“Can we go now? I’ve checked my timetable and I don’t have any lecture this morning. So could you please give me a tour around the college?,” I heard Ivy say. Looking up at her, I couldn’t hide my stunned look. Hey! I have to admit it. My sister in-law is a beauty goddess.

Just wearing simple top and shorts with beautiful sneakers to complete the dressing yet I’m sure she will make the college boys go gaga about her. Seriously I already feel pity for my brother. His lady has the complete curves to spike love rivals.

“Brad why are you looking at me like that? Do I have to change or something?,” Ivy asked looking at her clothes. I stood up and shook my head immediately,“ No, you are fine. Let’s go. I’ll show you lots of places and people. Especially people you should avoid.”

SHE STOLE HIS HEART : EPISODE 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

She was about to say something when the door opened and a lady came in. “Hey Brad,” she said smiling and waving at me. I waved back and looked back at Ivy only to see her smiling mischievously at me.

“I know what you are thinking Ivy. This is Zara. She’s my cousin,” I immediately said and Zara walked closer staring at Ivy. “Oh my gosh! Brad is this cousin in-law. Woah! She’s so beautiful,” Zara said holding Ivy’s hands happily.

“Hi. I’m Ivy. Nice to meet you,” Ivy muttered smiling at Zara. “I know cousin in-law. I’m so sorry I missed your wedding. I had impromptu exams. But now that you are here, we can catch up. I heard that you are also in the same department as I,” Zara chattered happily.

God! Once this girl start talking, she won’t stop. “Zara we have to show her around remember. So let’s get going,” I cut in their conversation. As we walked out, I could hear her asking Ivy,“Is my cousin treating you well?” I shook my head. She’s so inquisitive.


I laughed at what Zara said as we walked towards the cafeteria to have lunch break. I’ve had a wonderful time with them and it’s so nice.

“Brad loved to come over to stay in our house alot because of my sister beautiful friends… They ended up asking him so dress up like a girl,” Zara said and I laughed again. Brad glared at her,“I was young then Zara. And of course as any teenage boys I liked those beauties.”

“He’s such a Playboy like his brother,” I said and Zara looked at me. “You know. How do you cope with his behavior?” A beautiful redhead passed beside us and greeted Brad who winked at her. I shook my head. This is like the nth girl that has greeted Brad today. He’s really popular in this college.

“He doesn’t dare to flirt with any other lady anymore. My husband knows what I can do,” I whispered to Zara and she giggled.

When we entered the cafeteria, Brad and Zara asked me to pick a table saying they would go get our lunch.

I scanned the area and got nervous noticing that all the boys attention were focused on me and their companions the girls were glaring at me.

I lowered my gaze immediately and chose a seat hurriedly without even looking if it’s occupied or not. I could feel someone glaring at me, that’s why I looked up. A blonde dressed as a bimbo was glaring at me. Apparently the guy sitting beside her was staring at me.

I stood up hurriedly and said,“Sorry I didn’t notice the seats were already occupied.” “Why would you notice wench when all you want to do is seduce guys?,” the blonde answered immediately and I looked at her wondering what I’ve done wrong.

The guy stared at her and said,“Loli don’t be so rude. She’s obviously a fresher. You shouldn’t talk to people anyhow.”

So her name is Loli. Such a stupid name. Just then, Zara came over holding a tray. She noticed the tense atmosphere and hurriedly led me away. “Did Loli try to get into a fight with you?,” she asked as we walked towards Brad.
“Who is she? What’s her relationship with that guy,” I asked Zara ignoring her question.

“Well that bch is Loli. She’s one of the people you should avoid in this college. I heard her family are into gold mines. She’s rude, disrespectful and very proud. Wait till you meet her friends, you will understand what I’m saying. Cause Loli is the least troublesome one among them,” Zara said and I turned to look at Loli. So she’s part of the popular girls squad that cause oppression and trouble everywhere they go.

“And that guy is Liam. He’s the provost’s son. He’s one of the most chased after guys in this school. Though he’s never dated before. Usually behave coldly towards ladies except Loli. Cause they are childhood friends. Rumour has it that Loli has a deep crush on him. That’s why you should also avoid him,” Zara continued.

I saw the way Loli was laughing at him earlier. The rumour is possibly true about her liking him. Zara said Liam behaves coldly towards girls. But he seemed different when scolding Loli earlier. Wasn’t he supposed to scold me instead?

We sat down and I dug into my yummy lunch. My phone vibrated and I saw a message from Brian reminding me to use my medicines on time. I smiled and touched the necklace around my neck. I already removed my ring and put it on the new necklace Brian bought for me. Just to avoid questions, I want to keep a low profile.

I miss him so much. Zara giggled and looked at me,“Is the message from cousin?” I blushed and removed my hand immediately not answering. Brad laughed at my reaction.


Unknown pov
Liam couldn’t concentrate on what Loli was saying any longer. It was like she was just squeaking like a rat. He wondered who the lady he saw earlier was. He’s never seen her before.

She was just like a breath of fresh air. She was so beautiful to him despite her lack of makeup. Liam didn’t usually show reaction to ladies like that. But there’s just something different about her. He turned and glanced at the table she was staying. He was just in time to see the beautiful smile on her face as she read something on her phone.

He looked back at his untouched lunch and Loli that was still chattering. What the heck is happening to him?
[Provost is the head of a college or University]


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