SINS OF MY PARENTS : Episode 1 – 10


Episode 1

Rachael looked at her phone once again. It was the hundredth time she was checking time. She glanced at the empty pillow next to her. “Where are you this time of the night Joe? ”she whispered in the silence of the dark room. Her husband had not returned since he told her he was going to visit some friends. That was around 16 hours and now it was 01 am her husband was no where to be seen.
She recalled the moments they spent together before they married, he was so loving and caring. He was always taking her out for dinner, some movies as well as taking walks around the township. She knew from the way he respected her and talked to her on phone most of the time that he was going to love her and be there for her always.
But now here she was a year in her marriage and he had started coming late home. She shed a tear, ”It’s not fair Joe that you treat me this way.”
She slowly sat up from the bed careful not to hurt her baby in her womb, she was heavily pregnant with only weeks towards her due date. She went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, poured some cold water in a glass cup and walked to the living room with one hand holding her belly.
As she sat down she felt her baby kick and she let a smile. “what is it my Angel?” She whispered, “did I wake you too? Am sorry my baby. I know you can feel my sadness. I wish your father was always here for us, but he has chosen another kind of life that leaves the two of us out of his life.” she wiped a tear forming in her eyes when she heard the door opens.
Looking at the wall clock, it was almost 03am. Her husband walked in with a bottle of beer. He looked at Rachael sitted on the dinning chair and shouted, “what are you doing up this time woman?, you don’t know where the bedroom is?” She looked at him and shook her head.” so you come this time and instead of asking how I am or your child, all you do is talk nonsense?

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