SHE’S THE ONE : Episode 21 – The End


Episode 21

Steve eyes pop out of its sockets seeing the same Bella that called him few minutes ago telling him that she’s in danger watching a TV program crossing her legs on the table laughing out so hard.
Steve couldn’t believe his eyes, he walked slowly to Bella reducing the speed he came with.

He walked slowly like a new born baby to her.
Bella laughed real hard knowing that she has succeeded in tricking Steve.
The confused expression could be easily read on Steve face.
“Honey? Steve called slowly
“Yes baby “she replied
“I thought you cal……
“Shhhhhh,” Bella placed her finger on his lips telling him not to say something.
“I only wanted to surprise you
“Or don’t you like surprises?
Steve only stood like a deaf and dumb goat all because of love seeing how Bella played him, he decided that he will do to her the same thing too.
Bella walked away slowly so seductively walking into her room and Steve understood what the signal and the surprise Bella talked about mean.
He walked slowly and entered the room, soon clothes were flying from the bed to the floor exposing Bella s*xy body.
The house was soon filled with m0ans and sweet scent coming from Bella room.
Bella enjoyed that moment as never before, she closed her eyes and allowed Steve to do the working while she was only doing the practical by letting out the m0ans.

After the second round they laid feeling exhausted and staring at each other.
“Baby, I love you “Bella said
“I Love you more sweetheart “he replied k!ssing Bella in the lips.
Just then his phone vibrated, he picked it up and saw the tracking device showing red.
He smiled and stood up knowing that Jenny is at work. He dressed up and k!ssed Bella goodbye and left.

Jenny Adams placed a call to his spy, he picked up on first beep.
“Hello ma,
“yeah spider, what’s up with our plan?
“I will forward everything to him soon and before we take the plan B ”
“Okay, better do it fast “he said and end up the call.
Meanwhile, all this while Steve was listening to their conversation in his house with the help of the tracking device, he smiled knowing what Jenny is up to something.
Just then a multimedia message entered his phone displaying Bella picture and Jerald in the picture hugging each other.
Steve mode change into an angry one just then he recall Jenny conversation telling her client to work fast.
He smiled knowing that it’s Jenny’s plan trying to separate him and Bella.

Alex has been trying to persuade Jenny Anderson to come to his house but she kept on turning Alex request down.
Alex knew that she’s really disturbed thinking that he will make the move but he didn’t so he decided to do it the other way.

Jennifer Anderson was still in her house when a knock sounded on the door, she rushed to open the door she was surprised to see Alex standing there flashing her a smile and he heart beat increased.
She ushered Alex in which he entered viewing the environment and then smiled at her.
“you have a nice place dear “he voiced out
“Thanks dear “she replied smiling
“What can I offer you dear?
Just as she asked that, Alex kneel down before her and she was surprised thinking whether there’s something wrong.
“It’s just your heart that I’m in need of.
“I want you to offer me your heart and I promise to take good and proper care of it.
Jenny was stunned her voice failed her, her legs tremble and her lips was moist she was even battling with tears.
She found herself hugging Alex really tight.
Finally finally what she has been waiting for has finally come.
“My heart is all yours dear “she replied and Alex stood up and embrace her tightly.

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