SCARLETS SEASON 2: Episode 51-The End


(Surely you can’t be mine)


(I’ll speak)

Season two episode 51

#Aurora’s POV

I woke up with a heavy headache.
Stepping out of my bed I walk inside the bathroom.

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, staring at myself.
I fixed my strawberry shortcake bang and did my morning routine before leaving the bathroom again.

I just hope that Arielle’s plan works.
I just want to get pass all of this drama, its becoming a burden to me.

I slowly climb down the stairs hearing chattering from the sitting room.
The maids were cleaning.

They come early in the morning to clean then leave late in the evening.

It’s really difficult of me to say that I rarely talk to them.
It’s really funny.

“Good morning,” I greeted but they weren’t responding.
They were quiet even when I repeated myself so I left.

I walk inside the kitchen to see Mrs Russell handling the breakfast.

“Good morning ma’am,” I greeted.

“Good morning young lady, how was your night?” She asked and I chuckled.

“It was fine ma’am,”

“Can I help you with anything?” I asked, glancing around the kitchen for something I could possibly do.

“Nothing to worry about dear, just help me and call the boys. Breakfast is ready.” She said and I smiled lightly.

She really is a whole mood.

I walk out of the kitchen and saw a maid quickly walking away from the kitchen’s door.

Was she eavesdropping on my conversation with Mrs Russell? And why?

Something fishy is going on in this house and I need to figure out what it is before the time’s up.

I rushed upstairs to my room and quickly dialed Arielle’s number.

“When do we go there? I’m having a very bad feelings this morning,” I said and he sigh.

“After breakfast, my stomach needs food.” She said and hanged up.

I sighed and walk out of my room.
I firstly knocked on Liam’s door and told him about breakfast then I walk off to Barley’s.

My chest keeps pounding and i fill a sense of nervousness.

Why am I even getting nervous anyway.

I knocked on this door after so many failed attempts.
The door opened revealing only his face.

“Good morning, breakfast is ready,” I told him.

Pretty more easier than I taught.

I knocked on Dian’s door and await for him to open up.

The door opened and Dian came into view, already wearing an all black Sudan.

“Good morning babe,” he greeted and pulled me into a kss which I gladly reciprocated.

I broke the kss and chuckled.

“Mrs Russell’s breakfast is ready,” I mumbled .
He grabbed my hand and led me towards the door of everyone of them.

After knocking on all of their rooms doors I walk back downstairs.

I took my seat at the dinning table and await the arrival of the boys.

The sweet smells from the food makes my nose flare up.

My stomach growl as Mrs Russell opened the chicken Alfredo.

Dian sat beside me after greeting Mrs Russell.

The boys started coming downstairs one after the other.

We ate dinner silently and my mind keep wandering around.
The thought that I’ll be facing my mom today alone without any backup except Arielle makes me grit my teeth.

Why can’t that woman just make things more perfect for me?


“What are you planning Arielle,” I asked her and she shrugged casually.
Paying the cab man she looked around us.

“What did you tell Dian?” She asked.
Of course it was a war to get Dian allow me come here.

He bluntly refused at first, after much pleading and sweet words from me he allowed me.

“Nothing you have to know,” I replied and she rolled her eyes.

“Excuse us Sir, we’re here to see Martha mamman.” We said to the police officer.

He pointed at the back and I took slow steps towards her.

“Mom?” I called and she quickly stood up.

“My child, Aurora. You’ve come to save me right.” She queried.

“I wish I had,” I mumbled.

“Why did you do it mom, who sent you?” I asked.

The plan is to emotionally blackmail her into responding to my questions.

She was quiet so I just have to start the game.

“Who sent you Mom?”

” Who sent me shouldn’t be your damn concern. Amelia threatened to kill you,” she said and I quickly look up.


“Only if I don’t confess,” she muttered under her breath but I heard it.

“Great! You never valued me, If you did you wouldn’t have killed someone’s child we won’t be dealing with your mess,” I snapped angrily.

“Aurora, my dea….”

“Now my life is being threatened because of you, tell me the person that sent you mom.” I said.

“Din make things hard for me, how can any sensible mother watch her child in pain? You’re h0rrible!” I yelled.

“My child….”

“No I’m not your child, I hate you so much now.” I said and spatted on her.

“I’ll….I will tell you who it is,” she stuttered while I wait for her answer.

“Come on Mom, I got you,” I cooed.
I don’t care about her at the moment all I want is to know the truth.

“She…she’s Mabel Malik,” she stuttered and I frozen on the spot.


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