Chapter 31

By Monisola

Jenny Pov

He took me out of the car.
“I opened my eyes, because I was sleeping” but not a deep sleep.

I was not sure of my surroundings… Because my view is not that clear.

I guess too much of alcohol!
“He opened the door” …

STUBBORN HOUSEKEEPER : CHAPTER 31 – 40. Thingscouplesdo

Took me to a room, and he put me on a bed. And he began to take off my cloth.

I began to panic… “What is he doing”?

What are you doing?

What does it looks like.. “he jibed”.

Hope he is not trying to rappe me?
I panic even the more, when he took off my b ra.

Hey, I tried pushing him away. But he seems stronger than me!
Finally, be took of my p ants I felt like crying.

I tried kicking him off me..
“But he won’t bulge”.

He caress my bbs… Pulled my tips… and he sked on them.

Stop!… Stop!

The past memories.. that I was trying to keep …

Came back.. the picture of how I was being rapped in high school!

How two guys used me mercilessly..

He deeped his finger inside me!
I let out a cry, because I was still tight.

I never had sx, after I was rapped the first time.
And he is trying to rappe me now again
Why am I always the victim of rappe.

I thought I have meet my dream man!
But no,this one is handsome dev’l!!!!

I felt his thing poking me..
And he entered me.

I let out a cry…. P ain… The pain of being penetrated and the pain of my past memories.
I hate them both! Those who rapped me!!!

Assume that I wasn’t drunk?
All this won’t have happened.

I felt helpless… My tight hole, hug his thing..
I can feel it .. every inch of it.
Dmn him!!!!


Diamond Pov

I ki¢ked his face…
He groan in pains.. ” serves you right!!”
Next time… He won’t belittle me!

Am sleeping on the bed.


He fell on the ground…

Drake! Drake!

What happened to him?

I was afraid, really afraid!
I got down to meet him..

Drake! Wake up.

“Don’t leave me alone, I like you huh?”

You are the first person, I talk freely too.

I love you! Yes I love you!

I love the way you kss me..
But he wasn’t waking up.

Brian Pov

Yes, I love Skylar…

I finally get to know my feelings for her.

The way I behaved when the guy touched her!
I felt jealous, the way I looked at her, I don’t want any guy to have her.

I want her for myself.
Am gonna have her today!
If she allows me!
I can’t wait any longer..
I love her!
And I know she loves me too.


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