The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Twenty one??

? Sapphira’s POV ?

I quickly rushed back home before corovi could notice my presence..

I couldn’t do anything because I don’t want corovi to suspect me.I’m gonna act when he least expected ..

I can’t believe he’s the same man I fell in love with..

He’s a heartless m0nster..

Earth is also my kingdom – I won’t let that m0nster have his way..

Just as i am protecting the fallen angels,I will also protect humans..

Many thoughts ran through my head as I lay on my bed..

I wish Jeffrey wasn’t a m0nster..

I wish I didn’t have to leave my family..

I wish Jeffrey can just amend his ways and tell me that he loves me..

I wish things were different..

Pheew!! I’m tired of thinking, some wishes are meant never to come true..

I closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep..

Just then I saw grandpa – he was clothed In a white garment..

“Grandpa!!” I exclaimed and embrace him..

I’m really happy to see him..

I just needed someone to speak to…

“How’re you doing my child?” Grandpa asked as we disengage from the hug..

“I’m fine but how is my family? I hope they’re fine?” I worriedly asked..

“Yeah! And you know what we’re all happy with the way you defeated corovi in the challenge..”

“Thanks..but he is getting more evil and dangerous..I don’t know what to do” i sadly said..

“That’s why I am here..Corovi might be powerful but the good news is that- he has a weak point”


“Yeah..According to prophecy, corovi can only be killed by the woman he loves”


“Yeah! The only way corovi can be eradicated from this planet – is to be stabbed on his heart with the divine sword..And that can only be done by the woman he loves”

“But that’s not possible! Corovi can never fall in love” I exclaimed..

“But you can make that happen right? He might not want to fall in love but you can make him do that” Grandpa said with a mischievous smile..

“What!! I…I..can’t do that..” I stuttered..

“Why?? Don’t tell me that you’re still in love with him?” He asked with an arched brow..

“No! I don’t love him..All I have left for him now is nothing but hatred” I said with a clenched fist..

“Then you can do this! You’re beautiful my child – trapping him won’t be difficult ” he said..

“But …

“Have you forgotten what he did to you? Have you forgotten how he made your precious mother cry? Have you forgotten how he almost killed your family members? Have you…”

“Enough!! Whenever I think on those things the urge to kill corovi increases” I yelled and closed my ears.

“If you hate him as much as you say, why not do this and end his terr0r once and for all”

“If that’s the only way to kill him then I’m ready..just as he broke my heart- I will also steal his heart and break it like a piece of glass” I said with a gritted teeth..

“That’s the spirit! Don’t forget that the fallen angels and humans are looking up to you. Our fate lies in your hands- you’re not allowed to fail us..” He echo and pushed me back to reality..

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