SCARLETS SEASON 2: Episode 21-30


(Surely you can’t be mine)


(First disagreement)

Season two episode 21

?Aurora’s POV?

I woke up with a banging headache.
Dmn how did I get to my room?
What happened last night I don’t really remember, all I remember is having a little disagreement with Dian after he told me to stay away from Nora without telling me why.

It is ridiculous, really how can he tell a grown a** woman like me to stay away from a friend without a valid reason?

Its useless!
And I refuse to be a tool, I refuse to be a submissive.

He can’t just tell me to stop talking to someone without a good reason,

I mean who does that.

I stood up from the bed and headed to the bathroom.
Oh fk I feel like throwing up.

I quickly open the toilet cover and pour everything inside.
I’m sick again I guess.

After washing my face and brushing my teeth I change out of my night wear.

Who changed my clothes last night?
I walk to the giant mirror and stare at my bare body.
Did someone really change my dress last night?

Who is it?

No I don’t think so, he was so mad at me last night.
Then who could have done it?

I think I’ll ask around during breakfast.

I changed into a grey Calvin Klein sport wear and pack my hair in a ponytail.

I leave my room and climb down the stairs quietly.

I started hearing some noise from the sitting room.
Who is it?

“I’m f**king telling you to do whatever it takes to find that woman, I’ll kill her myself.” He said.

Kill who?
That voice doesn’t sound like him at all but he is still my Dian.
He look so serious.

Who is this woman he is looking for?

He caught me looking at me but I look away.
Damn he look ravishing.
He hair was dyed blonde, he was wearing a round neck black shirt and a white sweatpants.

Simple but mouthwatering.

I cleared my throat and walk inside the kitchen.

“Good morning Mrs Russell.” I greeted when I enter the kitchen.
I bring out a bottle of water from the fridge and sit down on a stool.

“How was your night my daughter? She asked as she turned her full concentration towards me.

“I’m fine ma’am.” I replied calmly.
She continue washing the dirty dishes. I stood up and walk towards her and grab a leather glove from the cupboard and wore it.

I grab a sponge and start washing too.

“Are you okay dear? You look depressed.” She said and I shake my head.
I’m not depressed. Just tired.

“I’m not depressed ma’am, I’m just, I have a lot on my mind.” I replied softly and the woman stopped washing and stare at me.

“You want to tell me about it? She asked and I gulp down.
Should I tell her.

“Dian and I are seeing each other.” I said and she covered her mouth.
I told her about everything that has happened ever since then.

Currently to over disagreement of last night.

“I just don’t understand why he doesn’t want me to associate with Nora.” I said dejectedly while fighting back my tears.
I sniffed in my tears as the woman’s hand touch my shoulder.

“Nora is his ex girlfriend dear, you’re so oblivious of that.” She said.

“So innocent.” She murmured but I heard it.

I’m not innocent, I hate it when people refers to Me as ‘Innocent’

I had a boyfriend, even if it just lasted for two months.
Even though I only had intimacy with a guy just once that doesn’t count as innocent.

Nora is Dian’s ex?
That’s why she and Mabel hate each other?

“Maybe Dian doesn’t want any harm to come your way but I can assure you that Nora was a good girl. But I don’t know the present Nora.” She said and return to what she was doing.

Nora knew that I am a girl but kept my secret back then.
She knew that I’m on scholarship, she knew that I’m poor but she never treat me bad.

She don’t even know about Dian and I.
She is a nice person.

I can’t just break a friendship that’s just starting.

Mrs Russell arranged the plates on the shelve and walk out of the kitchen.

Sht I’ve exams today.

I rushed out of the kitchen and met Dian sitting on a couch.
He held a glass if red wine with his right hand and his phone with the left.

His he just going to ignore me?
He acts like he didn’t see me and it hurts.

I walk across to his side and sat down on the opposite couch.
He look at me then look away.

I don’t really know what to do and it seems like I’m the only one hurting.
His he even worried about me?

I stood up from the couch and climb up the stairs absentmindedly.

Why are you giving me a silent treatment Dian?
Are you still angry with me?

I did nothing wrong.
I clean the tears in my eyes and rush inside my room immediately I got the corridor.

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