SCARLETS : Episode 1 – 10


(All I want )



“Dian we will have to employ someone here,you guys can’t live alone like this” Manager Kim said as they roll there eyes.

“Do whatever you want, Just make sure its not a girl ,am busy” Dian replied and climb up the stairs sluggishly.

Manager Kim looked at the boys but they just concentrate on what they were doing.

The scarlets is a boys’ group made up of Six boys.

Dian the leader, the main vocalist and the piano player.

Min ho the main rapper

Asher the guitarist.

Barley , Liam and bobby are the vocalists.

This group are known for there handsomeness, and there music.

Of course they are all handsome but when we talk about handsomeness and wealth, it only fit for the leader “Dian”

The most popular Korea band group.

If you haven’t heard of them then you’re a JJC in this world of music.

Dian is a cold and meany introvert, he hardly interact with his fellows unless talk to he doesn’t speak .

He hates working with girls the fact that whenever he sees them besides him he feels like purging.

How he managed to keep calm with female fans remain a question without an answer.

They all attend there school which they build in the past years “SCANDAL”.

They name is weird own by a weird boys group.

Attended by the rich while the poor ones who manage to enter suffered from bullies and raci$t.


Aurora mamman is a young girl whose father is from Africa and mother a Sweden lady.

Her parents parted when she clock sixteen that is three years ago.

She is a big fan of SCARLETS, whenever she goes for her part time job and is paid she uses half of the money to borrow phone and use the remaining to subscribe the phone in order to download their music video.

She cares less of any other thing except the SCARLETS.

“Don’t you know that these people hate black people? The phone lender asked her

“Not all of em , most of em have a good heart and are not raci$t moreover how are they gonna know? My skin is white remember?” she retorted.

She paid the woman extra money so that she can inform her of every notification she gets.

Aurora’s father was once rich but went completely went broke after he invested in a business.

The little money Aurora has she keep using it for subscription.

She work in four places, she hardly eat thereby making her thin and look unkept.

What will happen when an announcement was made for any guy willing to work for the SCARLETS.

What’s gonna happen when Aurora summoned courage and take up the identity of a boy?

Will she pass?

This is only a work of fiction.




(Life of a fan girl)


?Episode 1?

It was 4:30am in the morning and Aurora was already awake doing her laundry after which she cook their breakfast with the little money she made the day before.

At exactly 5:30am she was through with her morning chores.

She took her bath and hungrily eat her breakfast after which he cover her dad’s portion inside the kitchen before rushing out for work.

Her first job in the morning is a nanny job, which starts by six in the morning and end by twelve noon.

“Good morning Mrs Wong” she greeted the lady whose baby she is babysitting.

“Good morning Aurora, Tae is inside his cot take care of him I’ll be on my way now” she said and left while Aurora went inside to meet the little boy.

Ever since her parent split and her father went completely she has been catering for her father’s needs including hers.

She works four times in a day, sleep by 1:00am in the morning and wake up before four.

Life wasn’t fair enough to Aurora,but she keep pushing hard.

Due to her father’s condition she couldn’t complete her high school.

She have only two years but it was cut off by her family fuss.

?Aurora POV?

I dragged my itching leg inside Tae’s room and met him playing with his toy.

Immediately he saw me he rushed to where i am and gave me a hug.

I wanted to carry him up and fly him around the room but when I remember the state of my leg due to the long run I did before getting here I just pinch his cheek with the tip of my finger.

“Come let’s get you bath” I said and dragged him to his mini bathroom.

Truly the rich ones doesn’t know what God did for them.

Tae’s room is bigger and more beautiful than the room I and my father share.

After bathing him i wore him his cloth and we started playing.

Tae is a sweet little boy,it was not hard to babysit him.

I carried him to the kitchen and started preparing his food.

An hour later Mrs Wong came back and pay me while I rush off to the pizza shop.

“You are late Aurora” The manager said sternly

“I am sorry Sir,it won’t repeat itself again” I promised my head low.


I got inside the shop and started packing the pizzas for delivery.

“Here No.24 at the dark Villa” I took the address and carried the pizza and my helmet in my left hand.

I put the pizza inside the box and tied it to the back of my vehicle and wore my helmet.

I made a sign before starting the vehicle and hit the road.

It was an hour drive,I entered the dark Villa the place was so beautiful and rich.

I saw a guy walking towards his car and rushed to him.

“Excuse me,please where can I find No.24? I asked politely

He stared at me like am some piece of sht before entering his car and drove off.
He is weird wity his face mask and sunshade.

His hair looks like that of Dian,he must be a fanboy because my Dian isn’t a meanie.

He is handsome though.

I keep tracing the numbers with my eyes before I saw the No.24

Parked the vehicle along the street and walk towards the gate.
I press the door bell and wait eagerly for the person to open up.

I press it again,this time forcefully.

The door opened my mouth dropped.
A beautiful guy was standing in front of me,he is pass handsome stage.

Asher of SCARLET

“Op……oppa” i shouts

“You must be a fan” he said

“Yes i am a very big fan of yours” i retorted

“Okay,the delivery”

I handed him the pizza and he sign the paper and gave me my money.

“Do you want an autograph? He asked

“Yes yes…..this is just so true to be real” i said and raise my sleeve and stretch out my hand for him.

He collect the pen from me and raise up his head to look at me.

“Your name?


“Such a beautiful name” he muttered and write it on my hand.

His he accessing me already?
Asher is a full time playboy.

“Thank you Oppa” I said and he winked at me before closing the door.

So this is his personal house?

So beautiful and rich.

My mind went back to the guy of earlier,such a rude jerk.

I went back to where I parked the vehicle and climb in after pocketing my money inside the pocket of my baggy trouser.

I drove off humming one of the SCARLETS song to myself.

My own Stan is pass just ordinary fan girl own,some said that am obsessed with them.

But I think it is true.


“Where is Asher? Manager Kim asked

“You should know better,isn’t that your job? Dian asked arrogantly.

“But I…..”

“He is down with fever” he replied cutting the manager’s excuses

“The practice won’t hold today,am off” he added and stood up from his chair while the boys followed suit.

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