She’s the one,Odette!???

???Season two????
???Chapter one????



“I’m right here.” Odette said and came out from her hide out.

She hasn’t remove her mask even she has already braided her hair into one. She took some steps forward.

“Don’t Odette.” Flower whispered since Odette was the only that heard her voice,she stopped walked while staring at kyle.

Kyle didn’t remove his steady gaze,he was curious and scared. His guards weren’t around that’s what scared him most. Odette wanted to walk up to him and tell him to stay away from him but flower asked her not to move further.

“Please don’t,if you go to him now you wouldn’t be able to stop him. He’ll make sure to keep you save but remember,I don’t wanna lose you Odette.” Flower whispered in a choked voice.

“Who are you? Kyle asked and took a step forward.

“Don’t move closer…don’t.” Odette said.

“Why are you avoiding me? I’m not going to hurt you,please let me.” Kyle pleaded.

The darkness wasn’t helping the situation,Odette wasn’t far from the tree. If not because of the moon light kyle won’t be able to see her shadow.

“Stop looking for me OK? Odette said and turned back.

“You think I’m gonna give up on you? No,now that I’ve found you I swear I won’t let you go. I didn’t know who you are but I won’t hide the fact that I want you.” Kyle muttered before he could control himself.

“Sir kyle we couldn’t find the lady.” Drake yelled. Kyle abruptly turned back and stared at Drake for a while.

“Don’t worry,I found her. She’s right there.” Kyle pointed out without looking. His guards were speechless because he was pointing at a big tree.

“Sir kyle there is no one. Who are you talking about.” They moved closer to him.

Kyle turned his head aside but Odette wasn’t there anymore. She has escaped again,well she just used the opportunity she’s got to escape.

“But she was there few minutes ago. I’m pretty sure she’s somewhere around her.” Kyle Mumbled while walking toward the tree but Drake held him back.

“Sir please let’s go,it getting cold please don’t wait outside for her in the cold or you might get a fever. Guards let’s go.” Drake ordered and begged kyle to follow them who kept looking back.

“But she was there…

“Maybe you might be hallucinating,no one wss there except you.” They walked into the mansion. Tim,Raymond,Owen,Scott and Harry were waitimg for kyle in the living room. Immediately he left Scott woke up and used the restroom. He remembered what he wanted to tell kyle so he made his way towards his room but he wasn’t there. He woke others and let them know that kyle wasn’t in the mansion anymore. He ordered some guards to look for him.

“Where have you been kyle? Tim glared at him but he ignored him totally and went to his room.

They stood up and walked after him.

“How could you do that kyle? It very dangerous to leave the mansion in the day let alone in the midnight. Are you sure you are in your right mind,you’ve be acting strange lately. Is anything in your mind that is bothering you? Just tell us and let us solve it together. We’re brothers right? We shouldn’t hide anything away from each other.” Raymond snorted and contracted his lips into frown.

“Kyle say something.” Owen muttered and walked towards him.

Kyle was perplexed,he didn’t know if they’re going to believe him or not but he’s ready to tell them everything.

“Are you alright? It’s seems like you’re having a fever.” Scott held his hands which was getting red because he had stayed in the cold for too long.

“Tim get his drugs now.” Raymond said and walked toward the stool and grabbed a bottle of water. Shortly,Tim came back with a box of first aid he has got from his room. He placed it on the bed and opened it. Kyle was constantly sneezing and coughing because he’s allergic to cold.

“Sorry,take this.” Raymond handed his drugs and the bottle of water.

He swallowed the drugs and gulped down in a bit.

“I found her but I didn’t see her face.” Kyle divulged and they arched their brows while staring at him with confused expression.

“What do you mean?

“I’m talking about the anonymous singer,I’ve been hearing her voice when I came back from Thailand,but she kept running away whenever she sees me. Her voice woke me from my beauty sleep so I decided to look for her in the bush. I saw her but still ran away when she heard Drake voice.” Kyle divulged and laid in the bed and he patted his hand together and placed his head on it.

“Did she tell you her name.” Raymond was hoping.

“Yeah…nope,she was about to tell me then drake came out and ruined it all.” With a disappointed look,Raymond cursed underneath.

“Dmn it!

“Maybe we still have a chance.” Scott uttered.

“I’m hoping,I’m hoping she reconsider and help us.” Owen said jokily.



I watched as he left the bush then I came out of my hide out. I felt so sad and I don’t know why. Wait! Is he going to accept me when he get to know my secret,would he ever accept me.

No! I don’t think so,he was frightened when he saw me there is no way he’s going to accept me. Maybe flower is right,I shouldn’t get close to him. He might hates me and disclose my secrets. I’m just going to stay away from him that for his best because I don’t want to hurt him. He looks so innocent to me and…

I returned home and entered my room through the window. I locked it and let the curtains down as I slumped in the bed while counting the ceilings.

I closed my eyes and slept off immediately.


?The next day?

“Tik-tok…tik-tok…pss…pss. Wake up Odette,the sky is awake,you’ve to be awake.” Kendra yelled in my ear and I sprang out from the bed.

“Jeez! Kendra.” I yelled back.

“Sorry honey,get ready for school.” She is still in her pyjamas.


“50 minutes late.” She said and went out.

“Such a crazy sister.”

“I heard you Odette.” She yelled.

“I don’t care anyways.”

“I heard that too.” She shouted.

I stood away from the bed,grabbed the towels and let my hair down. I used my eyes to opened the closet and brought my dresses out. It laid on the bed on it own as I walked inside the bathroom. I had a cold bath and washed my hair.

I walked out and put on my dresses. I arranged my hair and packed it in a French style,I can’t wait for Kendra so I do it on my own as I grabbed my backpack and stalked out of the room. No hoddie and hair pin just Odette. Real me!

“Gotcha! Kendra blurted out and I stepped backward. She won’t stop grinning like a kid as we walked out.

We hop in the car and she drove out. The car suddenly came to a halt as we stepoed out and we went on our separate ways.

“Hey Odette.” Mitchell waved her hands and I walked up to her,I sat beside her. Students kept murmuring while staring at me with the corner of their eyes.

“Kyle and his member won’t attend music class today.” Mitchell said and I rolled my eyes. Do I look like I care about them?

“Okay.” I muttered after a long silence. Few hours after the lecture Mitchell decided to get something in the cafeteria. She walked out and I stood up and walked out too.

? she looks like a snow white

? oh my! She’s beautiful,I love her hair color it’s just like Darlene too but she’s more beautiful than Darlene. Darlene isn’t her match.

Students kept murmuring as I walk pass them with my head down trying to avoid their cameras which kept flashing on me.

? she’s got a killer curve! Will you be my girlfriend?

? she’s a goddess!

? …

I ran away then I saw a room,the door was slight opened. I pushed it back and it came to my view. Everywhere was a little bit dark. I didn’t bother to turn on the light,I kept on walked on the stage. How does it feel to sing on the stage? I asked myself.

I closed my eyes and sang.

?~oh I hold some days,even if it takes some nights.

?~I’m still going to stay…

I kept on singing,suddenly I heard footsteps walking towards the door. I ran toward the second door and tried to open it but it doesn’t work.

I twisted the doorknob then kyle entered,he couldn’t see me because of the darkness.

“Please open.” I twisted the door. I can’t use my power or else I’m just going to destroy the door and create a scene.

“Darn it! Just open you door.” He was quiet far from me,I’m at the edge so it’ll be very hard to see me.


(?_?)Sneak peek from the next chapter(?_?)

He opened the door,she came to his view. She was staring at him and he also did the same with his mouth slight open.

“Oh my God! He covers his mouth with his hands.

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