RUDE MR POPULAR: Episode 11-20

Rude Mr Popular
(I fell for him)

Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 11
Can this be love? ?

Shayne POV
I woke up really late the next morning, it was a Sunday morning. I guess it was because of the stress.
I turned to look at the girl and she was still fast asleep. I stared at her

“ D@mn, why must I r@pe her”. I thought.

I went to freshen up in the bathroom and I was surprised to see her already awake when I got out

“ Good morning Sir”. She greeted

I nodded as I stared at her

“ she is really cute….
I headed downstair And the maids were cleaning up the table.
I guess they have all eaten

“Morning son”. My mum greeted as she saw me

“ Morning Mum”. I replied

I looked at my adopted dad and I nodded towards him ignoring my step sisters

“ I will ask the maid to make the table for you and your wife”. My mum said

“ is she still asleep?”. My mum asked

“No”. I said , she will be here soon

And immediately I saw her coming down the stairs.
She was putting on a short blue gown.
“Fk”. She looked hot, I must confess. I was lost staring at her and only looked away when her gaze met mine
The maids set the table for both of us and I noticed she was having difficulty making use of the fork and knife

“ you can make use of your spoon”. I told her

“Really”. She asked

I nodded and immediately she started eating with her spoon

I smiled as I watched her
She looked innocent…
After eating, I headed to my room to have a quiet time when the door opened and she walked in ..

“ can’t I have my privacy”. I yelled

“ I am sorry sir”. She apologised panicking

“ whenever you want to come in, make sure you knock”. I told her

“ yes, I will”. She said. I will go back and knock”.

I smirked

“ you do that next time”. I said as I left the room
I drove to Ben’s place ,I just wanted to cool off..
I got to his place and I saw him with three ladies. He was a player like me

“ Shayne”. He called as soon a saw me

“Ben”. I greeted him and the three ladies with him were all excited

“ what is wrong?”. He asked

“ Nothing much”. I told him just want to Cool off

He smiled

“ you can cool off with this”. He said handing me one of the girls

“ Sure”. I said

The girl came towards me and started twe.rking on me, I started Kssing her and was about to take off her br.a when i suddenly stopped..

“I can’t do this “. I muttered

“ what is wrong?”. Ben asked staring at me

“I can’t do it

“ why”. He asked in surprise

“ I am married”. I said leaving the place with Ben staring at me in surprise…..

I got home late at night, I went to my manager place after leaving Ben’s place. We talked about music all through.

The whole place was quiet when I entered and I guess everyone was asleep.
I walked into my room and she was asleep.
I stared at her face and I noticed the tears mark.

“ Damn, she had been crying”.
I brushed the hair from her face, watching her as she sleeps till I slept off.

Hmmmm, what is wrong with Shayne

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