MILLION TEARS: Episode 1 – The End



“Honey like seriously am going to miss you, especially now that I am heavily pregnant for you”,Esther said chewing her food angrily while Ken her husband sighed heavily and finally sat beside her on their old cushion chair.

“My love!! there you go again!! I am not going to Canada to play, rather am going there to make money for us and for our unborn child,.. Pls understand me! Or are you enjoying this our wretched condition? No I guess! Pls allow me to go and make money for us, I promise to come back for you and our baby. I know by then yiu must have giving birth,..pls my love”,Ken said.

“I understand you but you also need to understand me too,.. you know my delivery date is around the corner, who will assist me to the hospital the day of labour? That is why I want you to wait till I deliver”. Esther said almost in tears.

“But your best friend Lucy is there to help you on that day,.. please baby! I really don’t want to miss this golden opportunity pls”, Ken pleaded.

“You know!! Lucy my friend is also pregnant, do you expect a pregnant woman who is almost due to give birth anytime from now to take me to the hospital on the day of my delivery? Honey you know it’s not possible”, Esther said.

“I know but pls just try to understand me, you know how it takes me to beg my friend Eric to help me, now he has offered to help me to join him in Canada, and now you want me to decline his offer! Honey you know it’s not possible for me to decline it,..How long are we going to continue suffering like this? Honey pls let me go and make money for us and our baby pls”, Ken pleaded.

“Ok!! ok!! is alright, you can go but just be very careful over there ok”. Esther said and fake a smile.

“I will darling” Ken replied and pecked her on the forehead.

“So when are you leaving?” Esther asked.

“First thing tomorrow morning, so I can be able to catch my flight!! Don’t worry! When I get there, I will be communicating with you on phone ok”, Ken said.

“Is alright! just make sure you will be careful over there ok” Esther said.

“Ok darling I will”, Ken replied and kssed her.
“Honey I love you so much!! I promise to come back for you and our baby! Just be strong for me ok”, Ken said.

“Ok I will by God grace”, Esther said and they both hugged each other….

As all this was going on, Ken later traveled out of the country to look for greener pastures,.. Meanwhile, the time for Esther to give birth to her baby came, she was rushed to the hospital by her pregnant best friend Lucy,..Lucy has been her best friend ever since she moved into that area with her husband Ken,.. Lucy was married to her husband Vic, but Vic died of lieukemia two weeks after Lucy took in,..since then Lucy has been living alone with her pregnancy, life has been unfair to her,…..

*Fast Forward.*

Lucy was seen pacing around the hospital when a doctor walked up to her. “Doctor pls how is my friend doing? Has she finally put to bed?” Lucy anxiously asked.

“Hmmm!! am sorry I have a good and a bad news for you”,the doctor said in a low tone,.. Lucy’s heart almost skipped on hearing that. Doctor pls tell me nothing bad happened to my best friend and her baby pls”, Lucy panicked.

Hmmm!! well,..the good news is that she gave birth to a bouncy baby girl, and the bad news is….”,

Chai!! what bad news again….

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