DADDY’S SPOILT BRAT: Episode 21-The End

? Daddy’s Spoilt Brat ?
(A bet on her )

Written by Blês Sîng

?Episode Twenty-One ?


I woke up by the sound of my phone.
I yawned tiredly as I stretched my hand toward the nightstand..
I picked my phone and checked the Caller ID to see who is calling me early this one..

Oops,A private number
But who could that be.I wondered..
I quickly pressed the answer button and placed it on my ear..

“Hello”I heard a female voice…

“Hello ,please who is this “I asked

“I’m officer Sera,Am I speaking to Miss Cali Salvador”She asked

“Yes,How may I help you “I replied still wondering why she is called me..

“Okay Miss Cali,we are the one that is on the case of the maid we arrested yesterday and she confessed to us who sent her,then we have caught the person who is about to travel out of this state this morning”She said and I quickly got up from the bed.

“Oh my goodness,are you serious”.
I asked to be sure of what I heard

“Yea,can you come to our station”She asked

“Yes,yes,I will be on there “I said happily..

“Okay bye”the call ended

This is unbelievable..

When is Ryan

“Ryan,Ryan”I called as I quickly walked out of my room to meet Ryan in the room he slept last night,

I knocked on the door
No reply,

Where Is he
I knocked again,no reply
I opened the door and walked in but did not meet anyone there..

Where could he be
“Ryan Ryan “Still no reply

I rushed to the bathroom and opened the door,
He is not there..

Oops,maybe he has gone home to prepare for school.
I will be the only one at home today ..
Too bad

I sighed as i walked out of the room.

Let me go and check on dad

I walked to the direction of dad room and when I got there
I saw the bodyguard I assigned to stay on dad door and not to allow any maid in…

“Good Morning Ma’am “He greeted when he saw me.

“Morning Den “I said as i opened the door and walked inside..

Ryan is here with Doc Ben

“Good morning “I greeted..

“Oh,Cali you are here already,How was your night”Ryan said walking toward me..

“Not too bad”I replied as I gave out a tight smile..

“Good morning Miss cali”Doc Ben greeted

“Morning Doc ,How is my Dad doing”I asked looking at Dad direction to see him still sleeping..
“He’s getting Better,the medication has improved,When he wake up,he will be healthy”Doc Ben said

“Okay Doc,thanks”I said

“You are welcome,and don’t forget to give him some food when he wakes up”He said

“No problem Doc”

“I will come and check on him later in the day “he said packing his stuff inside his bag..

Doc Ben has been out family Doctor since when I was a child,so I don’t have any reason to be afraid about Dad condition..
I know dad condition is going to get Bette according to what he said ..

“Okay, I will take my leave “Doc Ben said

“Thank you Doc “I said

“You are welcome”and with that he opened the door and walked out..

I smiled as I watched dad still sleeping and snoring Soundly

I turned back to Ryan .

“Ryan the cops have caught tbe real culprit”i said

“Really”he asked.

“Yeah,and we should get ready and go there,oops too bad ,you are going to school,i won’t be able to go”I said sadly..

“No,Am gonna stay with you till when your dad get better”He said smiling…

“Thanks Ryan,Thank you very much”I said trying not to sniff..

“Its nothing Cali,Beside forget it okay “He said as he link his hand with mine..
I smiled as I quickly hug him
Without him,
I don’t think I can do this alone..
This is the same guy I slapped and disgraced in the cafeteria on the day of resumption and he is the one that stood by me..

I can’t believe this..
I sniffed on his shoulder and did not realize I’ve been crying .

“It is okay Cali,now let ready “He said as we disengage from the hug……

I quickly planted a kss on his cheek and ran out of the room…

“Cali”I heard him call and I laugh going to my room…

Later in the day
In school


I smiled when I told Ella about the plan
I knew she loves Ryan
But Ryan did not love her Back..

Good thing Ryan is not in school
Could He be with Cali..

Because Cali is not in school..

I kept wondering.
This is so frustrating,
I’m gonna spoil their Friendship and I will use Ella to get what I want..

Maybe I can forcefully have my way with her as I used Ella as a bait..

I smiled again when the plan got stuck in my head ..
“Ella are you sure you can do it”I asked agian to be sure.
“Yes Neo,why not,I do anything to get Ryan ”
She said

Don’t know what is coming your way..
I smirked as i walked out of our hidden palce ..

As for Cali
Just watch your back,
I so much dislike that girl because of her rude behavior and am gonna suffer her.
I will make sure I get in between her l.egs and send her nvdes picture to all the student in Cali High School.
This is gonna humiliate her and she will learn her lesson the hard way..

I got out of the hidden place and met Brian on the way..
“Hey dude “I called.
He turned to my direction

“Neo where have you been,I was looking for you “He said.

“Am not a kid dude,what sup”I said..

“Nothing is sup,let go there cafeteria am hungry”He said as he started walking ahead of me ..

I quiety followed him and we got to the cafeteria and sat on our usual seat then place our order.
We began to eat and continued chatting ..

Cali watch out

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