By Authoress Tee

?Sacred Chamber?

Draco walked towards the Sacred chamber with a long face, his legs making swift movements as he walked.

He didn’t let the guards escort him, just Raven walked beside him because he summoned her.

They got in front of a wall sealed gate, then he placed his hand on the tree figure carved there.


A glittering blue light trailed down all the lines of the tree as he did that, and immediately the wall opened with a cracking sound.

The room was indeed a sacred one, never ending burning lights hung on the walls, and ancient writings and drawings were also on the walls.

In the center of the room is a big crystal ball, glowing with blue lights.

Ancient writings were written all around it too.

“Open it!” Draco said authoritatively to Raven and she nodded, taking off the hood from her head.

Bringing out a knlfe with a skull head on it, she cut her left palm with it.

BI.ood dripped from her hand to the tiny hole on top of the crystal, her bI.ood wasn’t like the normal one, it’s darkish in color.

Her eyes had already turned dark too, while her hair started flowing with a strange breeze.

The crystal’s color changed as her bI.ood touched it, its glowing blue color changed to ‘Red’.

Slowly it opened and a white Lotus flower sprang out of it, the flower’s shimmering color shone brightly in the room as it came out.

“The petals!!!” Draco muttered with wide eyes as he stared at the flower.

The flower had severe petals, and most were glowing brightly while the rest were still dim, each petal only glows one after the other.

“They are almost complete!” Raven replied with a devious smile as she looked at him. Her voice had changed, sounding deep and devilish.

She is a dark witch and also born of the first blood line, that’s why Draco needed her cause only her bI.ood could open the ‘Crystal’.

It was locked by the first dark witch for decades. Being that Raven is one of the strongest of their bI.oodline, her powers can control it.

She cut herself again, placing her hands on top of the flower and started mumbling the strange words on the crystal.

Out of nowhere, a strong wind h!t her, and knocked her roughly to the wall.

“Ahh!” She groaned as her back hit the wall. The crystal closed back and Draco rushed to her.

“Raven, are you okay?” He asked, helping her get up.

“Yes master!” she replied, wiping off the bI.ood from her nose. Her normal state has returned.

“That should be able to ease those pains” Raven said, referring to what she just did.

“I don’t care about that anymore, it’s gonna be back anyway” he scoffed.

“Do you know what those petals being almost complete means?” She asked calmly.

“That it’s gonna keep luring others close” he replied dryly and she nodded in agreement.

“So keep doing all you can to keep that from happening, she added.

“Let’s leave, I wasn’t planning on a long visit” he said and they left, closing back the chamber.

?Enchanted Forest?

Her sweet melody filled the forest as she played the harp, even the animals seemed happy to hear her play the instrument.

Lyra stopped as she felt her heart ache, she placed her hand on her chest and bent from the aching pain.

She started coughing, then placed her palm on her mouth to try and control it.

Shock was written all over her face when she removed her palm and saw bI.ood stains on it.

“They were right, am getting worse, she mumbled to herself and wiped the stain off magically.

“Excuse me for intruding my Lady, a guard said behind her.

“What is it?, She asked.

“Lord Draco came by, He replied.

“I was right all along, I did feel his presence.

“But there’s something else you should know, he added.

“And what is that?, She asked with a sideways look.

“Heard he went to the Sacred chamber.

“Is that so?, Then it’s definitely to check on the ‘Flower’.

“Still keep your eyes peeled and report anything suspicious to me, she ordered.

“Yes my Lady, he responded with a nod.

“You may leave now, she said and he left after a bow.


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