me out.”
He said laughing.

“Hah… Shut up… I wonder how did you stood still so much time. The J I knew would have dashed from anywhere to see that I am fine.”

“Ya… I would have. But this time there was someone with you who probably cares for you more than I do. So…”

“Shut up… Nonsense…”

“You can’t hide your happiness behind such words. Anyways since you are fit and fine. I’ll leave. I am hungry anyways.”

Was I actually happy that Ansh was with me the entire time.


“I know. You take rest for a day or two. I’ll handle everything.”

“Thanks… You are a sweetheart.”

“I know that. Have a look on your husband. I think he is gonna kill me. Bye… Take care…”

“Yeah… You too…” I was laughing now. I waved to Jaai and he got in his car and sped off.

Seriously… Ansh didn’t allow him in.

“What did he say to make you laugh so much?”

“Nothing… And why didn’t you let him come in.”

Oh! Your sweetheart had to stand outside. Are you feeling bad? But frankly I didn’t know he was outside. And by the way I have humanity no matter who he is.”

“Ok… And he is a sweetheart because he said I can take a day or two off. He’ll manage.” I said getting inside the room.

“And who is he to give you the permission.”

“I am in no mood for more questions.”
I said walking away.

“But… I am. You ain’t going to work anymore.”

“Wait… What…” I was literally shocked when he said it.

“Yes… Doctor said that you take a lot of stress. You need to relax and working ain’t helping in this. So you can stay home and do whatever you want.”

“No… Ansh. Let me make myself clear. I am working no matter what you say.” I said angrily now.

“Hmmm… We will see that coz you are not going anywhere. I have made myself clear. Now I am going to have a shower and then we can have dinner.”

“Ansh… Wait. You can’t do this. We weren’t done talking yet. You can’t order me. I’ll do what I want. You are not my Boss.”

He stopped and turned around. Looking as calm as possible.

“Hmmm… Of course you can sweetie. And I know I am not your Boss but I am your Husband.

Did you forget that ring already. And you can do whatever you want, only if you can take care of yourself which you can’t.

So you do as I say. You can work from home if you want but not more than 3 hours.

God!! I didn’t know he was so bossy.

“Consider it or you won’t even get to look at your laptop for the next one year.”

Like… Was he serious.

“I am serious…”

Oh! I wasn’t even speaking anything and he seemed to read my mind now.

But somewhere he was correct. I need to take care of my baby.

“Ok… Fine. But on one condition.”

He was grinning now. As if he won a battle. Wait… Ansh you still haven’t heard my condition.

“Hmmm… So… Jaai will work in my place. He’ll handle all my work.”

“What… No… He isn’t coming to our office. Do you think I can’t handle both of our work?”

“Of course not. But you might get tired, and I don’t want my husband to get stressed out,” I said, smiling.

“No… He isn’t coming.”

“Then I am coming…”

“Okay! Fine. But it would be better if you worked from his office.”

“That isn’t your concern anyway,” I said.


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