THE WEDDING : Episode 11 – 20

{Can I love you}

By Sherry
Episode 11

Rose quickly got up and took someone’s bicycle following the car in a high speed.
She didn’t think about herself, she just wanted to take her baby back.
Nigel saw her coming and asked the driver to increase his speed too, but he feared for her life.
Rose lost them so she kept driving and crying, she yelled so loud like a mad woman.
She didn’t notice a car coming, they collided and she fell hard.
The driver who turned out to be Harry, quickly got down and carried her unconscious body to a nearby hospital.
He waited patiently at the reception, he never thought he’d see her again.
But he likes her just the first time he saw her, who wouldn’t fall for such a beautiful lady.
The doctor finally came out.
Harry: how is she doctor?
Doctor: She really fell hard and luckily her head injuries are manageable… But
Harry: but what has happened?
Doctor: Well… Her legs, we weren’t getting anything from there so I think she may be paralyzed for a while.
Harry: (Holds his head) Fuck! What have I done?
Doctor: we will have a therapy done for her and it will take like just two months to start feeling her legs.
Harry: Alright doctor… do whatever you need to do.
Can I see her now?
Doctor: Not yet… She’s still asleep and I think she really needs to rest. Perhaps you could wait till next two hours to see her.
Harry: Okay thanks doctor Paul (the doctor nodded and left) this is not happening.
A call came to his phone, he picked up.
Harry: Harry speaking…
Voice: ummm… Hi it’s Cathy… You came to our restaurant yesterday and gave me your card.
Harry: Oh! Hi… I have something to tell you.
Cathy: Me too… Can we meet up?
Harry: Please meet me at the DS hospitals now… It’s urgent.
Cathy: But why you sound tense?
Harry: (sighed) Your friend had an accident.
Cathy: What?! Are you joking?
Harry: She’s at the hospital now… You should come and see for yourself.
Cathy: I’m on my way!
She hangs up and quickly and hailed a cab to the hospital, in ten minutes she was there.
She ran to the reception panicking, Harry walked up to her.
Harry: hey
Cathy: What happened? Where is she?
Harry: She’s resting for now… I didn’t mean to, she ran into me. She was riding too fast as if she is chasing something or someone that she didn’t notice my car coming.
Cathy sat on the chair to catch her breath, this is just too much to take in.
Cathy: How can Nigel do this to her?
Harry: Who’s that?
Cathy: Nigel Owens, her ex husband and the father of her child. He left her and didn’t care about her pregnancy only for him to want the child’s custody, a child he just met yesterday.
Harry: Wow… That’s… complicated.
Cathy: Rose will die without her baby, the hearing is next week and he has come to take the baby till then.
Harry: so she was chasing after him because he has her baby.
Cathy: Yes and that’s the first thing she’ll ask for when she wakes up.
Harry: Have you guys gotten a lawyer yet?
Cathy: That’s why I wanted to see you since you gave me your card yesterday.

Harry: I’m going to help you guys get your baby back… Believe me.

Nigel took the baby who is now awake home still wondering why she didn’t come anymore.
Maybe she just gave up or she’s gone to call the police.
He went in the mansion with Angel only to find his sister Jean in the house watching TV, she got up as soon as she saw him with the baby.

Jean: Nigel where are you coming from with a baby?
Nigel: This is Angel… Rose’s son and my son also.
Jean: Wow… Such an angel, can I hold him please (Nigel gives her the baby who keeps smiling and playing) You’re so cute Angel, you don’t know me so I’ll introduce myself. I’m your aunt Jean Owens, and we have a lot to talk about.
Nigel: He’s such a lively kid even without his mother.
Jean: Where’s his mother anyway and how did you meet her after so many months?
Nigel: I met her yesterday and I met my son, I realized she might not want me near my son and she might run away. So I’m taking custody of the boy.
Jean: What? Nigel are you crazy? Why are you being so selfish and stupid? You just separated a poor baby from his mother! Do you even love him at all?
Nigel: You don’t understand Jean, I have to make her pay for what she did to me by hurting her where it hurts the most.
Jean: Shut up Nigel! You’re so stupid! If you want to have your ‘revenge’ why not use something else rather than use a poor baby because you don’t love him.
Nigel: Don’t say that Jean… I love the baby and his mother, I just can’t help myself.
Jean: You better go make amends and I’m going to call mom and dad. The baby needs some clothes and food, also you’ll have to give me the address or mom’s gonna make you do it. I can’t believe you, I’m so disappointed in you.
Jean leaves with the baby upstairs while Selena comes down with a smile.
Selena: You did well Nigel… Don’t let anyone bring you down.
Nigel: No Selena, I’ve actually made a big mistake and now there’s nothing I can do. I acted without thinking, if she wins I may never see my son again.
Selena: She can’t because you’ve got the best lawyers in the country. Don’t worry yourself my love.
Nigel: I need to be alone (he leaves the house again)
Selena: It’s too late to feel bad Nigel… What’s done is done.
She smiled wickedly and walked to the kitchen area.

Rose didn’t wake up until the next day, she immediately went hysterical because of her baby. But Harry assured her she will have her baby back.
Nigel refused to give her sister the address even when his mother came so they had no choice than to wait for the hearing.
Rose cried everyday and refused to eat because of her baby not even minding her new condition.
The day for the hearing finally came and everyone was present, except Rose which was assumed that she is ignorant of the case.
But it shocked everyone when Cathy brought her in on a wheelchair.
Nigel was more shocked than anyone…
Jean whispered to his ear, “If you lose this…say goodbye to your son and Rose…”

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