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Chapter 31

Minutes went by after the other, but Draco still remained the same, doing what he was doing. The inhibited girl in his trap couldn’t do anything.

He had never touched her in such a way before. It normally only ended in holding her waist and his hot breaths on her neck. She’s short of words from what he is doing right now.


“Was he waiting all these while for her to grow up more?”

“Will it only end here?”

“What’s going to be her fate now?”

These thoughts of what would become of her started filling her head. She’s certain more strange things were bound to happen after this.

His sharp teeth touched her skin and she flinched, trying to free herself from his tight grip but couldn’t.

“Was he born with a dog’s canine? She thought mentally.

Draco didn’t pay much attention to her thoughts, cause he’s rather lost in staring at her clear neck.

He had stopped the “Neck kss, but his face and gaze were still on her neck.

The hot bI.ood flowing through those veins kept calling out to him, to have a bite.

He is trying all he can to control himself, cause he’s certain once his fangs sinks in, he wouldn’t stop till she’s drained of all her bI.ood.

Which is not what he wants, at least not yet. He still needs her alive.

After some seconds he brought his face back to hers and Pearl started searching for answers in those eyes.

That was a wrong idea cause those eyes never held any emotions in them.

Draco cast a spell on her and her eyelids started closing without her permission.

Her head laid on his chest as she fell into a deep slumber.

He carried her out of the water and dried their bodies magically, then he made them disappear into her room.


?Pearl’s Room?

After placing her gently on the bed, he made sure he covered her.

Leaving wasn’t his option yet as he decided to watch the fragile girl who was sleeping.

Sinful ideas were displayed in his head like a Tv. He can’t stand pure things around him, and the fact she’s too innocent irritates him.

All he wants more than anything is to taunt her.

After much stares, he decided to leave for his own room. He didn’t bother wiping her memories of what happened, she has to get used to it anyway.


?In the Morning?

She wants to pull the girl in the mirror out and ask if it was still her. She looks the same but feels different.

All these new feelings were from what happened previously, not just the feelings there’s also a huge hickey on her neck.

The first thing she recalls when her eyes got opened that morning, was what happened last night.

The thoughts has been driving her nuts with so much questions.

She could tell from those eyes of his that more were bound to start happening. She’s scared her life might have to take new turn.

“Oh dear Lord! Please let it not go beyond this, she prayed silently to herself.


?A Golf Field?

Draco and Jax were dressed hotly in their shirts and shorts.

The two friends were really enjoying the leisure time they were having.

“Gotta hand it down to you dear friend, am the ‘King of golf, Jax said proudly with his cocky smile.

“That’s cause you are always cheating, id!ot, Draco snapped and scoffed.

“And you’re always being too scrupulous, Jax replied.

“Don’t ever think of bothering me to play with you again, he said angrily and started leaving.

“No! Am sorry, okay… fine, you won. Please come back, Jax shouted running after him to bring him back.

“If I lose this time, your grave will be beside that hole, he said and Jax gave a prefunctory nod, swallowing hard.

Draco dragged his golf club very far behind him and stroke a pose to hit the golf ball. Jax shut his eyes tight and folded his palms together.

“Am too young to d!e” he kept mumbling silently.

Draco hit the ball and it was flew off with a high speed because of the force implied. There’s no way such force would let the ball score a goal.

“No!” Jax shouted his mouth open.


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