M.I.A (Merciless In Action) SEASON 2: Episode 21-The End

M.I.A (Merciless In Action)

Written by: Seunnzzy

Season 2 Episode 21


Author’s POV

Desmond shouted as he woke up from the terrible nightmare he just had and was sweating profusely.

He realise he’s still in his cell and it’s midnight already, he was really troubled by the dream.

He couldn’t sleep again and he think of a way he could get out of the prison.

(Da Silva Residence)
After Mrs Silva was able to put mercy to sleep, she laid her in her crib and left her.

She went to the kitchen where Grace and goodness are preparing breakfast.
” how is it going?” Mrs Silva asked.

” it’s almost done ” grace replied.
” Mom…..we are having a PTA meeting tomorrow at school ” goodness said.

” oh yeah, your class teacher told me” Mrs Silva said then the doorbell rang.

” let me check who it is?” grace said as she wash her hands.

” don’t worry, I’ll go” Mrs Silva insisted then she went outside, as she got to the gate she opened it and saw about four men outside.

” sorry…… Who are you guys? ” Mrs Silva asked then one of the men blow a powder at her and she fell down unconscious.

The men entered then they opened the gate and drove their car then they put her inside the car.

Two of them went to the entrance of the house and entered silently, they heard voices from a corner.

The followed the voices which lead to the kitchen and they saw them, Grace turned to them and she was shocked.

” who are you?……..where’s my mom? ” Grace asked curiously then they blow another powder which cause them both to go unconscious.

The grab Grab grace alone leaving goodness unconscious on the ground.

They got outside and put her beside her mother, they all entered the car and drove off.
(Victoria’s Residence)
Victoria was preparing to go to work after her husband already left, then she heard a knock on the door.

She left what she was doing and went to check on the door, she opened the door and saw strange faces.

” I don’t think I know you, who are you?” she asked.

They didn’t say anything then they blow a powder on her face, they caught her before she could reached the ground.

They carried her inside the car and drove off.
The warden went to Desmond’s call and unlocked it then announced that he has a visitor.

Desmond sprang up immediately and followed the warden after he’s been cuffed.

When they got to the visiting room Desmond saw agent mackerel on the seat and he hurried to sit before her.

” Hy Mike ” she said and he sat down.
” heyy…. Umm, we’ve got a problem ” Desmond said looking scared.

” wait calm down…..what happened?, what’s wrong?” agent mackerel asked curiously.

” I know who put me here, I know why all this is happening to me?” Desmond said.
” you do?……who is it?” she asked.

” he’s someone from my past………and he wants revenge” Desmond said.
” who is he?…..what do we do?” she asked.

” for now I need you to do something for me,….. I need you to go to Lagos ” he said.

” Lagos?….as in Nigeria?” she asked unsure.
” yeah…..and you have to be fast with it” he said.

” No…… I can’t leave you here, I’m not leaving here without you ” she said.

” That’s not what’s important right now, please you have to do this for me” Desmond begged.

” you’re scared……who the hell is he? ” she asked.

” he’s a very dangerous man and he’s planning something very dangerous…….so I need you to go to Lagos” he said.

” okay I will….what do you need me to do?” she asked.

” write down the address” Desmond said then agent mackerel bring out her phone then Desmond called the address to their house and she note it down on her phone.

” you have to hurry up and save those people in the apartment, please you need to go, they are in danger ” Desmond asked.

” and when you get them safe…….look into the name Hassan Al-Kareem, that’s the name of the man” he said.

” okay…..will you be okay? ” she asked.
” I’ll be fine…….just save those people” he said then she stood up to leave.

” the colonel is still working to find a way to transfer you back to Nigeria…..you just have to wait” she said.

” thank you” he said then she left.
Agent Mackerel’s POV
After leaving the prison I went back to his apartment to take some thing before I left.

I put a called to the colonel and told him I need to attend to something very important in Nigeria.

After picking what I’ll be needing I went out of the apartment and took a cab to the airport.

I’ve never seen him that scared before, even when he was sent to prison he wasn’t scared.

The MIA I heard about isn’t scared of anyone infact he inflicted fear into others.

But now………he was terrified, who could make him that scared?……who is this person.

Could this people he wanted me to save be his family?…….but MIA is an orphan.

I keep thinking about everything till the cab reached the airport and I went into the airport.
(Few hours Later)
The plane reached Nigeria and came out of the airport, I can’t believe I’m back in Nigeria after being away for a year.

I stopped a taxi and told him drive to the address Mike gave me, funny I just go to know his name.

If he’s actually protecting someone then he and I are no different cause I’d do anything to protect my family.

About half an hour later the cab driver reach the place and I came down after paying him.

I saw the house and walked towards it, I pressed the doorbell button and wait for someone to answer but no one came out.

I pressed the button few more times and no one responded then I pushed the gate open.

The gate opened freely which means it’s not locked, I bring out my gun and walked into the compound slowly.

I walked stealthily to the house and entered, I saw no one in the house then I moved to the kitchen.

I saw no one as well but with the way I saw the kitchen it mean they left the place in a hurry.

There’s still a pot full of food on the table, I move out of the kitchen and check each of the rooms.

I found no one and I wondered where they all are then I heard the sound of a car engine outside.

I went out to check who it is only to see that it is the police and they all came out as they saw me.

” Drop your weapons…….and keep your hands where we can see them” one of the officers said.

” calm down officer…….I’m here to help ” I said.

” I said drop your weapons” he said again then I dropped the gun then one of them came to cuff me.

” My name is agent mackerel……you’re making a big mistake ” I said.

” How am I supposed to know that’s true?” the officer said.
” Are you in charge here?” I asked.

” yeah,…I’m detective Wale Thomas ” he said.

” Good……Now call the Federal agency right now to confirm my identity” I said then he pulled out his phone to call.

Just as he was making the call a car drove to the place and a man came out looking angry.

” Is she the one?…….. Is she the one?” he shouted coming at me but was held back by the police.

” where are they?……where did you keep them?……what have you done to them? ” he shouted and I wondered what’s really happening.

” Uncuff her…….she’s telling the truth” the officer said as he finished with the call.
” Finally” I muttered.

” Give me back my weapon” I said and they handed back my gun.

” You’re letting her go?……..what about my family?” the man said.

” she’s not the one, Mr Lewis…… We just confirmed it ” the officer said.

” Then where are they?…….Oh God, I need to call David…….He will know what to do when he gets here” the man said as he bring out his phone.

” what’s going on here detective?” I asked.

” Mr Lewis wife was abducted this morning, according to his statement he left her at home when he went to work”

” But he didn’t see her at the hospital where they both work so he tried calling her line but wasn’t reachable”

” He came home but couldn’t find her but only her cellphone on the ground ”

” he came to here to her family’s house only to see her mother and sister were also abducted”

” Only the little girl and the baby were left alone, and according to the little girl some strange men came to the house and took them” the officer narrated.

I started to think how any of this is related to Mike, could it be that this is his family?………i need to be sure.

” what about you?…….why are you here?” the officer asked.

” someone told me to come here, he told me to save this people, I guess was too late” I said.

” the person knew this will happen?……who is it? ” he asked.

” I don’t think you want to know that……. It’s classified ” I said.

” did the person tell you anywhere they could be?” he asked.
” it doesn’t work like that ” I replied.

” uhmm, officer……do you know any of their relative?” I asked.

” No…… Maybe you should ask Mr Lewis ” the officer said.

” okay thanks” I said then went over to the man.

” Hi, I’m really sorry for everything ” I said as I got to him still working on his phone .
” yeah……what do you want?” he said.

” My name is Agent Mackerel, I just want to know if your wife has any other family ” I asked.

” yeah, David……. I’ve been trying to reach him but I’m unable to, if anyone can help us it’s him” he said.

” who is David?” i asked.
” he’s my wife’s brother, he works in another state” he said.

” You mean Mike?” I said and he was shocked.
” you knew him?” he asked.

? ” He’s bearing David too, what’s exactly is his name?” I thought.

” he sent me” I replied.
” Oh my God, where is he?…..you have to tell him what happened ” he said.

” he’s indisposed for the mean time” I said.
” indisposed?……..his family is in danger he should be here” he said.

” I’m sorry, it’s complicated which is why he sent me to help” I said.

” Fine, what do we do?…… I need to find them, my wife is pregnant with our first child, I can’t lose any of them” he said.

” calm down Simon, we will find them ” I said.
” The officer said there are two kids left alone ” I said.

” yeah, I took them someplace safe” he said.
” that’s good……..did the police know about their location?” I asked.

” No….. They don’t ” he replied.

” Good let it be like that……..you can’t trust anyone so let it be like that ” I said.

” okay……. But how do we find them?” he asked then I remembered the name Mike gave me.

” do you know the name Hassan Al-Kareem?” I asked.

” Hassan Al-Kareem?……..Yes why? ” he said.
” who is he?” I asked.

” He’s one of the medical doctor in a private hospital not too far from where my wife and I works” he said.

” Do you know where I can find him?” I asked.
” I don’t know…..but if we get to the hospital maybe we can find him” he said.

” Alright then let’s go” I said.
” wait….. Did he have a hand in my family’s disappearance?” he asked.

” I don’t know….. But that’s the name Mike gave me” I said then we entered his car and he drove off.
Author’s POV
Mrs Silva and her daughters saw themselves in room with no window, and since they’ve woke up no one has attended to them.

” Mom……what’s happening?” Vickie asked scaredly.

” I don’t know……we were drugged in the house by some men” Mrs Silva said.

” Mom, what do we do?…….I’m scared Mom ” Grace said crying.

” we all are Grace……we just need to hold on for Desmond to come save us” Vickie said.

“how are you holding up Vick?……are you okay?” Mrs Silva asked.
” I’ll be fine Mom, we will be fine” Vickie said.

” But who could do this?……who’s behind this?” Grace said.

” I AM” a Voice said as he entered and Vickie’s eyes bulged out as he saw the person.

” Hassan?……..what’s the meaning of this madness” she said in surprise and confusion.
” Hello Victoria ” he said smiling.

” Sis, you know him?” Grace asked.

” he’s a medical doctor, we met at the hospital, and my name is not victoria it’s Abigael ” Vickie said.

” oh c’mon, stop all that,…….i know who you are……..you’re the Da Silva family, you’re all supposed to be dead and here you’re alive and well ” he said.

” whoever you are…….why are you doing this?” Mrs Silva asked.
” Revenge” he said.

” Revenge?……what for?…… What did we do?” Mrs Silva asked.

” oh no Mrs Silva……..you didn’t do anything, your son did, your son Desmond ” he said.
” what are you talking about?” Vickie asked.

” your brother killed my family …..my father, my uncle and my two brothers” he said.

” No….. It’s a lie, My son don’t kill innocent people, he’s a man of principle, he has a code” Mrs Silva said.


” All I want his revenge and I’ll get it ” he added.

” if anything happens to us, my brother will kill every last one of you ” Vickie said and he smiled.

” I can kill you now and your brother won’t do anything, cause I control what happened to him” he said.

” what are talking about?……where’s my brother?…….what have you done to him?” Grace said.

” let me give you a hint, right now as we speak your brother is in Russian prison ” he said and they gasped out loud.

” it’s a lie……..you’re lying ” Vickie said.

” what reason do I have to lie, he was sent to Russia on a mission….. I guess you don’t know about that”

” then he was charged of murder and sentenced to seventeen years in prison ”

” but not to worry, I’m the master planner , so I’ve cooked up a plan for him to get out….a very dangerous plan” he said.

” All he need to do is to survive” he said grinning evilly.
Desmond’s POV
I really hope Agent Mackerel find them on time, I won’t forgive myself of anything ever happens to them.

” Heyy, come out here ” I heard then turned to see the guard outside the cell.

He unlocked the gate and I wondered if I have a visitor, I went out of the cell after he already cuffed me.

He lead me out and as we are walking I noticed that he’s not taking me to the visiting room.

” where are you taking?” I asked curiously.
” shut up and follow me” he said and I wondered what’s happening.

I keep following him till we reached the gym, there are lots of people already in there having exercise.

He uncuffed me and told me to enter and I did still wondering what I’m here to do.

” if you want to save your family……then you have to survive” he said then locked the gate to the gym.

I turned and see twenty hefty and heavily built men which some are twice my size staring evilly at me.

I swallowed my spit and turned to the warden who is smiling and give the men some strange sign.

” what am I supposed to do?” I asked.
” Survive ” he said.

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