Episode 31

By: Faith Lucky.

Rodney’s Pov:

I took Megan to the kitchen and kept her by the door while I went ahead to make some coffee for her.

“Should I make it less sugary?” I asked but didn’t get any reply from her. “Megan?” I called and turned to look at her and saw her trying to stand up from the wheelchair.

SEARCHING FOR JOCELYN : EPISODE 31 – 40. Thingscouplesdo

But she screamed and fell on the floor and I ran to her immediately.

“Megan! What are you doing?” I asked as I carried her up from the floor and kept her back on the wheelchair.

She was already in tears.

“What were you doing Megan?” I asked again and she buried her face in my chest, still crying.

“I’m sorry Rodney, but I’m tired of all these. I’m tired of being moved around like a log. I’m stressing everyone; I’m stressing you. But I don’t want it to be this way. I want to make use of my legs again. I’m tired Rodney” she whimpered and I held her cheeks passionately.

“Where do you get such thoughts from, Megan?” I asked.

“Whoever told you you were stressing me? Huh? We’re friends okay? And it’s my responsibility to be here for you. I’m here because I want to.

“And about your legs, don’t worry, I promise you you’ll be fine. The doctor said in a few days, you’ll be able to walk again. so, don’t worry about it okay?” I said pathetically as I wiped her.her face.

“Okay” she replied tearfully and embraced me.


Audrey’s Pov:

I was walking down the road, headed to a store to get some supplies.

I kept thinking the whole time and prayed a vehicle doesn’t run into me from behind.

I kept thinking of Megan and her selfish plans. Why was she trying to coax

Rodney into her a arms? That wasn’t the right way to fall in love.

I wanted to expose her but felt reluctant since I had no evidence.

Besides, why should I be of help to Mr Rodney after all the mean things he did to me? Maybe it was better he falls in love with Megan, even if it happens the wrong way.

Still on for road, I ran into a woman selling cupcakes and bought one from her.

I was about eating it when I sighted someone important from across the road. Mrs James!

She was about entering her car and I didn’t hesitate to run to her.

“Mrs James!” I called and she turned to look at me.

“Um…good evening ma’am” I greeted and paused to read the expression on her face.

“Evening. How’re you?” She replied and asked, taking a good look at me.

I guess she’d recognise me.

“I’m fine ma’am. Thanks.

“Um…I don’t know if you’ve recognised me, but I’m Audrey and…I was the lady that was being bullied by your daughter the other day in school. But you came in and stood up for me.

So, I just want to say a very big thank you for what you did. I mean, you stood up against your own daughter just for me. That’s incredible. So, I want to thank you for it” I said with a pretty smile and she smiled back at me. “There’s no need for that” she said calmly.

“I only did what was right. But you’re welcome anyway”

She tired going into the car but I stopped her.

“Um…Please Mrs James, accept this cupcake as a token of my appreciation” I said and she collected it from me.

“Thanks” she said and tried going into the car, but I stopped her again.

“Aren’t you eating it?” I asked with a playful grin and see smiled and took a bite from it.

I giggled as I watched her eat and she ended up laughing.

“it’s delicious. Thanks” she told me and opened her car again.

“it was nice meeting you, Audrey” she said with a sweet smile as she got into the car.

“It was nice meeting you too, Mrs James” I replied and heard her turn on the ignition.

She waved at me from the window and took off.


Rodney’s Pov:

I sat in front of Megan who was on a wheelchair as I opened the plate of ice cream.

I took in a spoon of it and fed the other spoon to her.

“So, how’s work, Rodney?” She asked as she awaited me to give her another spoon of the ice cream.

I took a little quantity of the ice cream on the spoon and gave it to her as a litre quantity of it stained on her lips. I cleaned it off and she smiled.

“Well, work’s fine. The company’s moving progressively” I replied. “Hm. So, how does it feel being a manager, huh?”

“Argh! Trust me; it’s cool but not entirelyentirely funny. You have to work stressfully on all those lazy workers”.

She laughed and I continued feeding her with the ice cream.

After a while, I gave the plate to her and stood up to get something from the table. Immediately i turned, I heard Megan dropping something and I turned to see the ice cream plate falling on the floor and Megan was trying to stand on her feet. “Megan, no. What are you doing?”

“Hold on Rodney; I think I can feel my legs”.

I rushed to her immediately and supported her back.

She held on to the chair firmly and slowly, she weakly stood but fell back on the chair again.

She took in a deep breath and tried doing it again and this time around, she was able to stand on her feet. Tears filled her eyes.

She looked at me who was also looking at her with disbelieve and at the same time, happiness.

“Rodney, I…I can walk! I can walk!” She screamed and jumped on me and I held her firmly to myself, making sure her feet was touching the floor. “I can walk Rodney” she said again, shaking my shirt with tears.

I didn’t know what to say as I was overwhelmed with happiness.

I kssed her cheek and still didn’t let go of her. For me, it was like a dream come true.

Finally, my conscience would be clear. Megan was able to walk away and it was like an answer to my prayers.


Audrey’s Pov:

I sat impatiently in the sitting room, waiting for Leo to come down with the books he promised.

He had been driving me home from school when I started complaining of some books I needed and that was when he changed direction and started taking me to his house. He told me he had the books at home and was willing to give them out to her.

Well, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea because I was scared of meeting Rodney. But I had no other option since Leo wouldn’t change his mind. I couldn’t tell why he enjoyed spending more time with me.

I looked at the time – 5 pm. I was supposed to report to work in an hour and time was so not on myself.

I looked at the stairs which he had taken to his room, but there was no sign of him.

Where the h’ll could he be? And none of the maids were coming around.

I felt I had wasted enough time and needed to go check on him myself and after a little reluctance, I took the stairs.

I walked carefully on it and it brought me to a stunning corridor with few rooms in It. I suddenly felt nervous. Was I doing the right thing?

I walked to the first room on the right and noticed the door was locked.

Then, I walked over to the second room and knocked lightly on it. I knocked again

and surprisingly, Megan opened up.


She stared at me with surprise and stood by the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” She asked peskily and I couldn’t give her a reply immediately.

I was confused and wondered why she was there In the room.

Who’s room was it anyway?

“Have you gone deaf?” She snarled.

“I asked a question. What are you doing here?”

“I…I’m just…I’m sorry, I was looking for Leo’s room” I stuttered and gulped down nothing.

“Oh, really? You’re looking for Leo’s room over here? Are you blind?” She asked.

“Megan, what’s going on?” I heard a familiar voice in the room and Rodney showed up immediately.

Tears quickly came my eyes.

So, it was his room?


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