Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter 31


Henry, Finn, Oliver and Daria stared at the Doctor impatient, they were very anxious.

Everyone was tensed to see the results especially finn.

Finn already said that his love for max was never going to change no matter the result but still things won’t remain the same again.

“Here is the result of the DNA test.”, The doctor said as he handed out the paper.

“You take it!”, Henry said with a smirk and Oliver looked at him suspiciously.

Oliver doesn’t trust Henry one bit, the fact that he was very confident about the result, made Oliver more suspicious.

Finn collected the paper and read it immediately and it was negative, he wasn’t the real father of max.

He dropped it and Daria and Oliver looked at it and turned to look at Finn.


The doctor looked at Henry and sighed and unfortunately for Henry, Oliver saw them.

The fact that Henry wasn’t curious to know the result, made Oliver believe that Henry knew the result already or maybe he manipulated the results.

“So now that you know who the real dad is, you should have over my son to me. He needs to spend time with his dad.”, Henry said.

“I will never hand max over to you, just keep that in mind.”, Finn said and walked out and Daria ran after him.

“Why weren’t you anxious to know the result? Or were you aware of it already?”, Oliver asked and Henry just smiled.

“It’s because I know max is surely my son, I can feel the connection.”, He replied.

“I think you should really go and comfort your friend.”, He said and left.

“So tell me the truth doctor, who is the real father of max?”, He asked.

“I just showed you the test results didn’t I? Mr Henry is the father of max.”, He replied and Oliver moved closer to him.

“I will advise you to tell me the truth doctor, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to ruin two lives all because of your lie.”, He said adjusting the doctor’s shirt.

Oliver said the hesitation in him and he decided to add more pressure.

“Don’t think that this is the only place we did a DNA test, we are waiting for the other result and if it turns out to be alternating your results, then I will see you in court.”, Oliver said and walked towards the door.

“Henry asked me to manipulate the result, Mr Finn is the real father of the child. Please forgive me for lying.”, The doctor pleaded and Oliver clenched his fist.

“That bstard!!!”

“You don’t deserve to be a doctor at all if you are willing to destroy lives just to save yours, you deserve to be fired.”, He fired at the doctor angrily and the doctor went in his knees immediately.

“This is the real result.”, He said handing the paper to Oliver.

“Please i am sorry, please forgive me. I really need this job to cater for my children.”, The doctor said still on his knees.

“Everyone wants to protect and help their family but you shouldn’t do it at the expense of ruining another family, help your family truthfully and honestly.”, He said and left.

“Finn you id!ot! I told you not to believe that sick cousin of yours.”, Oliver muttered as he quickly rushed to his car.

He was excited to tell Finn the truth.



“Dad!”, Max called as he walked towards Finn in tears.

“I am not your son right?”, He asked but there was no reply, Finn just looked away trying to get a hold of himself.

Daria just decided not to meddle into whatever they were saying.

“I might not be your son but you will forever be my dad.”, He said and Finn quickly wiped his tears that rolled down.

Daria didn’t know when the tears dropped from her eyes too.

“Dad I haven’t been treating you well for years because I was mad at you, I thought mom left because of you.

I thought she left because you weren’t making her happy, i thought you didn’t love her and now that we were fine, it turned out that I am not your son.”, Max said admist tears.

“I can’t believe that the only man that spent eight years with me, protected me and loved me is not my real dad.”, He said and Finn just continued to wipe his tears away.

“Dad I don’t want to leave you, can’t you just be my real dad? I don’t want to be with uncle Henry.”, He said with his swollen eyes.

“You have cried so much, you should stop crying now. You will fall sick.”, Finn said as he wiped his tears.

“Dad what should I do to become your real son? I don’t want anyone else, I just want you to become my dad and Daria to become my mom and Leo and oliver to become my uncle.”, He said and Daria just couldn’t stop crying.

Seeing max and Finn cry so much broke her heart so much, she can’t deny the fact that she also wants max to be her son.

“Finn! I have good news.”, Oliver said as he rushed to the room.

“I am not in the mood.”, He said and entered his bathroom.

“Wait this is about the DNA …!”, He said but Finn’s mind was away.

“Daria check this out.”, He said and showed her and she gasped immediately.

“What does it say Daria?”, Max asked.

“Finn is your real dad, it really says that Finn is your real dad.”, She said happily and max jumped happily.

“So he is really really my real dad? I won’t be going to uncle Henry anymore, right uncle Oliver?”, He asked happily and Oliver nodded.

“You can become my mom, Daria.”, He said happily as he hugged Daria.

“What about me?”, Oliver asked.

“You are already my uncle and my second best friend after dad.”, Max replied as he hugged Oliver too.

“Uncle Henry isn’t my real dad?”, Max asked again to confirm and Oliver nodded and he jumped around the room happily.


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