FORCIBLE WEDLOCK: Episode 1 – 10


? (Village Girl) ?

?Written by Khalee ?

?Episode One?

? Tiwalade ?

“You need to see how my husband insulted him, he was so ashamed and almost hit his head on the pole”. Feyi said and laughing hard.

“Thats the best thing, he’ll learn not to pokenose in people’s affair again”. I said laughing too as I picked another tuber of cassava to peel.

Am Tiwalade, I turned 21 last month. Am a secondary school graduate, I couldn’t go further because my parent can’t afford it.

Am from a poor family.I have two siblings My dad is a farmer while my mom sells the farm products.I do help my dad in the farm and mom in the market sometimes I hawk her tomatoes, peppers and vegetables.

I work for people too, picking cashew seed in the farm, picking pepper and frying cassava flakes(Garri).

Feyi is my best friend, she’s 22 and she’s married with two kids already. She did not finish secondary school when she got pregnant of her first child.

Her husband is a hunter. She lives close to my house so we always get to do lots of things together like fetching of water from the well or from the community boreholes at times, fetching of forewood and and frying of cassava flakes(Garri).

Right now we’re at her house peeling cassava to make cassava flakes which she sells.

I enjoy doing it so I never charge her moreover she’s my friend though she always give me bushmeat in return which I can never turn down because I so much love bush meat especially the smoked ones.

“So tell me, whats with you and Samuel? “. She asked as she pick another tuber of Cassava to peel.

Samuel happen to be my crush since we were kids but he never look my way. He’s the king son.

“Am ready to wait till he comes even if am going to wait till eternity “. I replied cutting the cassava into smaller pieces.

“Hmmmm Tiwalade!…… Dont you think it time for you to kill this so called crush or whatever you call it.

You’ve been crushing on Samuel since we were kids o, even after you know he’s dating Caro”. Feyi said softly probably advising herself cos it not me.

I shrugged. “You may say that whatever you want, all I know is I love Samuel”.

? ALEX ?

I rinsed my face in the basin and cleaned it with a towel before moving to the bedroom where Nora laid on her bed st@rk n@ked under the blanket.

I move to her and pecked her before putting on my shirt and wore my trouser while she focus on her phone.

Am Alex, 25 years old and the only child of Mr & Mrs Philips.My family is a well known one because of my Dad’s reputation.

He owns a factory Bright Foods and P-Links company where I work. Am a graduate of Oxford university.

Nora is my fiancee, she’s 25 too. She works in a Tv station. I so much love her, we’ve been dating for 3 good years now.

Am planning to marry her soon because I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

“Babe, dress up so we can go see my parents”. I told her putting my socks on.

“Sure honey”. She said and climbed out of the bed n@ked swaying her lovely a$$ as she walk into the bathroom.

I felt a budge in my tr0user, my dck has made a tent in it. I l!cked my bottom l!ps. I feel so tempted to go join her but Nope, I’ll resist the temptation because we have to go see my parents. It Sunday and they less busy.

I walked in with Nora who was looking dazzling as ever, I took my time in spending huge amount of money on her. I spend 70% of my salary on her every month and it doesn’t affect my pocket at all like I said my parents are very rich.

I met dad and mom in the second sitting room upstairs where they both sat gisting. I walk over to them and pecked them on the cheeks.

“Hi”. Nora waved at my parent. Mom flash her a smile but dad frowned.

“Wow, who is this sweet angel here? “. Mom asked and faced me. I smiled and help Nora sit in one of the sofa and I sat beside her.

“I smiled at my parent before clearing my throat. “Uhmmm…. Mum, dad. Here is Nora, my fiancee”.

“Oh my God, she’s so beautiful”. Mum exclaimed, rush to Nora and hugged her tight while she blush.

“Thank you so much, ma’am”. Nora said still blushing.

I heard my Dad cleared his throat and I turn to see him pick his Newspaper and marched out of the room angrily.

“Mum, what’s with dad? “. I turned to mum surprised and at the same time embarrassed by Dad’s action.

“Uhmmm dont worry kids, I got this,okay? Just make Nora feel at home while I go talk to your Dad”. With that she left the room.

“What Nonsense Alex, I can’t believe this”. Nora said as she picked her bag and walk out of the room angrily while I ran after her.

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