By Ella N.


“Can you pass me the remote,please?” Alvira asked her sister nicely.

The two are in the living room,well….watching TV,but their attentions are more on their phones.


Though,Alvara is doing three. Watching,pressing her phone,and reading a novel. She’s just trying to distract herself from the whole Chancellor’s sht.

Plus,there’s an assignment they’ve been working on,but it’s just frustrating their lives.

So,they are doing this to cool off their brains before they explode like bomb.

She feels a lot better after opening up,but she’s still scared though.

Even though Georgia has assured her that she’s safe,that fear is still there.

Alvara picked the remote from her side,and flung it to Alvira who caught it,magnetically.

“A good keeper. You should come learn from me,I promise to be a good coach…and it’s free” Alvira joked,winking at Alvara who chuckled,and rolled eyes.

“I’d rather learn from Mitchell” Alvara smirked knowingly.

“Ouch,ouch,ouch!”Alvira held her chest,as if her heart is breaking slowly.

“Thanks for the heartbreak. Of all the people to go learn from,it’s Mitchell the bully,who’s mouth runs like the tap in our backyard” Alvira mocked,and she laughed.

“Just wait till I tell her what you just said” Alvara threatened.

“That equally means you both want to be tied up with ropes,and thrown up in your lockers. Been a while,yunno” Alvira glared,sounding very serious,but Alvara knew she was kidding. So,she just laughed happily. Alvira later laughing too.

That’s what she plans to do to get her out of depression.

Alvara’s phone suddenly started ringing,and she picked it up from the chair immediately.

She checked the caller,and realized it’s an unknown number.

She frowned at it as her heart raced a little at the thought of ~what if it’s the Chancellor~?

She answered the call anyway.

A big voice sounded from the other end,and she recognized it immediately.

“Lennox….?” She called questioningly,and he smiled from the other end.

Alvira’s attention was called this time.

Who is Lennox?

She wondered.

She rested back on the couch,and resumed pressing her phone.

“How are you?” He asked,the moment he heard her cute voice,and she replied positively.

From the tone of her voice,he could tell Alvara was happy.

“You sound happy” He said.

“I always sound happy” She replied sharply.

“Yeah,I know. But you sound more happy today,did you hit a jackpot?” He joked,and she laughed cutely.

After speaking for a while…

“I just thought to check on you,and know how you are doing” He told her,and she replied with a “thanks”.

“We’ll see in school tomorrow,right?” He asked.

“Yes,definitely” Alvara smiled,and the call ended afterwards.

She smiled,and dropped her phone back to where it was.

Alvira didn’t fail to notice that smile though,and so,was curious to know who Lennox was.

“Sorry….but who is Lennox?” She asked,as she couldn’t wait to know who is making her sister smile like.

“He….he’s the one who saved me that day” She said calmly.

Alvira curved her brow like a frown,but was happy to hear that.

So,Alvara would have been ràpped for real if not for him?


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