UNBROKEN : Episode 1 – The End


Episode 1

By Amah’s Heart.

The land was taken and controlled by the uncircumcised Philistines.
They tortured the poor and take over their land. They were stronger and much more than the Israelites.
Nobody could rescue them from the hands of the Philistines because everyone was afraid.

They beseech God and cried out their anguish but he was silent.
They felt helpless and accepted their fate as it comes.

There was a couple from the tribe of Dan, in Israel.
They lives within the town and were well to do but they had no child.
They were later promised a child after a long time of childlessness.
They hanged onto this promise without weavering.
But as another year came and went still no sign, their worries grew and so was their desperation.

Ever since they got married they had wanted a child immediately but none came no matter how they tried.

The woman was getting older in age and so was the man.
They couldn’t wait any longer.
They worship the God of the Israelites and had trusted him greatly for this miracle.
They have offered different sacrifice in the temple of Jah.
Presented different offering to the levites who officiate in the temple.
They have followed all Jewish law and prayers and done alot of “ghezy” which is giving to the poor and those in need.

They usually pick the best from their flocks, the best from their farm products the best of their grapevines to present at the temple.
They purchase one of the quality leather from the Egyptian market and give it to the best sandals and belt maker.
Who will make beautiful belts and sandals out of it which they will present to the levites as a gift.

The levites prays for them often and even go on fasting for their sakes.

They saw that the couple’s had a heart of giving not just because they needed a child.

Manoah was the name of the man and his wife was called Zorah.
The priest and levites assured them that God will smile on them soon.
Despite all of this promises none of it came to past.

They were almost concluding that God will never remember them until a day came.

Zorah, Manoah’s wife was quietly milking her goats alone in a shelter.
She was speaking quietly to her self as she went about her duty.
She asked her female servants not to disturb, she wanted to be alone.

Zorah was praying and crying quietly to God without making a noise.

As she was doing this, she suddenly heard a voice behind.
She startled in fear as she turned to see who was the person.

Zorah fell to the ground in terror. She couldn’t see the face of the man that stood in a magnificent clouded light around him.
He wore white and his feet did not get to the ground.
He had a shining sword in his hand as everything around him shone Cristal light.

The man said with an echoing voice to Zorah.

“Your tears and supplication has reached the heavens and I have been sent today to give you this news. You will conceive of a son and bring him forth at the right time. His hair must not be cut, he will be dedicated to God from birth. So be very careful all through your pregnancy for you will neither take any wine that has alcohol in it nor eat any forbidden or unclean food. This son of yours will be the strongest in the land and he will rescue the Israelites from the Philistines. Remember his hair must never be cut, for his strength lies within his hair and it must not be touched. Remember to harken to this warning because soon you will be called a mother and you must teach your son the right way even as he grows. More children will be born to you and your husband after him. This was the message I was sent from above to deliver to you this day…

Suddenly the man disapeared.

Zorah was shaking in fear as she took to her heels.
She ran off shouting her husband’s name

When Manoah heard his wife’s call, he assumed something must be wrong.
He looked out and saw her speeding feet and sweety body rushing towards him.

He came out and grabbed her, she fell into his arms and couldn’t speak out immediately. She was panting so hard.

“What is the problem Zorah, did you see a ghost? What happened to you…

Manoah asked with a concerned tone while trying to calm his wife down.
Zorah started moving inside and he followed.
When she was sure that they were alone, she began to speak.

“While I was at the shelter milking the goats, a very strange man appeared to me. He was terrifying to look at…he looks like one of God’s angels but I didn’t ask him where he came from or what was his name and he didn’t tell me. I was so afraid that I couldn’t look into his face. He told me that I will become pregnant and I will give birth to a son. He said I have to be careful…I must not drink wine or any alcoholic drink nor eat any forbidden food. He said that the son I will born will be dedicated to God from birth and he will rescue Israelites from the hands of the Philistines….

Manoah, was shocked at the news. He knew his wife can’t be joking with something like that.

He ran to the shelter were the man appeared but he saw nobody.

Manoah couldn’t sleep that night as he kept wondering all the things the wife told him.

The following day he did not stop thinking even until the fifth day of the week.

Manoah couldn’t hold it in anymore so he prayed.

” Oh God of heavens, I have no doubt that you have sent somebody to a nobody like us to give us such a wonderful message concerning the son that will be born to us. I believe every message and your servant is humble over how you took pity on us. All I asked this day is that you will be merciful to us again and let this man of God that appeared to my wife to return back to us again and give us more instructions concerning this son who is going to be born….

Manoah prayed all through that day and the following day but the angel did not appear to him.

One day while Zorah was alone in the field which was beside their house, gathering grain and singing praise to God the same man appeared to her.

Manoah, Zorah’s husband was not with her. He was in the house when the man of God appeared to his wife again.

“, Please sir, be merciful and stay here let me run and fetch my husband from the house.

Zorah quickly ran off to the house to call her husband.

“Hurry and come with me… the man of God that appeared to me the other day is here. He came to me while I’m in the field. I begged him to wait so that I can run down to inform you because I know how you have prayed to God to send the same man again…

Manoah and Zorah ran off to the field to meet with the angel who was still waiting.

The angel was sitting on a rock in the field like an ordinary man. There was no sparkle or glory around him like the first time he appeared.
When Manoah saw him he thought he was just God’s messenger who traveled down from another City to deliver the message to them.
He never knew that he was an angel because he didn’t see anything special like his wife has described him earlier.

“Pardon my Inquisitiveness my Lord but are you the same man that appeared and spoke to my wife many days ago?

“,Yes, i am!
The man replied.

“I know the Lord must have sent you. You are probably a prophet or a man from a faraway city. I hope your journey wasn’t so stressful? Please when this son is finally born to us what kind of rules should govern the boy’s life and work?

The angel replied
“Make sure your wife follows all the instructions I gave her. She must not eat grapes, raisins, drink wine or any alcoholic drink. She must not eat any forbidden food….

Manoah nodded to all that the man was saying.
He later said to the man of God

“Please stay here, don’t leave yet because you must be tired and hungry from your journey. Wait here let me quickly prepare a fine meal with a young goat so that you can have something to eat before you go.

“I will stay, but I will not eat anything. you may prepare a burnt offering as a sacrifice to the Lord.

Manoah agreed to do so.

“Please what is your name and where do you live so that when all of this come to past we will be able to locate you and present a gift to honor you.

Manoah didn’t know he was speaking to the angel of God but his wife knew within her that he was an angel even though he has seem like an ordinary man today but she was certain of what she saw the first day he appeared.

“Why do you seek to know my name or where I live? is all of this difficult for you to understand? I have given you the instructions as it was sent. Go ahead and carry on with whatever you want to do. I will sit here and wait until is done.

Manoah left to prepare the burnt offering as the man of God has instructed.

He wondered why his wife believe is an angel when all he saw was just an ordinary man.
He also wondered why the man kept going to his wife with the message from God but never came to him direct as the man of the house that he is.
He hopes all that the man said will come true.

He went on his way to prepare the young goat for the man of God.

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