IT’S OKAY TO CRY SEASON 2: Episode 21-The End


Season 2. Episode 21.

“Mom you came, Palesa ran in and noticed Julia was on call.
“Alright I’ll call you back, Julia said and dropped the call.

“Where did you go to? Julia asked and Palesa turned to sit down but the table shook and the glass Hope kept fell..
“Did you just fall that? Anastasia shouted and saw Julia.

“You came? When was that? Anastasia asked giving her a peck.
“Just now, anyway I asked the waitress to give me that delicious food of yours, i wanted to have a taste of it today. Sorry for the glass please, I think Palesa shook the table, Julia said.

“I didn’t, she made it fell, Palesa came in.
“Tidy that up and get out of my sight, Anastasia said to Hope who was picking the pieces up.

“You’ll get hurt with that, Jason said to Hope and she nodded and left to bring something to pack it up.
“So I finally came today after so many years, Julia said.

“Yes finally, nice to meet you here, is this okay with you? Anastasia asked.
“Yes yes, Jason will you love to join me? Julia asked.

“No mom, I ate before leaving, he replied..
“How did you get to see mom? Palesa asked.

“I met her in the bank, she got to know I came to Best place for breakfast and you were waiting for me, she decided to come along, Jason replied and Hope returned with something to pack the pieces up.

“My dear what’s your name? Julia asked.
“Hope ma, she replied.

“Beautiful name, I actually planned that name to call my daughter but I decided to let my husband give the name, Julia replied.
“Maybe your next child, Jason said.

“Yea maybe, Julia replied smiling.
“Your food will get cold Julia, why not eat up, Anastasia said.

‘Oh yes, Julia said concentrating on her food and Hope left.
Minutes later a call came on her phone,

“Oh I have to go now, dear your meal is good, really good, Julia said taking her bag.
“Thanks for stopping by, Anastasia replied.

“Its nothing. Are you two going home now? Julia asked and Jason looked at Palesa for the reply.
“Yes mom, Palesa replied.

“Alright hop in I’ll drop you off, Julia said and brought out some notes for Anastasia to pay for the bills but she rejected.
“Why should you pay me Julia? Please don’t do that again, Anastasia said.

“Seriously? Alright fine thanks, Julia replied and left.
Anastasia sat down on the chair weakly as she almost had a shock when she saw Julia in her restaurant in close range with Hope.

“Mom did you see the girl who served you, she looks familiar right? Jason asked in the car.
“I really didn’t see her face, she had a face cap on anyway, Julia replied and Palesa breathed in.

“Well I thought you saw her face, you would have been shocked with the resemblance I bet you, Jason said.
“Still talking about that issue? She doesn’t look like mom okay stop dragging it, Palesa said.

“Hey what’s wrong with you? Jason asked and Julia rolled her eyes.
“Is okay alright, we were just having a conversation nothing serious, Julia replied and came to a halt.

“Are we dropping here? Palesa asked.
“Yap, can you please take a cab home for today please? i cant drop you at home, Julia replied.

“But Jason I thought we came with a car, Palesa said.
“That’s right, but her chauffeur drove it home since I joined her. But what’s wrong taking a cab? Don’t worry mom we will get home from here, bye, Jason replied opening the door to leave but Palesa sat back with a frown.

“Honey please am late for the meeting, you can pick an empty cab and pay for it okay, take this, Juila said giving her some notes but she sluggishly got it and came out from the car.

“Be careful alright, Julia said to them.
‘Yea bye, Jason replied and Julia drove off.

“Seriously Jason you brought mom to show her the waitress girl huh? Is that why you insisted to eat at the restaurant? What the hell is wrong with you? Palesa attacked immediately.
“Wait, where is that coming from? I told you I met her at the bank okay what’s this, Jason replied.

“Bank indeed! Palesa blurred out and walked away.
“What’s working you up whenever you see that girl? Jason asked following her behind.

“Everything about her makes me worked up, especially you liking her and pesting my mom about her, Palesa replied.
“What makes you think i shouldn’t like her? Common Palesa don’t be this way, I only wanted your mom to know her that’s all, Jason replied.

“And for what? Oh please! Palesa shouted.
“Okay fine, can we take the cab now? Jason asked……………..

Favour got stained in school that morning and rushed home to tidy up herself, but was surprised to see Anastasia car parked outside.
She tiptoed to the window side and saw her mom pacing worriedly and she stayed back to know why.

She got to hear everything Anastasia told Palesa, she got weak at that point and couldn’t go back to school.
Favour opened up Anastasia room and checked through her things and found Palesa baby pictures. She nodded as everything became clear to her why Anastasia hated Hope and never cared about her.

Faith got back home and found her sister cuddled on the bed,
“Hey, having cramps? Faith asked touching her hair but she shook her head.
“Okay you didn’t come back to school and you refused picking my calls either, what’s wrong? Faith asked.

“Nothing, I just decided to have my rest, she sadly replied but her sister checked her temperature.
“Are you sure you’re alright? Faith asked and she sat up.

“If someone you know did something bad and you want to make it right, but then if you do that person will be punished,what are you going to do? Favour asked.
“I don’t get, Faith replied and Favour heaved.

“Okay, you have a loved one and you’re aware of the wrong he or she has done, but then if you want to speak out to right that wrong, your loved one might be hurt in the process. What are you going to do? Favour asked.
“Its simple, I’ll protect my lovedvone, the deed has been done already but I’ll tell whoever it was not to repeat it again. But why did you ask? Faith asked.

“Never mind, Favor replied and a tear dropped from her eyes.
“Hey, are you crying because of what I said? Faith asked and she sniffed.

“Not that, you’ve made your point and i like it, She replied and laid down to sleep.
“Hey sis you’re making Me scared, what ever is the problem please talk to me, Faith said.

“Am fine please, I just want to be alone, Favour replied and Faith slowly left her alone.

Palesa arrived home and got inside her room crying her eyes out as everything Anastasia told her replayed in her ears.
She looked around her room and saw pictures of her parents happily smiling, she shook her head knowing she’s just a stranger.

“I need to prove this, I need to know who I really am, she said cleaning her face and left to her dad room.
She met him sleeping and went over to his dressing mirror, picked a few strands of hair from his brush and left the house immediately.

Jason saw her drove out and wondered where she’s going to, he wanted following her but he decided not to.
“But why is she acting strange whenever I bring Hope up? Too bad i can’t get her out of my mind, He said to himself and sat down on the bed weakly as he didn’t know what to do next.

His phone vibrated and he saw it was a video call from his pal in the states,
“Hey what’s up, his friend asked.
“Good good, Jason replied.

‘Why is your face looking like you’ve been fked up? Where’s your girlfriend? He asked.
“She’s not my girlfriend, Jason replied.

“Okay soon to be because that’s what she do tell us….. Oh I think I’ve said too much, He said tightening his lips and Jason smiled.
“She’s a friend and she will always be a friend, Jason replied.

“Jason are you sure you’re alright? His friend calmly asked.
“Honestly i don’t know if i am alright guy, I met a girl over here but i can’t talk to her. Palesa gets mad whenever i bring her up and I don’t know what to do, Jason replied.

“Gosh what’s really her problem? The way she acts around you scks! Sometimes we wonder why you still keep her around, he said.
“She’s a good girl Fred and my mom best…….. “Best friend daughter and stop repeating it. You have your life dude, she must not detect it for you. Go after what you want and fk whatever she may say, Fred said.

“okay okay, calm down Fred alright I’ve heard you. How Is my mom? Jason asked.
“She’s fine, i just wanted to check on you anyway, Fred replied.

“Thanks man, I’ll call you up in the evening, Jason said.
“Yoh we will be having a party tonight, don’t worry I’ll get you connected, Fred replied laughing.

“I’ll be waiting then, have fun, bye, Jason said and dropped the call…………

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