By Ella N



“Caesar,please. How many times do I have to beg,before you release Cindy?” Unhappy Jade asked,and Caesar scoffed.

“I already told you she’s innocent,I don’t know why you’re still keeping and punishing her for someone else’s sin” Jade continued,and Caesar scoffed.


“Can you stop nagging already? You’re not even sure if she’s innocent or not” Caesar answered,grudgingly.

“This is the same Cindy you were once in love with,madly in love,Caesar. Why are you treating her like a total stranger?” She said,and that got Caesar mad.

“You want to tell me about love? Well,go ahead,I’m all ears.
Now tell me,do you betray the ones you love?

“Do you love them because of the things they have?
Just go ahead and tell me what love is,nonsense!

“Your friend was dating me because of my money. You know the funny part of it?

I wasn’t the only one she was dating,she was dating other men too for the same money,do you have any idea how that hurts?

“I provided her with every fking thing she needed,I fking did! Humph!”He chuckled and stood up from his seat.

“You know what? I don’t give a dmn about that anymore,because she’s in my past now.

“And all thanks to her,now I know what it really feels like to love someone and be loved back in return.
All thanks to her,I know what true love is.

“I’m gonna let your friend go,but if I find out she did it after all,what I did to her will be double of what I will do next” Caesar spoke with all seriouness.

Jade only let out a deep sigh as she was not sure of exactly what to say at the moment.

She had no idea Caesar knew about it.



“How could you do this to me,Georgia? How could you just throw me away like an old rag?” Kraisee said,the moment he walked into Georgia’s Office,not looking happy at all.

He couldn’t sleep last night,after finding out that Georgia and Caesar are back together.

He couldn’t and still doesn’t want to accept the fact that they really have.

“Uhm…Kraisee? What happened,what have I done?” Georgia asked in absolute confusion,wondering what she has possibly done to make him say that.

Wait,what in the world is he even talking about?

“I can’t believe you went back to him after he treated you like shit.

“I thought you were Divorced and you no longer love him.
I love you,Georgia,crazily still in love with you.

Why did you do this to me?” He asked,and Georgia frowned,dropping her pen to take a good look at him.

She was even writing something down when he came and began to talk like a crazy person.

Did he just say in love with her?

Is this guy mad or something…wait,was he happy that she and Caesar were having issues?

“Kraisee…? What the hell is going on with you,because I don’t seem to understand anything you’re saying.

“Why are you angry at the fact that Caesar and I are back together.

Wait,when did you and I have this conversation and I told you I no longer love Caesar?

“As a friend,shouldn’t you be happy that my husband and I were able to sort out the problem we were having? Smokes!” Georgia exclaimed unbelievably,staring at him in disappointment.

“Did you say friend? Like,I am just a friend to you and nothing more? And why should I be happy that another man has the woman I love,huh?” He asked,a bit upset.

“You’re my ex,for crying out loud,Kraisee. I am married now,you and I have nothing together anymore,I am someone else’s wife” Georgia almost yelled out.

“I don’t care if you are married now or not.
I love you,Georgia…mádly and still much in love with you.

You’re my ex,yes. But I was going to make things if you gave me the chance to.

“To think I had succeeded in getting you two Divorced,now I’ve gone back to square one?” He spoke blatantly,and Georgia’s mouth was in complete agape.

“Hold on a sec,let me get something straight. So,what you are trying to tell me right now is that you made…” Georgia paused and stood up from her chair and started chuckling.

“You were the one who hacked into Caesar’s account and made that….

“Yes,I did! I fking did and I’m not gonna hide nor lie about it,because that’s how much I love and want to be with you.


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