REMEMBER ME: Episode 41-50


?episode forty one?

?By Authoress Anita?

“Nick,why don’t you forget about her arleady? Am I not beautiful? Can’t you reconsider me?”she finished giving out her long boring speech.

“Are you done? Please your giving me a headache,get out of his room”Nick said

“I will get out,but Nick,you must reconsider”she added.

“Queen of gossipers, leader of liers ,ling leader of sins,master of all evils. Didn’t you hear him say that your giving him headache?”I said.

“Stay out of this Tony”she said.

“Stay out of this Tony”I mimicked her

“Will you removed your stinky body in our room”I fired at her. She looked at me for a while before walking out of the room.


“Francine,have you seen aunt Sophie?”Francis asked his twin sister.

“Nope”said Francine

“Francine,why are you playing with sand? Do you want aunt to get mad at you?”Francis said to her.

Just then Sophie approached.

“Francine,what are you doing? How many time shave I warned you not to play with sand?”Sophie yelled at her.

“Aunt,I warned her but she didn’t listen”Francis said.

“Di you think your mother is a washing machine? Should I beat you up?”Sophie added,just then Francine started sobbing.

“Aunt,why do you always yell at us? Do you want me to hate you?”she said in tears.

“Am sorry,stop crying,just that I want the two of you to look smart always”Sophie said whipping Francine’s tears

“Aunt,are you crying?”asked Francis.

“No,it’s just sweat”Sophie faked a smile as she hugged the two kids.”just that aunt love you so much”she said.

“Francine and Francis ,get inside the house”said Lusung.

The kids run inside the house

“Sophie,why are you crying again?”asked Lusungu.

“It’s nothing,just that I feel sorry towards the kids”she said.

“Everything will be fine Sophie”Lusungu said.

“Am,I was thinking about going back home,it’s been years now and I miss my family a lot”Sophie said.

“Are you sure that you want to go back home?”Lusungu asked.

“Yes”she said.

“Ok,then you can leave tommorow”she said.


the next day Joe,Nneche and Lusungu’s brother escorted me at the bus stop.

“Tell Nneche and Lusungu that am really greatful ,please take care of the the twins for me”I said to him.

“Don’t worry,they are in the safe hands. Make sure to always visit them”Joe said and I hugged him.

I cannot wait to meet my friends and parents.

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