THE PRIEST VOW : Episode 1 – 10


Episode 1

By Amah’s Heart.

It was all going smoothly that Saturday, a day different from others. Despite I don’t have a favorite day but ever since I answered the call to be a priest, Saturday has always been special to me.
Is a day I get to meet with the youth and counsel them. Is also a time I take up my chaplain walk to prisons and hospitals. I create time to prepare myself for the priest duties, sacrament and overseeing parish administration ahead of service the following day which is Sunday.

This is not a job for me, is a calling that I grabbed with my whole being. I sold out myself for this work, I took the vow never to derail or indulge in indecency.
I’m a diocesan priest and I have no regret in choosing this part.
I took a vow of celibacy, a vow of obedience and kindness to mankind. I took a vow that in both rich and in poor I will serve like I’m called to do.

I’m married to my priesthood duty, to obediently serve just like Christ did when he was on earth. And that is exactly the step I’m taking.
Nothing of the world interest me, I was never into drinking, smoking, womanizing or any form of worldly merriment. I have lived my life from one seminary school to another until when I was finally made a young priest.
Dedicating my whole being to the good work of God. Youthful pleasure and exuberance has never been part of my personality. I did not just wake up one morning and wanted to be a priest. I have always loved God from a tender age, I had always wanted to be found in his sanctuary, always wanted to draw many people who had lost their ways back to Christ and I try to make sure I keep my distance from anything that will bring shame and disgrace to the house of God and body of Christ.

That is why Saturdays is one of my best day. A day I have to sit and talk to my follow youth, counsel and guide them. A day I get to visit the hospitals, prison with a message of hope.
I’m young and vibrant yet I try not to reason like the world do. I focus on my calling. I was born to serve and I will return home to my heavenly father at any age he feels is right to call me into glory.
I do not own my life, which was why I don’t do things as the world pleases but I allow the holy spirit to lead me right and I have never been misled before or have a doubt about anything ever since my 14years of service to the Lord.

No fear or doubt until that Saturday. Yes, it all began on a Saturday after attending a block rosary within my parish, we had a lot of singing and praying during the block rosary. I don’t live within the parish, I have a house which was not too far from my parish. Two other priest live in a different block close to mine and we always come together to study, pray and visit members together. We don’t allow any female to visit us. If they must, it will have to be in an open place and mostly in the church auditorium not in my house. The bible said in first Corinthians “ so therefore, let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall”

And that was what I try to avoid when I refuse to hold meeting or counselling in my house, instead I meet them in the church.
I have never knew a woman all my life or imagine what being with one will feel like, even before I took up the mantle of priesthood. I hold on to my celibacy and never broke my priesthood vow.

Everybody within and outside my parish knows me as Reverend father James. I’m giving a great measure of respect when my name is been mentioned and the youth listens to every of my counsel and teaching, they try not to derail or follow their flesh desires. Living to please God rather than man.
It has been this way, going so smoothly until this Saturday which started it all.

I was driving home with a normal speed limit and playing one of my ave Maria catholic hymnal when I saw a speeding car in another lane.
The person was running as if he was trying to catch up with an appointment or running from someone.
And at that instant I saw a lady who was running in agony. She was trying to run across the main road.
When I saw what was about to happen, I matched the brake and began to horn for the speeding man to slow down.
I was shouting on top of my voice for the lady to look out and see the danger ahead of her but it was already too late.
The young lady ran into the road without care and was knocked down by the speeding driver.

I screamed out “Jesus” at that instant because everything happened so fast. My heart skipped as the lady lie helplessly on the ground and blood was gushing out of her.
The speeding driver slow down a bit, it was a man and has a cigarette in his hand.
I thought he was going to come down and rush to the victim but he took a peep, pulled out his middle finger to the lifeless lady and zoomed off again. I remained dumb founded at such an inhuman act for some second.
It was a deep evening and I was in another lane watching as everything unfold.
Few cars that were passing saw the lady’s body and turned their steering to another rout.
They avoid her like plague and drove past.
Without thinking I rush to her, she was sucked in her own blood.
I checked her pulse to know if she was still breathing. Her every breath was like a raspy drag.
I quickly muttered a silent “thank you God” before trying to lift her up.
Despite she got weight but I managed to lift her to my shoulder because nobody will stop to assist me.

Her blood drained my white priesthood apparel but that was less of my problem. All my prayer was that let her life be spared.
I ran across the road to where I parked my car, I placed her gently on the back seat.
I rushed to the driver side, closed the door and make a U turn to a nearby hospital which was by the road side and not too far from the accident scene.

I kept my faith alive and I kept praying for the young lady’s survival.

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