By Gracey

Episode 1

Bekky looked at the clock for the third time wishing for time to stop so that she could finish preparing dinner before her husband comes home. She has been working since morning that she couldn’t finish cooking on time.
“Oh God please send traffic jam from above to delay my husband where ever he is now so that I can finish cooking this food because I am really not ready for his wahala this …….”
Before she could conclude her prayers she heard sound of a car driving in side their compound. She ran and peeped through the window.
“Speaking of the devil”
Walking majestically out of the car was Lawrence with two of his friends
“Oh my God!
I am in hot soup today, what will I tell him now, the worst part of it was that he came with his glutton friends.
Lord, into your hands I commit myself” ??
Bekky prayed and ran back to the kitchen where she awaits her judgment .

Lawrence drove his car inside his compound.
He came out together with his friends who came to have dinner at his house because they believed that the food cooked by Bekky has always been the best. Getting inside the house he met his wife still cooking.

Lawrence: Bekky! Bekky!
Bekky: Honey you are back? welcome. (she went and hugged him not minding his frowned face). “how was work today?” (she asked).
Lawrence: why are you still cooking? what were you doing at home since morning? How many times will I tell you to always prepare dinner before I come home!
Bekky: Honey am really sorry, I was…
Lawrence: You what? Don’t honey me again please, what excuses have you cooked up this time around? What will I tell my friends that came to have dinner here? That the lazy wife I kept at home cooked nothing for her husband who has been working all day.
Bekky: Tell them to go and eat else where please, I am not their cook.

Lawrence: you are not their cook but you are my cook, I own you???
Bekky: you do not own me please, what do you take me for? An iron that don’t ever get tired, I have been working since morning too. Please try to understand me.
Lawrence: Understand you? what is there to understand? I do the work here, I earn the money, I stopped you from working because I want to be the one providing for all your needs and that of the kids and the least you can do for me is just take care of us but you have proven to be an ungrateful being, I don’t blame you, its because you don’t know how hard it is to make money in this recession.
“Now listen, I give you ten minutes to finish and serve us, if not… I will show you the stuff I am made up of stupid woman”
He thundered and stormed out of the kitchen
Bekky: God help me.
she started doing everything fast to avoid the second world war.???

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