Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter 21


“I am max new mom.”, Daria replied.

Elise didn’t say anything for a while, she just studied Daria and then she walked towards her.

“I might have not being a good mom, good wife and a good person but you do understand when a real mom is longing for a son right?”, She said and Daria said nothing.

“I know that I haven’t been with max for years but I know that he must have yearn for me, so please i am begging you, don’t stand in between a real son and his mom.”, She said.

“Not all mother’s deserves to be with their children especially the ones that hurt them countless times and might still do it again.”, Daria said.

“I hope you understand where I am coming from, a child can’t choose another person over his real mom and as for Finn, I know him more than you do, he is still the same Finn that will forgive me no matter whatever I do, do you know why? Because that’s how much he loves me.”, She said.

“You know that he loved you so much and yet you hurt him.”, Daria said as she tried to control her anger.

She wanted to be careful with the words she uses because no matter what, Elise was still right.

“I hurt him because I was so foolish then and I must fooled but now I’m ready to ask for his forgiveness and Max’s forgiveness, so that we will be one complete family.”, Elise said.

“Let me tell you a secret about Finn, he is too kind hearted and when he loves, he loves too much and that’s probably why he still loves me.”, She said and Daria clenched her fist.


“I hope you understand me, I am a mother and I just want a complete family with my husband and child.”, She said holding Daria’s hand and then she left.

“I don’t have to listen to her, I don’t have to pity her and step back.”, Daria said to herself and went to see max.

“Max are you okay?”, She said as she rushed to him.

“She left us for years and now she wants to be with us, those years that I was waiting for her, she didn’t show up.”, He said and she just Pat his back.

“I’m sorry max, I allowed her to see you. She wanted to see you.”, Finn said.

“I need to find out what happened between Finn and Elise in the past.”, Daria thought.

“What should I do Daria?”, He asked and Daria had nothing to say.

She can’t possibly say don’t give her a chance cos I don’t want her to take my space in your life.

“Just listen to what your hearts says.”, She said patting his back as he hugged him.



Oliver’s restaurant


“Oliver please tell me about Finn’s past.”, Daria said pleading.

“Why don’t you just ask him? He might not want you to know about it.”, He replied.

“I don’t think he would want to talk about it and I don’t want to remind him of his past.”, She said.

“But still ….!”

“Please Oliver for the sake of kady”, Daria said pouting and Oliver smiled.

“You surely know my weak point.”, He said.

“Finn once came to that he suspected Elise to be cheating on him with henry, that was before Elise was born and so I asked him to confront her and ask her about it, he did and Elise admitted to everything, she claimed that it was a mistake and it won’t happen again.”

“When Elise realized that she was pregnant, she didn’t tell Finn about it, Finn only got to know when she went to the hospital to get rid of it.”

“Who told him about her pregnancy?”, Daria asked.

“It was Henry, Finn’s enemy. He didn’t inform Finn because he cared, he did that just to mock Finn that Elise didn’t even inform him about her pregnancy and her attempt to get rid of it.”

“Finn rushed to the hospital and was able to save max and Elise explained that she didn’t want to carry a burden for months, she said that she had a life to live.

After so many pleading from Finn, she decided to keep the child but the period of her pregnancy was hell was Finn.”

“She was purposely using her pregnancy to get what she wanted from Finn even the impossible things. Finn was just so pitiful and helpless because even after everything he still loved her so much.

Elise and Allison would always fight and fight, well Elise and I never got along either. Everyone hated her except Finn who foolishly loved her.”

“After she gave birth, she threatened to take max away just to get what she wanted, she knew max was Finn’s weak point and she used it against him and hurt him real bad.

I think when max was two, Finn found out that Elise was still cheating on him with henry and when he angrily confronted her, guess what?”, Oliver said.

“Finn still forgave her?”, She answered and Oliver shook his head.

“Well he still forgave her but that is not the shocking part, she said that she doesn’t want to spend her entire life with someone who has anger issues and doesn’t trust her, she even accused him of cheating on her.”

“She was just waiting for an opportunity to elope with Henry and she got the opportunity, you won’t believe that when she threatened to leave Finn pleaded and pleaded for her not to leave him.”


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