By Ella N.


“I’m sorry,please!!!” Georgia screamed out loud,but he was already out of the room,and he of course didn’t hear her.

She wanted to go after him,but on a second thought,she stopped herself from doing so.


Going after him will only make him more angry,so she decided to let him be for now. He’ll come around later,he definitely can’t stay màd at her for long.

But why is he angry over it,anyway?
Kraisee is her ex now,it’s not like they are still dating or anything.

She has cut ties with him already since he confessed,and doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

She sadly walked to the bed and gently sat down,palming her face.

This shouldn’t be happening now,not now that they need each other most.

They need to work together,find a away to bring down that dèvil calléd Scorpio who needs to pay dearly for his evil déeds.

“He’s just frustrated and needs peace. He’s got so many things in his head to solve.

“Maybe I should have waited till all this is over.

I shouldn’t have added to his problems now” Georgia thought,as she felt bad for everything that is happening of recent.

~But that would have worsened it even more. It’s good that he’s aware of it now~

Her subconscious self,said and she sighed out unhappily.

Caesar has never been màd at her before,and she prays to never see this side of him,ever again.

“I’m sorry,Caesar. Please don’t be màd at me for long,I can’t stand it” She sighed again,and got in bed.

She adjusted the pillows in a way they will make her feel comfortable,before laying back.

She covered half of her body with the duvet,and began to think,and that was when her phone started ringing almost immediately.

She picked it from the other side of the bed,and smiled a little when she saw that it’s a call from her Mom.

Does she miss her that much already?
Thought they came this afternoon to see them.

She picked the call anyway,connecting her ear pod that has been on her ear all along.

“Hey,Mom,good evening!” She greeted immediately and Marisa answered warmly.

“I hope you are alright,baby?
Make sure not to over think yourself,GiGi.

You know you’re carrying a baby,put your mind at rest,okay?” Marisa said,concerned about her daughter’s wellness.

“I will,Mom. How is Vira and Vara.
We’ve really not had time to have a good sisters talk” Georgia said,resting her head with her palm,whilst she sat up,with her body a bit bent.

“They are not okay,GiGi. One of the reasons I called.

I couldn’t tell you about it in the morning because of the whole problem at hand,but I don’t think I can still wait,I’m slowly losing it” Marisa spoke with a breaking voice,and Georgia started getting worried,momentarily.

“Mom….?” What’s the problem? Smokes! What’s all these,what is it again?” Georgia asked worriedly,taking the duvet away from her body,as she got down from the bed.

“Your sisters lives are in danger,baby. The lvnatic that has been terrorizing,ràpping and kílling students in their school,thréatened to kìll them,all in the name of avenging his sister’s dé.ath,who was also a student of the school.

“Wait,what? Mom,this is a very serious matter!
Why the h’ll is all these happening at the same time,who is doing this?” Georgia started panicking seriously.

From the tone of her voice,Marisa could tell Georgia was already crying lowly.

Because what is all these? They’ve not even found any solution to the problem she and Caesar have,now another one just popped up?


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