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Her name was Margaret, she was my pastor’s wife. She was popularly referred to as Pastor Maggie. My pastor’s name was Apostle Raymond, but he loved us calling him Pastor Ray, because we the foundational members had always referred to him that way. It was just recently the title “Apostle” surfaced.

Pastor Ray was handsome, tall, Anointed with a capital “A”. He was way too young for the level of anointing he carried, my pastor was just 38 years old and his eight year old ministry had swallowed up most ministries that were up to 25 years and above in terms of popularity, crowd, branches and influence.

It therefore didn’t make sense one bit, that he would have married a woman like Pastor Maggie.

She was not in his league. As I sat in the taxi on my way back from church that Sunday, I couldn’t help the level of anger I was feeling towards my Pastor’s wife.

“ How on earth would she dress that way?” I was literally screaming in my heart. Pastor Maggie had worn a blue chiffon flowery loose long top that looked like a canopy with a black and white striped straight skirt with a cream hat and a cream sandal matched with a blue bag…

“ Who does that?” I shook my head for the upteempth time…

“ If only I was in her shoes, My Goodness, With a trendy and anointed husband like Pastor Ray, I would be the talk of the town, I will surely represent Christ in a big and classy way.” I thought to myself as I remembered how over 50 people in church had complimented me that day for looking top notch in my black themed wear. I didn’t have a lot of money but I always made an attempt to look classy, meanwhile with the money Pastor Ray has, his wife could do better than what she was doing…

“ A million naira for your thoughts?” Nneka, my friend said. Nneka, Joke and I were going home, we lived in the same axis, so we always took the cab home every Sunday after service. Nneka was my best friend, while Joke was just a church friend.

I blurted out without thinking…

“ I don’t like the way Pastor Maggie dressed today!”

Joke burst into laughter

“ My thoughts exactly, I thought eight years is enough to have an upgrade, but the woman keeps getting worse and the annoying thing is she doesn’t wear a welcoming face. She wears the look of a lion that can not be approached, at least I would have approached her to be her personal stylist…Did you see the rainbow effect she pulled today…Blue flowery top with over six colors on it, with a striped black and white skirt… She needs help” Joke said

“ I wish I was in her shoes, my goodness…” I said bitterly again

“ Long throat, you can never be in her shoes, whether she dresses well or not, she is the woman fortunate enough to be Pastor Ray’s wife, let’s concentrate on our own lives. At least you both have your men, I am still the single one“ Nneka said jokingly

As she was concluding her statement, my phone rang, it was Julius, my fiancé calling…

I decided to focus truly on my life, my Wedding Engagement ceremony was coming up in 3 months time, so I had better leave Pastor Maggie and her catastrophic dress sense…

“ Hello Julius…”

Was it right for my pastor’s wife to be fashion senseless because she was a pastor’s wife and was it wrong for me to have wished to be in her shoes, because to me, she was not representing Christ well?

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