HEART DOCTOR : Episode 11 – 19

??HEART DOCTOR????? EPISODE 11 [The Meal] . . . . . “Gold you shouldn’t be here. I thought I told you that.” Desmond said. Gold smiled and stood up. She gave a sign to Henry to leave. “Ehm Director, I would take my leave.” Henry said. “Take her with you while you are doing that.” … Read more

HEART DOCTOR : Episode 1 – 10

??HEART DOCTOR????? Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah.C EPISODE 1 “It’s here, it’s here.. Stop me here.” Amanda said to the driver as she saw the house number. “Ómó! Shey na house be this abi na President Villa?-is this a house or president villa?” The driver asked, amazed at the building before him. Amanda hissed. “Abeg give … Read more