AWKWARD NURSE : Season 2 Episode 11 – 21


By Chindinma Jerry M
(Star queen)

Season 2 (Episode 11)

yes madam.
Anna ran out of the office looking like she wants to eat a human being.
” guys lets get to work
“yes sir
we ran into our department.

Clara’s pov

Ryan rolled to his side and just looked at me.

” sorry Clara
” can i still say I love you even….. when you are married. I shed tears
” Clara don’t you trust me? I won’t marry anyone Clara listen you were made for me.
” but the world is not meant for us Ryan
” I will make us work I promise just hold on to me don’t leave ever..he hugged me tightly “please I beg of you ” …I held him tight too I almost cried out i am about to do what he is begging me not to do. He finally stood up and led me to the shower
” I love you…. I love you so much.
” I love you too but you need to bath.
he moved me back into the tub and I laid in the bath. Finally i smiled . . do I have the right to smile at least I deserve to be happy for just today because I know the rest of my years without Ryan will be painful. Anna’s Ryan. He said he can make us work but we both know that’s not possible so I will surely leave him I can’t fight without hope of victory… I hope he won’t be too hurt with what I am going to do.
He walked into the room and came back with the bedcover he deepened it into the bowl and started washing it.
I smiled and my tears streamed down ” you will always be the man I deserve Ryan
I came out from the bathroom and wore my yellow night gown
I sat down and he plugged in the drier and dried my hair I smiled, this is just what I want everyday of my life ..a man like Ryan I don’t know why this is a crime to the world.. soon he was done drying my hair he picked my hair warmer and covered my hair with it .
” do you need anything
” no
” ok.

” don’t ever leave me clara
I smiled
“I won’t.

” Clara I will never leave you again
I will make you happy I will make this work just give me time and wait for me.he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.

l love the way you love me but we are truly hopeless , what about Anna she is mean but she deserves love if she wants Ryan so bad who am I to drag him with her… why hold on to him when it’s possible that he can never take me to the alter .I know he is making all this promises to make me happy
” Clara as long as you are by my side I will do it ,i will do more , ” ,” i will do anything it takes to make you happy I don’t care anymore but just never leave me please I love you so much I never felt like this before you are my breath clara.

I smiled and started crying after a while he slept off I know he is fast asleep he really sleeps a lot. I ran away
I got to my room and locked my door I fell to my bed . i picked my diary and tore a sheet then I left a note for Ryan.

Dear ryan,
I really love you very much and I know you love me too.I am glad I consummated my love for you. actually oppa you are the most beautiful thing that life ever gave me , I forgive you for all the wrong you ever did….I wiped my tears.
but Ryan i am leaving you now ,i can’t tell you to your face because I know you won’t let me go. You were my fantasy ,my dream that came through like a movie but it’s still a dream I know and I understand everything .you can’t ruin your career and have your parents hate you because of me.
You can’t annoy Anna and keep hurting her because of me
who am I ,i am just Clara that clumsy nurse
I wiped my tears again.
don’t get mad at me. it is not that I can’t fight by your side but Ryan I am a nobody and I have a lot of things to lose.
Secondly we can’t win this war Ryan. We can’t win this war without bloodshed and I don’t want to watch R.D and A.G.H.C go down. My love, learn to live without me. Accept Anna, love her, take care of her, give her all the rights of a wife ,i will be in your heart that’s enough for me but let her be in your arms… do the only right thing so your dad can be proud of you.I love you so much that i am letting you go. I love you Ryan i don’t know if I will ever love another man. I love you so much. God bear me witness . but i really have no choice Ryan i wish I could tell you more I really believe that this is the right thing to do.
Clara .

My tears already filled the paper I folded it and placed it on my counter. I don’t have time to change. I covered my head with the cap well and arranged my stuff. I wore my school bag and covered my body well. I dreamed of living in his house, this is too painful .i wioed my tears.I wore my glasses and walked out.I looked at the house one last time then I slipped both hands into the sweater’s pocket I look just like a toy but I don’t care.I walked out shedding tears. I can’t believe I must leave Ryan…. i need to secure my family .my future .my heart no longer beats but no problem I will live without heartbeats ,i wiped my tears with the back of my palm , my heart will only beat again when the God sends Ryan back to me in a way he will love me without fear or pain.God I miss Ryan so much. i wish there was never a merger.

I halted a bus and ran inside

I headed for the beach. soon I arrived I walked deep into the ocean and threw away my first SIM card.. now Ryan won’t reach me. I knelt down deep in the water …it seems the God is near. I waved at the part of the water which roared
” hi … I have committed a sin. I slept with a married man… God why didn’t you answer my prayer.I told you to help me get Ryan but you failed me I guess it was my sin sorry… right now I have decided to stop sinning.I won’t hurt Anna again… I have accepted the fact that Ryan is not’s really painful.. just then I saw a face deep inside the ocean. Jesus I shivered but I didn’t run .I heard the voice
” sorry.I wiped my tears and stood up
” that man you brought here loves you very much and he is destined to be with you… let humans do what they can and after them fate will do its part..
Ryan is my destiny but I already lost him. I promised Ryan that I won’t ever run from him he is going to be heart broken I headed for Louisas house ,i will leave from there..

Diana’s p.o.v

Clara’s mum is getting stronger she drank her tea and walked down to me on the couch. I am glad I didn’t tell Clara about her mum she might encounter an accident while thinking.
mum are you ok?
” yes good Diana..thank you for coming
” that’s beautiful
” Diana is Clara having an affair with Ryan?
” haha who is Clara
” Diana!
” I warned Clara so much but she didn’t listen she’s in love with Ryan
” too painful…her first love had to be a crown of thorns ,my daughter might die of pain…
” but you watched Anna grow up right,why is she so wicked,she’s too wicked for her age ? Clara’s mum smiled
“if you were trained like her you will do worse
” what
” she’s not wicked she is just hot tempered and I don’t blame her there’s too much on her head ,her life is monitored and read like a book. she is not allowed to make a mistake and all her life she never made a mistake in protecting her fathers wealth.

she was trained from 12, how to be a leader,have presence,get people to fear her,all about shares she had a lot to learn so she started early. she has Been in charge ever since she was 19 and even from that little age she never made a single mistake ,she didn’t enjoy life ,she didn’t live like other teenagers I really loved and admired her so much back then she didn’t let her age control her decisions at work even older people respected Anastasia. that was how she became mean and ruthless cos she was young if she acted lightly people would have looked down on her and Grande group won’t have been where it is now.
I watched her sneak out of work to meet her best friends to just play and live a little, nurse Del always lied to her dad that she was meditating inside . Crisella was her very best friend before Maybelle. I studied her life carefully and I wondered how she can human being have a life time table she didn’t enjoy the fun of being a teenager.each time her dad went to work she was behind he always asked his guards

“is my jewel behind me?,he trained her to be fierce and strict cos he knew she was born into a rough world. even her high school was funny ,she studied at home and was only allowed to visit high school once in a week… she was being taught the duties of an active heir everyday every hour, even in her dream she talks about shares and money . she prefers to die than to make a mistake..Grande group became her breath and a.g.h.c her life .you and Clara enjoyed your early days , rain Chase ,games ,fun,friends,birthdays but Anna was reading files ,holding shareholders meetings, going on business trips ,etc she missed out on the real life so Anna’s mean nature is because of her up bringing but she has a kind heart.

I heard the merger was strengthened and the truth is if Anna is doing all this because she loves Ryan and is jealous she will do more and ruin more lives I am giving you 60/100 .she will do 60 out of hundred to secure Ryan for her heart.

but if Anna is fighting for the company and if her marriage to Ryan is the only key to protecting that company Anastasia will do 500 out of 100 she will do anything she might bomb a whole nation cos Grande group is her life ,it was her own birthdays ,night parties, outing with friends. fun games etc…her father entrusted everything to her so much that he doesn’t come to work.. there is too much on her head so if the reason behind Anna’s action is protecting her father’s reputation and company then Anna won’t stop until Ryan weds her. i just wish everything can work out . all of them need another. Clara might be the real sister she never had if only she can let her fear of losing the company go and think… maybe there is a way out .I pity and miss my child if only she had power and class to fight for her love.
just then Clara’s dad rushed in panting like a half dead lion

” honey, what’s wrong.
” it’s finished our supermarket was demolished everything is lost even my money and people’s cash
” what but how did you survive ,why didn’t you move things out.
” I got a text but I wasn’t told that my shop will be demolished I was just asked to leave the shop and pick something . that was how I survived
“what will we do now
“I am owing a whole lot of people now this is just too much.
” it will be fine ” Clara”s mum said
Clara’s dad held his hands to his heart and I gave him his drugs I carefully added sleeping tablets so he won’t think much..
Anastasia I already forgave your actions before you took them it takes maturity to understand you, i just hope you stop before you start living in regret and depression. Clara’s mum said

Clara’s p.o.v

I arrived at Louisa’s house ,Louisa hugged me tightly after opening the door.
” Clara come in
I nodded and walked in. the house is quite pretty I sat on her bed
” Clara why did you run from Ryan
” the hospital told me to come back.if I stay I might get my family into trouble.
” but Clara why all this?
” Ryan is betrothed to Anna you know right
” yes
” Anna found out about me and Ryan
” Anastasia Alexandra Grande the first
” yes
” after she just powered the merger
” Clara you need to go home… Anna will hurt everyone who is close to you
” I know … after meeting her I understood the kind of person she is. She is kind if she likes you heartless if she hates you and now she hates me but I really like her
” am sorry clara
” no its ok… I already left her man after all they just got married… I and Ryan were both hopeless.I wish she will forgive me and stop now.

” what will you do now
” am going home..I will leave so I can pick my life pieces together.
Louisa hugged me… I miss Ryan so much.

Ryan’s p.o.v

omg did I fall asleep.I touched the bed but I didn’t feel Clara.I ran down to her room but she left. her bags are missing oh no what is going on.I called Clara on phone but it was unavailable.I called Iren
” Iren did a.g.h.c call Clara back
” call back?,
” what do you mean Call back
” Clara is no longer your nurse another one is on her way.
” why
“I don’t know too
“where is she
“I dont know
aaaarrrghhhh!!!. what’s going on I switched of the call I called Anna.
” Anastasia
” is that how you address me now ,Anastasia?
this girl won’t ever be calm
” Anna where is Clara
” I don’t know ,why asking
” Anna what are you doing
” Ryan maybe Clara decided to do what’s right … it’s not my fault if she left Ryan I just hope you do what’s right too cos a lot is at stake here and it just keeps getting worse you don’t understand anything arrrgh!!.she threw her phone to the wall.yes I know that sound.
Anna please stop .there might be another way out stop hurting yourself you are so pained. even if i marry you Anna you won’t be happy yiu wont be fufilled cos we don’t love each other I am not only doing this for me I am doing this for us … we will die inside if we get married .this is so complicated where did Clara go to.Anna doesn’t know where she is.why didnt Clara tell me anything. how could she just wake up and leave.what about me….. I looked around and saw the letter I read it fully now I understand ,clara thinks everything will just be solved if she leaves like this …I told her to wait I might find a way to end this peacefully why didn’t she listen arrrgh.where is she ,how do I see Clara…I don’t even know her that why she begged me to concentrate on Anna. Clara come back I can’t live without you I beg you please.I picked my drug and swallowed then I sat on the floor backing her bed.she was leaving tears streamed down my eye and I wiped them

Rachel’s pov .

I am Anna’s assistant here at the hospital. Jake is her assistant outside work and nurse Del is her main nurse but she traveled .we have been with Anna for a very very long time and I know she trusts us.Anna didn’t go home today she went to her suite that’s where she stays when there is too much on her head and there is really too much on her head Anna is too small for everything she is carrying… right from time she fought alone her dad wanted her to be fearless in this life …her mum who fought by her side is now missing ,tonia looks for ways to bring down Anna everyday ,daniella who should help as a sister tried to kill her ,Mr Grande left work totally cos he is always sick the whole Grande in on the head of a 24 years old girl no wonder so many things went rough when she was in coma .but now she is back and she is busy placing every thing right until this merger issue. it just added to her list of problems Anna needs a sister from another mother ,someone as smart as her, someone who loves her and she trust someone who will take away half the burden on her head before she breaks down.. heaven knows I can’t be Anna even for 30 minutes .I watched her rush into the living room of the suite she wore a white pant and bra with a jacket.her pen was behind her ear she packed her hair up.and held a file in her hands.I bowed she took her water from the table and i rushed into the room with her thousands of files where on the floor what on earth is she looking for she wore her glasses and picked another file which she opened.

” madam what are you searching for.
” tell me , what did the court say
” we can’t get the land back
she chuckled
” Malcolm can never bring me down , he fought with my dad he didn’t succeed if he thinks he will pull me down because I am still a kid he must be joking .m.h. will always be under A.g.h.c… Malcolm really wants to play a dirty game I hope he knows that’s my favourite.

yes Malcolm is really one of Anna’s biggest competition he ruined a.g.h.c before it was the merger that strengthened us again and is still covering us up . r.d didn’t even know why a.h.g.c agreed to that merger quickly. it gave Anna stand to defeat him then now he is back with another dimension thank God Anna was smart enough to strengthen the merger but what is really backing him up did he forget about the merger or ,oh no, could he have inside information that Ryan might break up the marriage, cox i know malcom fears mr devantes so if he is up against Anna again that means he believes that Anna might not be under mr devantes for long ,i think he knows that the marriage is having issues, who is behind Malcolm,who is his informant.
Anna started coughing she took water Anna u must never let that merger break off u have to protect it with your last breath no one knows how Malcolm will strike he is waiting for the company to get weak but I trust Anna she never gets weak.

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